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The ‘Mother of All’ Why is it Questions

Updated on May 15, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Jealousy rears its ugly head . . .

I Might be Treading

on dangerous grounds, but I have this one question that has always drove me mad, and I cannot find a suitable answer. So now the question: why is it that a person who enters a bar to get a beer only to have that one loud mouth who thinks that God only put him there to find out all about the stranger?

Have you noticed this situation? Okay. The next time that you watch an old western, sitcom, or maybe a Chuck Norris movie—and you will most-certainly see the good guy enter a shady establishment only to get a bite to eat when this ONE loudmouth who obviously lives in the business swaggers up and begins to ask the good guy. The main question is: uhhhh, you new in here stranger? Even the question is not grammatically correct. Okay. A quick English tip: the term You New and Stranger are repetitious and very synonymous—I am left to wonder if the scriptwriters wrote “this” dialogue incorrectly and on purpose to match the rough exterior of the loudmouth or they wrote it to let their character sound rougher? I don’t know and I am not worried about it.

And what about the soft-spoken person who is minding his own business? Why is it so important that our loudmouth has taken it on himself, due his “sickness” of being bored out of his skull? That is the only thing that leaps to my mind. Or maybe he or she, “Mr./Ms. Busy Body,” just wants to impress his/her equally-offensive behavior of impressing each other by asking unnecessary queries?

A real busy body and know-it-all.
A real busy body and know-it-all. | Source

More Biting Questions:

about the above happening would be “why does every place of business, bar, or electronic dating company have that ONE nosy person who thinks that they are asking personal questions because they work on a quota? Watch TV carefully, because you will see what I am talking about. And when you do, you will think of me.

Sometimes, the good guy will walk inside a business and if there is a crowd, the good guy meets with a silence that is deafening and every eye in the place is fixed on this person who is not doing anything wrong. Mysterious happenings, I can tell you.

Even the pretty girl in this production is as curious as the loudmouth in the business, but as you all know, girls are more methodical than guys, so they ease-up to the stranger and softly begin a conversation. And what guy, including the stranger, is not captivated by this pretty girl? Pretty soon, as the stranger loosens-up, the girl will hear a lot more than she bargained for. If there is a dog or cat in his bar or cafe, it doesn’t bother the stranger. I only put this in this hub to let you know how great I think cats and dogs are.

Jealousy can cause many good friends to part.
Jealousy can cause many good friends to part. | Source

Speaking of Pretty Girls

I just want to give a nod to these special angels on earth, simply because they are very special. But let “that” one good-looking guy walk inside a popular hang-out just to have a bite to eat and almost-instantly, this group of girls who almost live in this eatery, has one leader, a gorgeous girl, but she has a sharp tongue. She and her girlfriends are okay. But let the good-looking guy just smile at a girl who is also waiting for her order, and in light speed, the leader of the girls is up like a shot and slowly walks up to the good-looking guy and the pretty girl.

Why? I can assume that this girl is being driven by jealousy. Oh, the girl leader does not act upon this emotion in a physical way, but the good-looking guy who is looking the girl waiting on her order in the eyes, can see the girl leader rolling her eyes and throwing her mouth open as if to say, I cannot believe that you said that. And the kicker is this: when the girl who gets her food order leaves the good-looking guy is fair game for the jealous girl who is now putting some mild flirting into action. This girl takes a liking to the good-looking guy and the same can be said about the soft-spoken stranger.

A jealous girl is a dangerous girl.
A jealous girl is a dangerous girl. | Source

But What I think About

Hell’s Angel? Yes, I am being extra-careful with this segment. Hell’s Angels have been around for a number of years and not one of the members of any chapter is a weakling or afraid of anything or anyone. This fact has been proven over the years and for the most part, society respects the Hell’s Angels.

Then one day, a thirsty guy driving in the dessert places of Arizona and decides to pull-off at the nearest store or bar, and get some rest and a good cold drink. Simple enough, but watch what happens. The guy walks inside the small grocery store and in his peripheral vision, he notices a gang (about 10 guys) of Hell’s Angels sitting around drinking, laughing, and not bothering anyone. So far, so good, the thirsty traveler thinks to himself.

The traveling guy orders-up a beer and the store owner complies . The traveling guy walks away to a few vacant tables far and away from Hell’s Angels—because he does not want any trouble. And then it happens . . .a big, burly, and bearded-out guy from the table where the Hell’s Angels are drinking stands silently glaring at the traveling guy who is now nervous about this six-foot, three-inches guy who is all muscle.

“You got a name?” the Hell’s Angel says in a gruff voice.

“ . . .uhhh, yeah, Mitch,” replies then sips his beer.

“We just want to know what you are doing here” the Hell’s Angel says sternly.

“ . . .just wanted to stretch my legs, have a beer, and head down the highway,” Mitch explains

“That’s all?” The Hell’s Angel asks looking stunned.

“Yes, that is all. And thanks for asking,” Mitch says being friendly. “and if you do not mind, I want to buy you and your friends a beer before I go.”

“ . . .uhhh, well. Fine. Thanks. Nobody ever treated us with that form of respect,” Hell’s Angel member says very mildly.

“Who knows? I might need your help sometime in the future,” Mitch says as he tells the store owner to set-up the Hell’s Angels with another beer. Then walks away.

The leader of the Hell’s Angels looks around without speaking.

“That was cool. Very cool. And all I wanted was to borrow a quarter to use that phone,” Hell’s Angel replies.

This dialogue was to prove one point: not everyone you think is nosy and not every stranger is your enemy. If you are traveling alone, just make sure that you are packing a lot of beer money, because you never know if anyone named Mitch will darken the door.

May 15, 2019_________________________________________________

This guy is not a guy whom you want to mess with.
This guy is not a guy whom you want to mess with. | Source

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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