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The Details of the Mueller Report

Updated on March 27, 2019
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The Russian Hoax

So we have been hearing for a little over two years now that Trump colluded with Russia. That he stole the election from Hillary Clinton, that he accepted laundered money from Russian spies in the NRA to fund his campaign. That he does President Putin's deeds and that he is a Russian asset and a Putin puppet. We have heard this from the media, our representatives, and most of the Democratic party. So it has to be true right, there is "mountains" of evidence its everywhere, its obvious, they all said. Well guess what, on Friday March 22nd, the Mueller investigation has come to an end. No collusion, Robert Mueller did not recommend any further indictments. The President did not collude with Russia to win the 2016 election. So you would think everybody from both sides of the political ideologies would be happy to know their president is not a Russian asset right? Wrong, from the left all we are hearing is more hate and some skepticism. Which is all fine if they had not lied about the amount of evidence for 2 years and continuously pushed this story to try and manipulate the American voters. They wont apologize for it either they will just find another way to spin the story and not accept the facts that they say they are 100% about.

Democrats Only Takeaway

The only part of the summary CNN & MSNBC have been pushing
The only part of the summary CNN & MSNBC have been pushing

The Summary of the Report

Shortly after Mueller released his report to Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Barr released a summary of the report. In the summary Barr stated that in the question of Collusion with Russia to hack the Presidential Election in 2016 there was no evidence of Trump or anyone related to Trump colluding. He also states that in the question of Obstruction of Justice there is not enough evidence to indict the president, but this "does not exonerate him". This is what we are seeing from the media right now is that line and that line only, at least from CNN and MSNBC. That one single line in the 4 page summary, they do not care about the no collusion, they are now after the obstruction. Even nitpicking the president after he said he was fully exonerated, people took to twitter and tweeted back to him saying he wasn't. He was however, he did not do the crime that is in question and the only reason obstruction of justice would be a charge is if there was any justice to obstruct. The thought of people taking this as a win for the destruction of Trump is asinine, they are only using it and saying it on the media to cover their butts on the 2 year lie they have been spewing.

Democrats are saying that maybe Mueller was compromised or Trump paid him off, they are saying Barr is lying and is hiding something because the full report hasn't been released. People are demanding that the full Mueller report gets released and yelling at the president to do it, one problem with that though, he already said he wants the whole thing released! If you read the last couple paragraphs in the summary it states "Based on my discussions with the Special Counsel and my review, it is apparent that the report contains material that is or could be subjects to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e), which imposes restrictions on the use and disclosure of information relating to "matter[s] occurring before [a} grand jury"" So why are people so angry and demanding? Well in reality the full report word by word probably wont be released due to some confidentiality, but most of it will be viewed by the public and everyone just needs to calm down.

The truth is Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, fair and square. Trump did not collude with Russia and most people knew that, even Democrats. What people need to do now is come together and figure out what the actual divide of the country is instead of hating a president that has done a great job despite all the hateful rhetoric, and lies from the media. It wont happen though, the media and Democrats will double down, and I'll tell you right now it is a horrible decision for them. They do not have much leeway to run on and pretending none of this happened is not a good thing to bank on.

Gen. Barr's Summary of the Mueller Report

What Should the Media Do?

So what should the media do? Well for starters all those who pushed the narrative saying that the Russian investigation was based on heavy evidence (that started from a fake dossier) should apologize to President Trump, his family, and the American people. I do not think that the Republican party absolutely needs an apology, we already knew that this was a hoax and it was used to try to defame the winner of the 2016 presidential election. Who the apology should really go out to is the viewers of the left wing media who have been constantly attacking Trump supporters and Republicans on the bases of allegations of the Russian hoax. They faked a dossier, they told us multiple time he colluded they even went as far as to say Trump and Republicans are Putin's assets and their party and their viewers believed it. The media most likely knew it was fake too, they just lied so many times they started believing it themselves. They need to apologize to their viewers and to Donald Trump and his family. We will not see that though, we already have people on CNN saying "We are not investigators, we are journalists and we did our job in reporting the facts." What facts did they report because as we have come to realize there has been no collusion or obstruction and they were saying that its a fact that there was.

So do not fall for it, there was no facts, it was all fake it was all a smear campaign and most people knew it. We have seen over this entire presidency the lefts goal of smearing Republicans and trying to defame them. This is over now, they say we are not going to drop the Mueller report coming up with nothing and we should. We shouldn't because they couldn't stop reporting nonfactual things about it for over 2 years and wasted their time reporting on that rather then telling their viewers what this administration is accomplishing. So what next, what is going to be the new story the left will push? Well they are probably going to go back to the children in cages and trying to say Republicans are all racist. They will not apologize and I think many of them should get fired. Mainly Don Lemon, who has constantly calling out the president on false pretenses numerous times. We as a country should not stand for this and we should not let it just go away. We must get rid of the tyrants that lie to us because there is always a reason and alternate intentions to do so, although we may not know what they are.

© 2019 Jay Blackwin


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