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The NFL's National Anthem Protest Problem

Updated on October 10, 2017

Last year, Colin Kaepernick started kneeling instead of standing during the playing of the National Anthem. He said he was protesting the treatment of blacks in this country, especially police brutality. He said he would continue to protest until racial injustice in America stopped.

Many people took public stances either supporting or opposing Kaepernick's actions. Various members of the NFL and other black athletes across the United States also began kneeling and/or raising their fist during the Anthem.

Last month President Donald Trump sent out several tweets saying NFL players should be either fired or suspended if they fail to stand up for the national anthem. In response, NFL teams and players stood together to protest President Trump's comments. The players kneeled, locked arms, and some teams even remained in the locker room during the performance of the anthem.

Lost in the discussion was the real reason players were kneeling in the first place - Police brutality and social injustice against minorities, especially the Black Community. But are they right? Several studies have suggested just the opposite. American police officers are not killing black people at a rate any higher than whites. The media coverage of several high profile cases of police brutality against blacks makes it appear that we have a problem.

There is racism in America, but we are not a racist nation. If there was racism in the NFL, the overwhelming white viewers and ticket buyers would not cheer on the 70% of blacks who constitute the players.

I believe the players have a right to protest just like all Americans, but what would happen if you did this on your job? You more than likely would be fired! Their kneeling offends the majority of the fans, disrespect veterans who fought for this country and takes away from the focus on the issues they are protesting.

The NFL is pretending the problem doesn’t exist and wants everybody to go back to watching as if nothing happened. Even the Steelers saying they would no longer hide in the tunnel during the Anthem is not the same thing as issuing a sincere apology for disrespecting the flag. And because neither the teams nor the NFL plans on apologizing to their fans, advertisers are beginning to pull their ads. When Christians boycotted Target for over their ridiculous transgender bathroom policy last year, Target’s net worth dropped by over $15 billion. Patriots need to do the same thing now with the NFL and its various league teams.

Finally, this should not be a battle between President Trump and the NFL. I am urging the President and the NFL to come together to help the racial divide in this country. Uniting America should be a top priority for all of us. I am proposing the following:

1. Have a pre-game prayer before each game. Players could kneel to pray and show their support for racial unity and social justice for all Americans.

2. Stand for the National Anthem.

3. Play God Bless America before the start of the 2nd Half.

4. Encourage the players to join community leaders and law enforcement officials to find constructive ways to improve race relations in our neighborhoods.

America's racial divide is the #1 problem in our country. Let's pray that we can make a better tomorrow for all Americans!


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    • profile image

      Joanne 5 months ago

      I like this article, but would go further.

      1. Everyone who has disrespected us Veterans should be fined and they should have to take that money personally to a VA hospital, to assist the brave Veterans who are their.

      2. Their subsidies must stop.

      3. So must their charging our military to present colors!

      4. Most of us have a cause we are passionate about. They need to contribute time, talent and money to their cause, outside of their work place. (Remember how many people liked Oprah, before she became political on her show?)

      5. Their Commissioner should be fired and fined, as well.

      6. Patriotic Americans, especially our Veterans, need a public, sincere apology.

      My favorite team was the Atlanta Falcons. Since their owner sided with their protesting players, they stopped winning. Karma? My mother taught me to never bite the hand that feeds you. Were any of them taught the same thing?

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 5 months ago from the short journey

      Love that you pointed out that we are not a racist nation. That there are racists of every color in our nation does not define who we are as a nation. Shame on those who try to make it seem so, and shame on those who support those people.

      It's going to be interesting to see how this situation works out. Your proposals are also interesting. Number four should be a demand, a part of their contract for the good of all. If audiences don't want to see or hear protests of any kind then they need to stop paying to do so. Money still talks the loudest.