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The Nazi Conspiracy and the Republican Party

Updated on February 18, 2021
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It's an everyday thing to see and hear about the hate; violence because of the difference of the color of skin, America is better than that.

Russell Pearce

Republican History and the Nazis

It's old news that's been repeated time and time again, the connection between the Bush family and the Nazi party. Prescott Bush, grandfather of our former president was one of Hitler's early backers, funneling money to the Nazi Party through the Union Banking Corporation. He continued even through the atrocities, until the government finally put a stop to it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California's father was a "brown shirt" and became a ranking officer. Schwarzenegger himself was quoted as saying that he admired Hitler for being a little man with almost no education and becoming a man of power and for being such a good speaker and what he did with it.

J. T. Ready, avowed Neo- Nazi and past president of the Maricopa County Republican Precinct Committeeman has been photographed with Senator Russell Pearce of Arizona, at fundraisers, who authored the new “show me your papers” law in Arizona.

The continued "open" support of Republican candidates by extreme right wing Nazi sympathizers is no longer a back door option, they are coming right out and endorsing them, at rallies, militia meetings and the candidates are not distancing themselves from them but embracing them.

Has the Tea Party made the more right wing individuals braver? Everyday, we here more and more that it has.

J.T. Ready

Is it a Conspiracy or Battlefield Tactic?

Now, some people will think I'm a nut job and throw me in there with the list of other nuts, Anne Coulter comes to mind, but hear me out. This is not about Republicans being " Nazis ", it's about the war of divide and conquer.

Nazi Germany

As Chancellor of Germany, Adolph Hitler quickly eliminated his government partners and took control. The rise of Hitler came rather easily due to the financial crisis of World War I and the Treaty of Versailles, which cost them more money than the country had, then the Great Depression kicked in and the poor were desperate for a solution. Adolph Hitler quickly took control of the situation and began to "create" an enemy to divide and conquer . The Jews became the enemy and the Germans became his "grateful" subjects.

The Nazis promised national and cultural renewal. The middle-class political parties lost supporters that took to the extreme right wings of their conservative party. In 1934, when Hitler gained control, he disbanded federal state parliaments; local government was also deposed of governors and mayors of all towns and cities with less than 100,000 people.

Hitler used fear to dominate and control the people of Germany. In an interview in 1934 with a British paper he said, "I tell you that the Nazi movement will go on for 1,000 years! Don't forget how people laughed at me, 15 years ago, when I declared that one day I would govern Germany. They laugh now, just as foolishly, when I declare that I shall remain in power." He remained in power for another decade.

Republican Strategy Backfires

The Republicans have no doubt studied the Hitler, divide and conquer theory, because they implemented it from day one of the Obama administration. However, they either didn't think this idea completely through or maybe they didn't care, as long as they gained control.

Are they wrong for using this strategy? Politics is high stakes win or lose. All parties are strategic to gain power, Democrats, Independents, Green Party, Libertarian's, it's how they go about it that's important.

The Tea Party movement didn't just pop up overnight, there had to be someone behind the scenes getting them started. As I recall, it was GOP- Tea Party Activist Dick Armey, a member of the Citizens for a Sound Economy, more recently known as , Freedom Works (has a better zing) for the Tea Party movement. That bused and organized Tea Party rallies and got the ball going, Karl Rove also has his PAC's. Now that the balls in their court, where did Dick Armey go?

They continue to run ads, blogs, viral emails with misinformed ideas and information until they have the American people riled up and divided against each other. The Democrats have become the Jews in America. Divide the country and take over the power. However, they didn't realize that their actions would also divide their own party, as well.

This is America, we read, we write and we educate. The world of technology allows us to look into the facts of things and not rely on rhetoric or propaganda that worked for the Nazi's because during that era many people were not educated.

This is a different time and a different place, but the pawns have been put in place and Americans can either lead and join towards the goal of making America strong in unity or they can follow - do as they are told and continue to create a divided America.

We should be in control of our destiny. Fear is a weakness easily taken advantage of. Strength and unity is what will get us through the tough times.


Arizona, USA

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© 2010 Lady Liberty


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