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The Need for Accountability of our Tax Dollars by the Federal Government

Updated on April 8, 2017

Accountability is a term which has not been imposed by past administrations of both political parties but it appears accountability has seen resurgence in the new administration. A recent report that in the Department of Housing and Urban Development found in an audit spearheaded by the head of the department Ben Carson that bookkeeping practices in place did not follow appropriate accounting principles. It has been stated that over 500 billion dollars spent by this department cannot be located as to where the funds were actually spent. This kind of disregard for the tax dollars that a department of the federal government receives needs to stop and needs to stop now. The sheer amount of funds which cannot be accounted for is unacceptable.

We elect individuals to serve the needs of the country and to be mindful of the tax dollars the federal government receives. Efficiency and accountability must be in place in every department and agency. This one example raises questions as to the practices of other departments and agencies and as a result similar audits should be conducted in all executive departments and agencies within them. It raises questions as to the knowledge and experience of the individuals responsible for the financial records in each department and agency. It also appears to highlight possible errors in choosing individuals to maintain the books to provide for the accountability that we the people require.

All of us know there is waste in the federal government and not ensuring accountability for each and every tax dollar a department or agency spends is not serving the country or the voters. In addition to bookkeeping problems as exhibited in HUD legislative actions to allocate funding for pet projects of various elected officials also needs to stop. Congress has the responsibility to ensure that each project and program is justified to receive funding and serves a vital need for the American people. There are actions call pork barrel projects which get attached to various legislative actions which have no relationship to the purpose of the legislation. It is not known how much funds are involved but any funds that can be removed from any legislative effort is a step in the right direction.

The results of the last election signaled that voters are tired and angry at the way the federal government and in some cases state governments are operating. The federal government and state governments need to get their act together and work to provide the necessary services to all citizens. Evidence of accountability needs to be shown to exist not just by words but by action. If our tax dollars at the federal and state governments were actually spent on the needs of the country not political ideology our country would be far better off than it is today.

It is time for efficiency in all government functions. Individuals need to be held accountable for their actions. Individuals should not be criticized by either political party for their decisions if they are doing what they are tasked to do. This involves both individuals confirmed for their respective positions but also individuals who are in various departments. If department heads and agency heads ran their operations like they should to ensure each decision is in the best interest of the country and in compliance with the laws on the books it would be a government we would not recognize. I believe change is coming to how the federal government operates and the decisions which have been made thus far by the new administration are only the beginning.


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