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The Need to Preserve, Value and Honor the Constitution

Updated on November 24, 2014

Our Constitution is the backbone of our country and our society. Our founding fathers were ahead of their time when they created this document which has stood the test of time throughout our history. The unique philosophy which is embodied within it represents a way of life which our enemies want to destroy but some of those who are serving, have served our country have made the ultimate sacrifice in the past and those now serving are committed to do the same.

As individuals we must honor the Constitution in everything we do and should take the language as written not as we interpret it. Many actions are being taken by individuals who want to restrict the freedoms engrained in the Constitution including some elected individuals who have taken an oath to honor it. As individuals we have the right to our opinion but we do not have the right to force our opinion on those around us or on society.

Government at all levels derives their power from us the people and they are there to serve and support us as individuals not us serve them. Government’s job is to protect the rights we have not restrict them through rules and regulations. Rules and regulations are not a bad thing overall but when they impede the rights granted in the Constitution it is time for action to be taken by Congress. One of the responsibilities of Congress as exemplified in the oath elected officials take is to honor and support the Constitution. Clearly this has not been the case in the last few years and possibly longer dependent upon the purpose of the rules and regulations generated by the Executive Branch. Congress is also not exempt from this kind of action regarding legislation which has been passed and signed by the President in office at the time.

We are a country of exceptional individuals with exceptional talent and experiences which can benefit society and our economy if only government would get out of the way and let society work as it was intended when the Constitution was first written. Granted government at all levels have some responsibilities and authority but that should not trump the freedom and liberties we have as individuals engrained in the Constitution. Government needs to read the Constitution in literal terms not interpret it.

Each legislative proposal needs and should have a direct reference to the constitutional authority on which it is based. This does not mean that a reference to part of the Constitution satisfies this need. References have been used in an effort to make legislation appear to be constitution when it fact in many cases the reference has nothing to do with the content of the and not try to put one aspect or reference to a portion of the Constitution to make it appear legislation is constitutional.

The recent change in the control of Congress as a result of the election this month was an effort to change the culture of Congress. Actions by the Executive Branch should be questioned by Congress to ensure they are within the applicable constitutional authority. It is not the job of Congress to accept every action by the Executive Branch. Congress is part of the system of checks and balance engrained in the Constitution. This philosophy needs to have a rebirth in the legislative body which will be in power over the next two years. It is the responsibility to hear recommendations by the President and in some cases executive departments or agencies and consider the request. The decision should be that of Congress to accept, reject or revise proposals from the Executive Department including the President without interfering with the responsibilities given to them. Departments and agencies do not have the authority to make decisions which amount to legislative action that is the job of Congress.


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