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Modern Problems: A Pessimist's View of Positive People

Updated on April 16, 2020
Kyler J Falk profile image

I value ugly truths over glistening lies, especially when the ugly truth forces me to be better.

Honesty doesn't always mean truthful.
Honesty doesn't always mean truthful. | Source

Having been raised by narcissists who taught me the importance of knowing what was hiding behind insufferably positive demeanor, I've come to notice a disturbing trend in society. The people with the brightest outlooks, bubbliest personalities, and endearing "happily ever after" mentalities have the most to hide. This is not to say that everyone like this are abusive narcissists, because the ones who are willing to discuss their darker sides openly are benign and you needn't be actively wary of getting close to them. The ones who need to be watched closely, and kept at an arm's length from you both figuratively and literally, are the ones who never let you get a glimpse of their inner demons. People with perfect lives, relationships, jobs, and personalities do not exist in this world. Anyone who strives to give off this appearance, and allow others to attack you whilst they dodge inquiries or outright refuse to speak to you because you don't believe their facade is in fact genuine, are worthy only of your further scrutiny. No one is perfect, and perfect appearances act as a shade to obscure your view of the evil that lies within.

Honesty Can Still Be Lying

Everyone, who was paying any attention at all, noticed when Activision Blizzard banned a professional Hearthstone player for making pro-Hong Kong protests statements during a live stream. At first they decided to ban him for a full year and withhold his prize winnings over the statement, but after great scrutiny, and against their terrible judgement, they only suspended him from pro-play for six months along with the two individuals casting the live stream. In response to the more-than-deserved scrutiny of the company for their practices after this debacle, they offered a half-baked apology which they quickly diminished saying, "...I hope it's clear how committed we are to everyone's right to express themselves...."

Then they went on to bury this scandal beneath the announcement of two huge video game titles, and the crowd lauded every word after, as if the company hadn't just banned someone for supporting a pro-democracy movement. An American company denied three people what we consider to be their right to freedom of speech, they offered an obvious lie painted in positive wording, and people quickly forgot or willfuly ignored that it ever even happened.

Jeffrey Epstein is a good example of positive demeanor being nothing but a mask, a mask put over heinous truths. I'd known about his alleged sex island and the private jets taken to get there for more than ten years, first hearing of it while I was still in high school. It is baffling how many people knew about all of it, and how long it was allowed to continue with impunity. Knowing all of this, and knowing who was directly and indirectly involved with the man doesn't stop people from supporting them. Painting a pretty picture and hanging it over gruesome truths seems to fool most of the world, or at least appease them and keep them buying the garbage they're selling.

I'm not saying to go out and try to solve the problem, only saying maybe start paying a little closer attention because a high school stoner knew more than you did, long before you even caught a whiff of the story, and realizing that taking stories at their face value is damaging to the entire world.

Stop taking everything at face value.
Stop taking everything at face value. | Source

One Rotten Fruit Taints the Others

In this case it isn't just one rotten fruit, but two, and they are great at disguising their rotten core. It would be more than accurate to allege that Brian James Lucas, aka Moffett-Chef BeLive, and his more-famous girlfriend Daniele Watts, are both a wonderful example of the negatives of being positive. These two go out of their way, each and every day, to press the limits of what is acceptable. Sometimes, they go out of their way to get attention by doing things that most individuals would find a bit repulsive. For example not once, but twice they have been accused publicly in the media and by law enforcement of lewd conduct. If you follow that link, and look deeper into the two, you'd see that they purposefully provoke the negative attentions of others then they play victim and get many others to support this behavior.

I'm not one to really care about people and their sexual lives, what they do in public or make public while doing it in private, but I do care when people stir up trouble on purpose for their own benefit. Their behavior, such as having sex while on a live stream on The Dr. Susan Block Show in Bonoboville, is tribute to their overall eccentricities, eccentricity they use to fool followers into believing they are genuine.

If it weren't for people only wanting to see the positive things, and ignore the bad all the time then we wouldn't have so much transparency problems in the world. Like when the two made it a public spectacle when Daniele supposedly wanted to do something with another man and Brian decided that was grounds to do things that could be equated to abuse to her, leading to a public video retort and subsequent deletion of all evidence... They made it a point to ensure their followers still loved them both, and granted they both still give the appearance of atoning for their misdeeds against one another, but they are ready to throw anyone under the bus if it means publicity and protecting their lifestyle.

How does this poison the rest of society, though? It is because these individuals use their influence, eccentricity, and lies to entice others into negative reactions under the guise they meant no harm to begin with. I could never speak down on people for using valuable tools to attain their goals of fame, but I will speak down on the relative morality of it all. There are ways to attain fame and fortune without lying, and encouraging the same self-destructive behavior from your followers.

To this day Daniele and Brian seem to be madly in love, and their relationship is something we all wish to live up to in appearance. They make themselves appear to be really loving, open, and accepting individuals. Hopefully, unlike the outbursts in the past, this mask is anything but and what hides behind it is even more beautiful than it appears, rather than the exclusion and greed-fueled tentacle monster I would bet it is.

Negativity is my comfort blanket.
Negativity is my comfort blanket. | Source

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Negativity as a Positive

Perhaps because of the way I was raised, I have always viewed the world from a cautious, pessimistic perspective. Where others want to see positive in everything, what it could be rather than what it is, and how people seek to atone for their wrongdoings whilst in the public eye, I take comfort in taking precautions against the bad within people. This mentality often gets me called a "downer" among other things, and I get excluded because of it.

Where you see vibrant green grass, I see an itchy patch of razor blades waiting to give me hives. Where you see a vibrant blue sky, I see the smog obscuring the mountains in the distance. Where you see a celebrity doing something charitable, I see an evil individual trying to increase their own popularity.... So on and so forth, ad nauseam, you name it and I could accurately take the handle of "Mr. Negative" when viewing the topic. I don't think that should bring everyone down, though.

Struggling to see why others dislike my negative perspective, I often find myself confused why people don't want to be around me for extended periods of time. If my perspectives aren't true and it is truly worthy of disdain, then why would others even care if I express them? I mean, often times I am wishing the way I see things wasn't true and I only use my negative outlooks as a way to protect myself from being hurt. Like when it comes to big companies trampling on human rights for profit, or actors and their cohorts striking out at people with their actions and running their reputations through the muck for profit, I just can't stand to view it as positive no matter how much they apologize or doctor up the situation.

Am I just crazy? Perhaps, but a solution so simple doesn't often happen in this world as much as the people I speak of would like them to.

Does positive demeanor outweigh ongoing wrongdoings?

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