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The New Attorney General

Updated on May 16, 2019
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William Barr is a disgrace for America and the people,he has shown his true colors,he is not on the side of Justice. The AG is Trump boy.

Barr tossed Mueller Under The Bus

William Barr the new attorney General sat before the Senate Judiciary Committee answering questions about the Mueller Report. Democrats criticized Attorney General William Barr for the handling of the Mueller report, while Republicans ignored the special counsel report.

Republicans took the words of Barr over special Counsel Robert Mueller the man they said was honorable and would go by the book. Republicans dotted around asking Barr questions about conspiracy and obstruction of Justice. One Republican of GA said Democrats didn't get what they wanted from the Mueller report and was blaming Barr. The Republicans really don't care what's was in the report, they had already made up their minds to protect the president Trump before they stepped in the room, Democrats should have known it was a wash.

How Can The Republicans Look at themselves in A Mirror

Our intelligence Agents have made it clear that Russia interfered in our 2016 election, their major concerns should be learning the facts and making sure it wouldn't happen again. get to fact that it could happen again. If it happens In 20/20 their chances of winning back the house would greater, so while should they care?

William Barr the Attorney General

Barr ignored a subpoena sent to him by Jerry Nadler just of Donald Trump. It's time for Democrats to stop plays games with crooks and make them pays. If a poor person defied the power of a subpoena they would be held in contempt of court they would be made to pay a fine and jailed. These people are no better than we are. The Attorney General-William Barr ignored the subpoena, he should be held in contempt of court laws, fined daily and jail. It's time for the Trump administration to be made examples of. Lock the Attorney General Up.

Barr through his longtime friend Robert Mueller and Rosenstein under the bus because he said he didn't make the decision by himself. William Barr the new Attorney General made all the right moves when he applied the job of the General Attorney is now in the pocket of the president. Barr second-guessed the whole Mueller report protecting Trump as if he was Trump lawyer.

As of today, Barr is the right-hand man of the president until Trump gets tired of him, sending him on his way.

Robert Mueller

Mueller the special Counsel did his job and is now being thrown out the bus by one of his allegedly his longtime friend William Barr. The confirmation of William Barr was a mistake and the America people once again has been spammed. Robert Mueller is the real-deal and The New Attorney General is a fake.


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