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The Nightmare Is Over....Let The Healing Begin

Updated on January 20, 2009

A Brief History That Led Us Where We Are

January 20, 1993, I was driving from Athol to Greenfield, Massachusetts, as the ceremony to inaugurate President William Jefferson Clinton was unfolding. I recall listening on the radio, as I hit the off ramp from Route 2, leading to Routes 5 & 10 in Greenfield, as Vice President Elect Al Gore was administered the Oath of Office. I recall saying aloud, "Thank God, Dan Quayle can't become President."

I made it home just in time to hear President Clinton deliver the first of his two inaugural speeches. The economy, in January of 1993, was in very bad shape, after being mismanaged by George H.W. Bush, and yet I was filled with hope as President Elect Clinton became President Clinton. On the economic front Clinton did not disappoint. On the morals and values front, he was an abysmal failure.

Fast forward eight years, and Democrats nominated Al Gore to be their nominee, and Republicans chose the son of the vanquished Bush. His Presidency was forever tainted in the eyes of many who believe even today that George W. Bush and his brother Jeb stole the 2000 election and served illigitimately for the next eight years.

As it turns out, stealing the 2000 election was a relatively minor infraction compared to the attrocities Bush 43 would commit in Iraq, under the guise of the War on Terror. I have no expectation that President Obama will seek to hold Bush and his administration officials held accountable for their actions, which many Americans consider to be war crimes. I don't see President Obama doing this because his focus will be firmly on the future, and trying to make it as bright as possible.

It amazes me how similar I feel today as I did on January 20, 1993 when Clinton took over the White House. In that transition, a President from the World War II era passed the torch to a President from the Vietnam War era. Today, we have seen another generational shift, as Barack Obama was not influenced by the Vietnam War. He was alive during the Civil Rights Era, but he was not a product of the Civil Rights Era.

Now, as our nation's first African American President, he has the opportunity to fulfill the dreams the Reverend Martin Luther King's dream. He has already passed the first threshold, having been chosen to lead based upon the content of his character, but I think even Reverend King would advise President Obama that there is much work to be done to level the playing field, so all Americans can have a share in the American Dream.

And so now those of us who felt that President George W. Bush was never legitimately elected can take a great big sigh of relief. It is safe to wake up now, because the nightmare is over. President Obama, good luck to you as you begin to heal the wounds that have divided us for so long. 


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    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 

      8 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      The problem now Crash, is that Summers and Geithner were a part of that group that allowed the ponzi housing loans in the first place. Other key players were Greenspan and Rubin. It isn't a party thing, although more Republicans were involved than Dems. But so were Frank and Dodd. This corruption allowed the off balance sheet banking to come to the US. Obama listened to these guys and Wall Street recovered instead of main street.

      I wish he would have followed Ellen Brown's view of stripping the too big to fail banks of deposits and setting up state banks to lend locally to community banks. With the credit crisis that followed the ponzi loans, the TBTF banks have actually gotten bigger and more risky.

    • profile image

      issues veritas 

      9 years ago

      So how is the dream team doing today?


      I am not a democrat or republican and I am not defending or not defending the Bushes, but both of them had an expensive war in Iraq.

      Clinton, had no war but it was during his administration that the home give away idea started. This was the baby that killed the Economy.

      The fact is that it really doesn't matter whether the Democrats or the Republicans are running Congress and or the Presidency, both parties have taken the country to its knees.

      Congress hasn't worked as a team in over three decades or longer. It doesn't matter which player in a game made the play that won or lost the game, because the game is won or lost by all them. Congress fails if the government fails and Congress has a track record of failing. An effective Congress can control any President but we haven't seen an one yet.

      911 was a disaster because Congress nor the President during it or before it changed the way that the government agencies shared intelligence information. On top of that the cold war having died decades ago, the NORAD and the security of the country weren't upgraded or changed to become responsive to the terrorist threat. Before 911 during the Clinton years, these terrorists tried to blowup the WTC but failed. George Tenet was Clinton's CIA chief and Bush made the mistake of taking him in for his CIA chief.

      Bush also didn't do well in the Florida classroom during the development of the 911 scenario. If you want to rail against Bush then that is the place for it.

      Interesting, today (4/24) Obama had a threat at the white house when a small plane crossed into their restricted air space. Today, unlike 911 there were fighter jets in the area to handle the unknown threat to Washington.

      Where were these Fighter Jets during 911?

      During the last two years, when the country was going downhill faster than a roller coaster ride, where was Obama? He was going around the country pandering for votes, while he did nothing in Congress as a Senator. So he doesn't come into 2009 like a newbie, he was one of the protectors in Congress and he failed at that, along with the rest of Congress.

      They failed because they put their political party before their country.

      So while you and your supporters pat yourselves on your backs, remember we are here today because of your party loyalty.

      Tell me that i am wrong by providing me with a winning team of any Congress or Presidency in the last three decades or so.

    • crashcromwell profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Florida

      Thank you Melissa - I am forced to recall the saying, "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." We survived eight of the most contentious years possible, and now America is ready to emerge from the illigitimate administration of Bush 43, better and stronger than we were before.


    • Melissa G profile image

      Melissa G 

      9 years ago from Tempe, AZ

      Very nicely done, crashcromwell! I think there are many people who share your sentiments (myself included) and I'm excited to see the changes that our new, legitimately elected leader will help bring about. That sickening feeling of dread that settled into my stomach when the Supreme Court made that fateful decision so many years ago has now been replaced with HOPE for a brighter future.

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 

      9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      That would be acceptable!

    • crashcromwell profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Florida

      I don't see it happening, although someone on MSNBC was saying there are so many nations around the world who hate Bush with a passion that there was a distinct possibility that some other country would charge Boy George and his Merry Band of Neocons with war crimes. This commentator said if that does happen, it would look far better for the U.S. to be taking the lead in the action.

      I don't see Obama making it a priority because if he is perceived to be focusing on the sins of the past, it will make it impossible for him to work with Republicans, and partisanship would rear its ugly head in a most unprecedented fashion.

      One option I heard of that really intrigues me is for Congress to impeach Bush after the fact. It is possible to do that, and the effect would be that if he were convicted by the Senate, he would not be able to collect a federal pension. It would also put a permanent black mark on his legacy, so it would be nearly impossible for the revisionists to cast his presidency in a more positive light in the years to come.

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 

      9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      -Crash, I would LOVE to see Bush and his cronies put on trial for war crimes, crimes against humanity, etc, etc - if for no other reason than to have it permanently in the history books (because we know the clueless bastard would never go to prison), BUT... not if takes Obama's focus away from picking up the pieces and healing this country.

      Karma can be a very powerful force, and Gee Duh! has his coming in a big way.

    • crashcromwell profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Florida

      Thank you all for your thoughtful comments - even you Steve. Although I did find it interesting that you said "Healing starts with forgiveness, and you do not seem to have any." Does that mean that George Bush has done something, even in your estimation, that would require forgiveness? It would be relatively easy for me to give him forgiveness, because his actions have not had the profound impact on me that they have had on the families of the soldiers who have died in Iraq for a war that, in the broad scheme of things, was not necessary. He tried to tell us Hussein had WMDs, and turned out to be dreadfully wrong. Only he can say for certain whether he knowingly misled the American public, or if he was simply given bad information by intelligence. Regardless, there must have come a point when he knew there were no WMDs, and yet he persisted. Winning the war turned out to be the easy part, but winning the peace has been elusive. That will be left to President Obama to sort out.

    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 

      9 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      High hopes I have High hopes that we will recover and become a better nation from learning from mistakes...we are all guilty..we are spoiled..we are selfish...and we need to nuckle down and HELP make this country of ours the way it should be ...Totally free from hate, discriminations, and wars we don't approve of...God Bless the President and his family and God Bless the United States of America...Nice hub my dear...G-Ma :o) Hugs & Peace

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 

      9 years ago from San Francisco

      Steve - True, GWB has been polite enough to Obama. He owes quite a bit more to the American people whom he's lied to over the past 8 years. At any rate, he's out of office and retired, so maybe Congress will pursue a criminal case against him if they can muster the evidence to prosecute. No one should be above the law.

      Crashcromwell - Nice post. And yes, racism is not over, but at least it alone can't stop a person from achieving their dreams.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 

      9 years ago from West By God

      I also felt a sigh of relief when Bush was released from his duties as a President.  To me a President should do as the people want and not have any personal agendas.  I didn't voet for Obama, but after hearing his speach I was elated.  He did hit the mark and let not one person out of the game of self responsiblity--not one.  I think he will have a very hard road ahead of him, but that is the process of healing for we have to open some old wounds to air them out to even begin that healing over.  He is just beginning.  What he will accomlish will only be what he is permitted to by all the people of the United States.  It isn't for a single person to do what needs to be done and he clearly stated that in his Address to the Nation.  It is up to all of us if we want to come out ahead and further alpong in the healing process.

      He seemed very confident in his demeanor and in what he has to do to get this country starte in the right direction.

    • Steve McCormick profile image

      Steve McCormick 

      9 years ago from San Angelo, Texas

      I was talking about the whining about the 2000 election.

      GWB has been nothing but gracious to BHO during this transfer of power. Who does GWB need to forgive?

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 

      9 years ago from South Africa

      Healing and forgiveness are inseparable - maybe GWB needs to learn some of that himself! Thanks for a great Hub Crashcromwell and for giving me an insight into how some US citizens feel about Obama. I can't stop the feeling of elation I have knowing that GWB will no longer be there. And as Storytellersrus says, Obama's speach just hit the right notes. It was indeed an amazing moment to witness and I'm just so grateful for having had the opportunity to witness a great moment in the history of the US and of the worlod.

      Love and peace


    • Steve McCormick profile image

      Steve McCormick 

      9 years ago from San Angelo, Texas

      Just can't get pasted 2000. You want healing? Healing begins with forgiveness and you do not seem to have any.

    • Storytellersrus profile image


      9 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      Obama's speech hit the mark. He was inspiring and strong at the same time. What an amazing moment to witness today. Thanks for the Hub crash! I look forward to supporting the new generation and their vision- I've developed a great deal of respect for my own children and their perspective. I hold Obama in my heart and in daily prayer.


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