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The Noble Prize Of Peace.

Updated on October 10, 2009

Wipe the spit off of it and polish it with their venom.

And so....

They awarded him

the Nobel Peace Prize

without hesitation for the dreams

that he carries in his soul,

as he strives to calm a rabid world

after inheriting the worst remnants

of any administration ever.


The dumbfounded can be

found dumb in every Republican't deadquarters,

making a mockery of this great award

that scientists long for.

Authors sweat blood over it,

and human rights activist

everywhere clamor for its acclaim....

but  they still fail to grasp

this precious token of appreciation.


Only three other presidents

have been awarded this honor

all Democrats remarkably,

and then of course Al Gore.


And oh, how they mocked Gore

for his stands that earned it.


Now the rabble rousers

seek to denegrate this honor,

which flies in the face of all of

their skewing of the real truths,

All the "has been's" whining over

every policy he institutes...

embellishing horror stories about

what the leader of the free world

will do next to their beleaguered souls.


These psuedo American patriots

who would dare to call this fools gold.

Is there nothing sacred anymore,

when the noble prize of peace is forbidden merit.


Their puzzled God above shakes his head

at these so called Christians

who persecute and harass in his name.


Study this medal hard,

*rush, hannity, beck, medved,

praeger, and every other

motor mouth belching the

rhetoric of big business lobbyists.


You will never live to see this

bestowed upon you for your ignoble causes.


*Please note: I no longer capitalize their names,

for they belong no where near the capital

or  around anything having to do with Washington D.C.


There was only one inspired

true tea party in this country,

at Boston harbor, where they drank

of the freedom that insured all men

would be treated equally,

even Black Presidents who seek

the noble victories of peace.


Carry on with your vile dumbing down

of anything our leader who you

did not vote for accomplishes.


Open your pie holes

and give us a slice of your ugliness.


The only ones truly listening

are the sore losers who hang on your every word.


The rest of us are far too intelligent

to believe your blabber of angst.

We tend to ignore your tantrums,

and look to the man in charge.


We know that you hold only

a minority of the masses bleeding.

but he holds the hearts of true Americans

as well as your bitter hearts in his care.


He will heal this nation,

and you will have to tag along,

like toddlers having fits

in a great doctorates office.


So flail away, lessen yourselves,

lesson yourselves, with the knowledge that you

are shouting into tin ears,

and the echoes of your wrath

will come back to haunt you.


But most of us, most of the U.S. seeks

what is golden, a higher calling, then nasty signs,

racists tinted cartoons, exaggerated fear mongering,

and overblown spins of national ruin under Obama.


Most Americans are looking to build,

not tear down, we seek peace,

not chaos from the disgruntled.


And we have a man who has

been given the Noble prize of peace,

so let him get to it.


Your almost 300 days

of endless judgement and critics assailing him,

has done nothing to promote harmony.


We tolerated the insanity of bush for eight years,

our sons and daughters bled and died

under his aggressive agendas

to gain footholds in the oil nations.


I know most of you who refuse

to accept your losses will call this delusional

but  look at what has been done

to defame this man, Obama,

and then ask yourselves one

of your own most favorite slogans....

What would Jesus do?


I'm done, your welcome to comment

but I no longer register the negatives.


Your actions have made it necessary for

many millions of American to just

shut it all out and simply move on.





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