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The Normality Of Execution By Cop

Updated on August 2, 2016

The creeping normality of extra-judicial killings is a product of the police militarization in the United States.

Where did the Dallas police department get the bomb from? Did they already procured it previously with the eventual plan of using it? Did they get it from the evidence room? What if the police had in their possession a suitcase sized nuclear weapon and decided that' “there was no other option” as if waiting out a dying man cornered with no chance of escape wasn't an option. Why would the Dallas police chief who authorized the execution say that he would do it again? Isn't that the style of a totalitarian state terrorism?

The extra-judicial killing without the legality of judicial due process was an execution. It was not as if the suspect while actively exchanging gunfire, but after hours of negotiation that DPD methodically sent in a weaponized drone to execute him.

Brown described how the 25- year-old Army reservist, Micah Xavier Johnson, told negotiators that "the end is coming, and he's going to hurt and kill more of us -- meaning law enforcement -- and that there are bombs all over the place, in this garage and downtown."

My question is, if take at face value that there were bombs already in place around the city - it would be necessary and proper and the duty of the involved police to find out via negotiations the bomb locations and type of bombs in place.

Absent of imminent threat of death, it is a violation of the constitution and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to use deadly force. Anyone involved in the murder of a deranged suspect who had no hostages should be held fully accountable. Mr. President, please hold police accountable for the systemic extra-judicial killings that shows reckless disregard for life. It is an affront to the constitutional due process rights of all Americans

Eric Holder argued that using lethal military force against an American in his home country would be legal and justified in an "extraordinary circumstance" comparable to the September 11 terrorist attacks. The killing of 5 police officers, although extremely tragic is not comparable to the thousands of people who died resulting from the 911 attacks.

President Obama has said that he has the authority to carry out targeted killings of US citizens on US soil, but only in actively engaging in “an imminent threat of violent attack against the United States” and if any attempt to capture was “not feasible.” Dallas Police Chief David Brown stated that he would do it again because there were no other options. No options after a mere five hours of standoff with a delusional and wounded madman trapped and unable to escape. At the time the suspect Micah Johnson stated that he planted several bombs throughout the city. If so, then wouldn't keeping him alive would help better solve with these bombs are located?

The police army should not be allowed to target and kill any U.S. citizen with a mechanized weapon or by sniper without due process.

If it was done in such an imminent threat, isn't only the President of the United States by Executive Order have the only legal authority to do so?

The historical function of police brutality is in its role as the armed guards of the ruling classes. It is class warfare. It is not a black or white thing, it's a blue thing and citizens have good reason to be afraid of this oppressive system.

An extrajudicial killing is the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process

Do you approve the use of a land drone to bomb the Dallas Sniper?

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Police Chief David Brown

Police Chief David Brown
Police Chief David Brown

Code Red

“Just don’t bring the building down,” Brown said. “But that was the extent of my guidance.”

William Cohen said “It opens a whole new set of questions of how to deal with these kinds of situations. Where are the police going to draw the line when trying to decide between continuing to negotiate and doing something like this?”

Even When It doesn't End In Death

I was very deeply disturbed and upset just how quickly things turn violent in the below video of the second grade teacher and her extremely violent arrest. The officer gave conflicting orders: "put your legs in and close the door" to "stand up". There was already something wrong with the stop when he asked her to go back in the car to make the stop 'legit' for a traffic stop when she was already outside her car. Listen carefully to the beginning to what the cop said.

Texas Police Violently Slam Teacher To The Ground Twice & Say Black People Have Violent

To serve and protect

Primary duty of police officers are to protect victims and potential victims but “Helping someone in need” is no longer the primary purpose.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown justified the bombing by robot or land drone because, "we saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate. Any other option would have exposed our officers to grave danger."


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  • svaz85635 profile image

    svaz85635 15 months ago

    2030 Fully autonomous AI officer Drone in production

    2036, 70% of PD’s have a special robotics division

    2038, U.S.& China fight first drone war

    2042, 50% PO's are autonomous AI officer Drones

    2051, Self-replicating AI Officer Drones

    2053, a Saudi born MIT grad and genius named Ali al-Falih, in the name of Jihad, was finally able to develop and infect a self-replication facility, that he helped design, with a virus that causes bots to A) attack non-Muslim humans and B) spread the virus to other bots. By this time an estimated 2.6 million bots are being used in the U.S. alone (billions world-wide) by PD, federal, state and local governments as well as “Personal Security” bots owned by civilians. 1.2 million of those are fully autonomous. Within that group, 600,000 plus are self-replicating. Unfortunately for al-Falih (and Muslims too) the self-replication processing logic quickly mutated (or adapted depending on perspective) to kill all humans, regardless of religion. 98% of the human race has been annihilated by these weaponized bots. Most died in the first month by virus created viruses that simply attacked the power grid. However micro bot swarms are the most dreaded for the remaining bands of survivors and mostly attack in the middle of the night, mostly. - Walt White

  • svaz85635 profile image

    svaz85635 15 months ago

    Yes, you make many excellent points.

    What struck me as particularly significant about the Dallas police bombing was this: in response to protests about law enforcement killing black people stopped for trivial reasons, who were killed in what is claimed to be "self defense", a black Dallas police chief ordered the killing of a black suspect on the grounds of "self defense" despite the fact that he no longer posed a danger to law enforcement. (As they now say, he was badly wounded as well).

    What is important here is that there should be some accountability for this act, like there should be (but sometimes isn't) for other police caused deaths under questionable circumstances.

    At the very least an independent Grand Jury should review this for legal implications. So far I have read/heard nothing along those lines though it is possible that will happen eventually.

    Deliberate bombings are nearly always terror acts or planned murders. They are not law enforcement "techniques" for capturing suspects.

    There is always the "slippery slope" or "new normal" problem as well here. With the use of police robots (and drones), simply blowing up suspects for police convenience is a real possibility if this isn't discouraged. RoboCop and Judge Dread for real.