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The Fatal Obama Midas Touch

Updated on August 11, 2014

Please Don't Touch Anything Anymore

That "light weight Jayvee team" is now called ISIS.

President Midas Obama has the magical touch for having those things he touches turn into mush rather than gold. I'm thinking that has been a pattern during his whole dysfunctional life and hat many people have somehow achieved covering up his tracks. When anyone votes 90 percent plus 'PRESENT" as a law maker it should have been the biggest red flag on the planet earth. He viewed that role as a "position" rather than a "job."

But then again the man has never held a real job until he was able to scam the American electorate into buying his snake oil routine. The unenviable role of being the President of the United States qualifies as real work in my eyes and Barack Obama is as allergic to the word as Maynard G. Krebs was back in the day. He's out on Martha's Vineyard right now for two weeks on our dime and playing golf with the tax payer ponying up for his green fees once again for who knows how many times in the past 6 years.

Lets Take A "Then And Now" Look See

Back when he assumed office Iraq was quiet and moving toward stabilizing. There wasn't one American soldier killed in that theater in all of December of 2009, not even a smidgen of an American fatality. We had our Crazy Uncle Joe Biden flapping his wings and crowing that achieving that calm in Iraq would be the "administration's greatest achievement." You sheeple still grazing in Obamaland glory remember that?

The problem was that Obama touched those things against the best best advice of career military strategists because he wanted to have a campaign slogan to ride into the 2012 election on. So whammo zammo he pulls out the US peacekeepers and makes a nice little comfy bed for ISIS. Iraq is quickly turning into a wasteland where children are being beheaded. Nice snapshot huh Obama zombies?

His next uninformed act was to seize the day and claim Afghanistan was his war to fight. Well as it is turning out Barack Obama has lost more military personnel, collectively called soldiers, than the George W. Bush administration. Yet he'll want to blame that on Bush too. So after a decade of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory he seems intent on allowing the Taliban to emerge victorious there also. What that says to me is that Obama needs to keep his eye on the golf ball and off of matters of state and the military.

A Warning...

How about those lines in the sand drawn in red by Barack Hussein Obama? Boy was he showing the world how tough he can be as the world belly laughed at him. That was back in the "topple Assad in Syria days" and boy was that also a bust. Assad is still there and the very rebels Obama wanted to help called ISIS spread their tentacles into its next door neighbor called Iraq. He's real Nobel Peace prize material this one is. Isn't it possible to maybe elect a true leader who has shown his grit as the President of this nation once again?

Then there was the fiasco of Libya where four fine Americans doing their duty to God and their country lost their lives while Obama slept the night away and was more concerned with his appearance at a Las Vegas fund raiser the next day than the mystery of the lack of his physical presence in the Situation Room the night all that covering up started and still continues to this day. Things under Gadhafi weren't exactly a picnic but what exists there now is being called "the Mogadishu on the Mediterranean." Once more the fatal Obama Midas touch.

Then lets not forget old Vlad Putin who saw Obama the Lamb to be the most timid of lambs in his forest. Now I'm sure Vladimir Putin sized up Obama correctly when he sent him a message that "he would have more flexibility after he was reelected." Putin was surely comforted by King Midas Obama's words..

And how about the Bergdahl for five (5) terrorists swap that Obama pulled out of his Midas hat? That was borderline legal if it was legal at all but it isn't headline news now. It was just a diversion at the time to get your eye off the ball as usual. Many a scandal has since eclipsed that fiasco and our fellow American deserter/traitor is being kept under raps in case he wants to spill some real beans to Obama's adoring press. Next time Obama and Kerry want to negotiate with the Taliban don't use the Bowe Bergdahl touch as their model is my best advice.

Our relations with Israel are in the tank because of open mic incidents with Obama on the wrong side of the fray once again. But lets not forget that Obama is buddy-buddy with Hamas and their protector of sorts. He may be playing Dungeon's and Dragons on the sly with this pack of terrorist misfits who use innocent civilians as human shields without having a second thought about it. All with a wink and a nod from King Midas Obama. So the question there is what was the affect of Obama extending his Midas touch to Hamas. Was it an increase or a decrease in the amount of violence they are capable of raining down upon the West Bank?

Now anyone with a lick of intelligence is beginning to wondering what in the world is going on with Obama at the helm of this nation. There is still no War on Terror according to our President? There damn sure better be because they're coming to a theater near you soon my fellow Americans.

Here we have a President who has turned the protocols of dealing with terrorists upside down while in the same breath embracing many Bush/Cheney policies that are head spinners. Is Jihad Obama's personal odyssey and was embracing the Muslim Brotherhood, while at the same time having cabinet members in his administration with Muslim Brotherhood ties, really such a splendid idea? He threw Mubarak under the bus to gain what? Is his claim that the Muslim Brotherhood secular true or just another fabrication? What about Major Hassan and the Ft. Hood massacre? Just window dressing or a terrorist attack?

Maybe we need to go back to "our folks were torturing a few folks" to find out the vital information that we now need to know. Yeah folks those who want to kill us because we're the Big Satan in the Sky aren't terrorists. They became "man caused disasters" just looking for a place to happen.

QUOTE FROM OBAMA IN JANUARY 2014 NEW YORKER INTERVIEW: "Obama dismissed the boiling kettle of Sunni extremism in Syria and Iraq as the bumblings of an inept “Jayvee” team— as in, these guys are lightweight terrorists compared to the al-Qaida we just decimated."

Mind sharing this? I didn't think so...

As Always,

The Frog Prince


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    • RachaelLoxston profile image

      Rachael Loxston 

      3 years ago from Worcestershire, UK

      He is a pathological liar- a deceiver. He pretended to be responsible for the decisive execution of an already dead Bin Laden to win votes. Cynical, contemptuous, arrogant man and no lover of America.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      3 years ago from United States

      Obama will never admit any failure or any jihadist attack happening on American soil. He hasn't a clue how to solve any real problems, and we may as well expect more of the same, which means nothing good. Well written hub.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      3 years ago

      Obama hates the idea of leadership. He would prefer to surround himself with lots of people who feel the same way so he can hide and not stand out. He's like the coward who would join a riot because there is safety in numbers. Awesome hub, my friend.

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 

      3 years ago

      We should be giving them a real demonstration of just exactly what we can do with our air power, not just throwing a few rocks at them. These ISIS crazies could care less if they live or die and want to slaughter as many non-Muslim's as possible before they get the virgins they were promised.

      You are correct, we could see them in action right here in our own country in a very short time if they are not stopped. I suspect the day may come when many will be very glad our government was unable to disarm all of we civilians.

      Obama is not a leader, and even worse he ignores the advice given to him by the experts on his staff. I hope he is enjoying his vacation. I really don't think he would care if the ISIS flag was flying over the White House.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Hi Frog. I think there is a thread that runs through all of this. Obama is a transnationalist, and believes all of the world's problems can be resolved by a "Council of Presidents" sitting at a UN table and negotiating a one-world government controlled by the heads of states, with Congresses and Judiciaries being little more than cheering squads like they were after the Enabling Act in Nazi Germany. The truth of course is that this is nonsense, because political ideologies and goals are too variant across countries for transnationalism to ever work. Obama hates the use of force because it is by definition antithetical to transnationalism. So Obama must employ "selective inattention" to things like the ISIS crisis, because it interferes with his belief that heads of state sipping sipping wine and passing shrimp in a massive gilt filigree conference room can "negotiate" an end to the slaughter; he knows this can never happen because ISIS does not act as a proxy for any flagged country. Hence, in Obama's mental world of self-generated "truths," the ISIS crisis doesn't really exist as terrorism, but is only "bullying" or "harassment" at worst (remember the "workplace violence" at Ft. Hood?). ISIS could raise their flag on the top of the White House and Obama would just consider it to be free remodeling. While of course I am happy that Obama has ordered limited strikes against ISIS in Iraq, and has delivered some vitally needed humanitarian aid (food and water) to desperate Kurds, this simply doesn't go far enough. We need to arm the Kurds with heavy artillery, and use American fighter planes to provide them air cover. We don't need US boots on the ground, as the Kurds are ready, willing, and able to wipe out ISIS IF they have sufficient heavy arms and ammunition. We can save the wine and shrimp for a victory celebration.

    • Lee Sackett profile image

      Lee Sackett 

      3 years ago

      So America thinks that Obama's "Midas Touch" is keeping us safe here in America? NO, it is not. Four years ago, the "left leaning" Pew Research Center did a four-year exhausted poll on Muslims throughout the world. In that study, it declared that 6% of American Muslims (15% between age 18-29) would support SUICIDE as a means of loyalty to Islam!

      With an estimated 7 Million Muslims living in the Untied States, that simply means ISIS has some 420,000 willing Jihadist they can call upon to strap C-4 to their bodies, run into a American elementary school and shout "ALLAH AWKBAR" before they pull the string.

      Great write up, Frog Prince!


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