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The Olympics, Passing the Torch, Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Updated on July 26, 2012

Let the Real Games Begin

If you are a normal human being, and I assume that most of you are, the following presentation should turn your stomach and make your blood boil with a level of indignation not thought possible.

In short, under the guise of free trade, environmentalism, and other global issues, many fair minded people believe that a combine of transnational corporations and special interest groups continue to advance, imposing varying forms of monopoly with an ultimate aim toward creating a totalitarian police-state control over world economies through the barrel of a globalist gun.

If true, so called American heroes and patriots to the likes of the Rockefeller and Bush family dynasties are anything but.

Through the archives of recorded history, many have gone to great lengths to document their words and actions to prove their efforts and agenda as conclusively treasonous to the sovereignty of the United States.

From the perspective of many, to this day, these and other like-minded globalist factions clearly appear to maintain an absolute “above-the-law” control of world affairs.

Their bottom line distinctly infers that for all intent and purpose, the ideals, narratives, and concepts upon which America aligns itself within the hearts and minds of its people no longer exists.

The story goes that big money bought and paid for America a long time ago, and control of the country remains firmly in the hands of those owners, who possess no trace of constitutional pride and patriotism in their long-term vision. The message is clear; their endgame plan is not a user-friendly one.

If true, it is time Americans recognize this for what it is, the damage it has done, and take every vigilant measure necessary to remove and hold to account all of these treasonous elements poisoning our politics, society, and future, and to restore America to the sovereign nation upon which its former and future greatness shall forever rest. For freedom lovers the world over, let the real games begin.

If but a drop of this is true, for the sake of humanity across the globe, and for the last time, let each of us make our best individual effort to join with every freedom-loving person on the planet in combining to put an end to such a perpetually destructive, evil, and inhumane endgame.

  • Mission #1, lobby your nation to disband from and dissolve the United Nations as a global fiat power.
  • Mission #2, lobby your nation to cancel all foreign debts, and to renegotiate all existing/pending international trade agreements.

The United Nations: the Epicenter

No matter what you may think of Alex Jones, he is on a mission, determined, principled, and has amassed decades of empirical documentation to support his assertions in a noble and near single-handed attempt to awaken the masses to ongoing and in his view, irrefutable crimes against humanity.

Jones’s 2-hour damning exposé on global elitists is brilliant. It lays out for the common person precisely why the world is the way it is today, how it got that way, and where it is headed if we do not do anything to stop it. It will turn your stomach and leave you scathing mad in reaction to the highest levels of betrayal and treason committed in plain sight by our most trusted leaders and institutions.

A revolution would surely be at hand if but one 1/10th of what is presented was perceived as true by the majority of the American public.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming success in dumbing-down the masses and placating the rest with substantial monetary favors appears thus far to have imparted the intended effect of mass denial, division, and a general state of mass-national paralysis.

As an aside, the film will also help viewers to connect the dots as to possible reasons why the states of Texas and Washington D. C have two of the strongest economies within the whole of a growingly impoverished United States.

Furthermore, the film will identify a broad array of specific persons and indict them with their own words and actions along with the constitutionally illegal groups to which many U.S. officials openly associate.

Okay, so get out the barf bags, sit back, and prepare to be educated and then to become permanently pissed off and enlightened, all in just two short illuminating hours.



The upper echelons of socialist state planners and self-anointed elites spawned from various bloodlines of inbred psychopaths who believe that they are of a caste harboring superior genetics far beyond those of their virtually enslaved subjects.

If any of this is true, fortunately, it appears as though some cracks are appearing in the plans of these inbred power-starved dictators.

The blatant failure of their critically essential (albeit fraudulent) banking system in 2008 in concert with the slow-motion collapse of the European Union (the first of three planned global unifying blocks) cannot possibly be welcome events to further their cause.

When one identifies and corners a rat, which we think Jones is attempting to do; such vile creatures will resort to every desperate measure to salvage their corrupt monopoly of dominance.

If that was not enough to get his point across, we leave you with another of Jones’s works as a parting bonus feature encore:

The Obama Deception

The title is somewhat deceptive because this film, like all Jones documentaries, conveys Jones universal unbiased disdain for democrats and republicans in equal proportion. This is not so much an attack on Obama but rather a clear an impartial assault upon both parties of the stolen sovereign otherwise still known as the United States of America.

With high-level secrecy and deceptions broadly unveiled, dangers may likely escalate with increasing alarm and as such, if Jones turns out more right than wrong, we must remain ever more vigilant in squashing these corrupt rats until rendered powerless and sterile for all eternity.

Sometimes it seems that “the more we learn, the more we really don’t know.”


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