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The Pakistani Dilemma: Fighting the ISI

Updated on March 27, 2009

 Pakistan's own inter-services intelligence (the ISI) has been playing both sides of the terrorist war. Recent leaks and discoveries indicate that the ISI has been providing the Taliban groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan with pieces of into regarding American and Pakistani military plans or operations.

In January 1993, the United States placed Pakistan on the watch list of such countries which were suspected of sponsering terrorism mainly because the head of the ISI  Lt. Gen. Nasir, had become a stumbling block in American efforts to buy back hundreds of shoulder-fired SAM Stinger missiles in an effort to prevent the terrorists in acquiring them. In 1994, The Taliban regime that the ISI supported after 1994 to suppress warlord fighting and in hopes of bringing stability to Afghanistan. In 1996,  after the Taliban came in power, in cooperation with ISI the Taliban executed the democratic elected president of Afghanistan Dr.Najibullah. The British Government has stated there is a 'clear link' between Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence and three major terrorist outfits, and ISI's paranoia of India continues as they provide aid to groups that continue to attack Indian border patrols etc.

The Taliban's resurgence in Afghanistan has been linked to the ISI that provides military aid to them as Taliban commanders gear up to confront the international force in Afghanistan that will soon include some 17,000 American reinforcements. Inside the shadowy S Wing of Pakistan’s spy service, proof as provided that its members meet with Taliban officials to exchange info. American officials said proof of the ties between the Taliban and Pakistani spies came from electronic surveillance and trusted informants. Pakistan's president seems to have little ability to break ties or to "clean house" when it comes to the ISI. According to some Pakistani's, the ISI is working with the Taliban in Afghanistan to cultivate them for the day when all US forces are gone there and to prevent a power vacuum that India may exploit.

India? The ISI's paranoia seems to distort any reality. Before the US troops arrived there, India was not interested in that power struggle, only the Pakistani Taliban (they are responsible for them) were. The ISI created the Taliban laregly because of its theory that India was interested in surrounding Pakistan. How ludicrous! India is no threat to Pakistan, this is much more true today than in the 60s-70s.

Washington has threatened to put conditions on more than $1 billion in annual military aid to Pakistan, such as, reel in the S Wing that provides direct support to three major groups carrying out attacks in Afghanistan! Evidence showed that ISI operatives helped plan the bombing of the Indian Embassy in Kabul, an attack that killed 54 people. American officials said that when fighters needed fuel or ammunition to sustain their attacks against American troops, they would often turn to the ISI for their supplies! The Pakistan-based militant terrorist group, Lashkar, is suspected for the deadly attacks in Mumbai, India, and the S-Wing  of the ISI provided protection for it.

This is totally crazy, yet American officials cannot do much about it.


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