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The Parallels Between President Morsi And President Obama's Administration...

Updated on July 26, 2013

The Parallels Between President Morsi And President Obama's Administration…

My beloved mother’s best friend had a refrain: only who feels it, knows it… and so it is the tendency for those with political ambitions and who are out of political office, to criticize those in office until they are sitting in the hot seat of governance… and personally realizing the dead weight of governing. This is what the Egyptian President Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood, suffered in the overthrow of its fledgling government that was barely a year old. In many ways, the Egyptian Morsi government is like that of President Obama’s Administration… who, when they were vying for power in their respective countries, engaged in mostly empty rhetoric - but when they took their respective seats of power, were basically paralyzed with the sheer weight of their respective offices. It is one thing to say what is wrong with your opponent, but what would you do... and so President Morsi could not solve the problems of the misery index of unemployment, especially among the educational young of Egypt… and normally in a political theatre, where religious fervor would suffice, it was not a consequence to many of the Egyptians marching in Tahrir Square to combat chronic unemployment and hunger pangs.

In America, President Obama has often looked like a deer in the proverbial headlights when confronted with issues of governance. This is a President who has not proposed any legislation of worth and his ‘Obamacare’ was delegated initially to Speaker Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid. In the important area of Geo-politics, President Obama is woeful – just look at the Iranian Green Revolution that took place early in his first watch as President - no one is saying that we should have intervened militarily - but President Obama’s moral support was conspicuously lacking. Witnessed too how President Obama is being treated by President Vladimir Putin in the ongoing Snowden affair and our President woeful relationship with our staunch ally, Israel. Even in President Obama’s successes, they have to do with President Bush, the younger. We have heard and seen how the then Senator Obama pilloried President Bush - of course, then too, Senator Obama would not deign to refer to his predecessor as President Bush, but George Bush - for the way he was fighting the War-on-Terror, yet using virtually every aspect of the Bush/Cheney tactics, including our Drone program and keeping the prison doors of Guantanamo Bay open. But again, I understand, because who feels it, knows it and President Obama realized that it is rather easy to critique when one is out of office, but it is something quite different when the job is yours and your having to answer to a fickle Electorate.

Now when we see President Obama having such a Whale of a difficult time governing… it allows us to understand and extrapolate... seeing the evidence of how difficult it was for President Morsi in Egypt, especially in a country that does not have the resources America have. President Morsi compounded his rule too by codifying many of the conservative tenets of Sharia Law into the Egyptian Constitution, which his Muslim Brotherhood followers supported, but not many of the other constituents. Lest we forget how President Morsi stood by and let the Coptic Christians be slaughtered by Jihadists and as a matter of fact, President Obama was sonic boom silent in my Coptic Christian brothers and sisters killings too. More poignant on this Fourth of July day... for us to realize that unlike President Morsi’s overthrow, we must be thankful that we do not have a military that is independent of the President, notwithstanding our Constitutional Check and Balances, which can effect political change… but that no matter the difficulties we may suffer under any administration, we withstand the consequences.

Incidentally, I hope that this blog is published because the last time I wrote a blog criticizing President Obama for giving President Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood government free F-16s and Abrams Tanks… the blog was flagged for not being up to the Hub-Pages vaunted standards… furthermore, I hope that the prose used in the blog met the Hub-Page's criteria. For my final salvo in the parallels between President Morsi and the President Obama administration, I will do so by taking poetic license with Shakespeare’s Macbeth… when I say that many who seek political office and gained said office soon come to realize that their campaigning rhetoric was akin to the Bard’s dialogue: “… Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing….”


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 4 years ago from New York

      First, I apologize for the atrocious grammar mistakes in the initial blog - but I have made the necessary corections. Now, as to your point (s), I am aware who makes the law and execute them, but I know from your response that you are sophisticated and knew what I meant... now, how is it that previous administrations found ways to work with the opposition - but President Obama cannot? And as you said." what the American people of America hired them to do...' aren't Republicans legislators hired to represent their constituents too?

    • My Esoteric profile image

      My Esoteric 4 years ago from Keystone Heights, FL

      Given your credentials, Verily, I was hoping this as a tongue-in-cheek piece, but, to my great disappointment, found that it was not.

      You lost me with your opening salvo of "but when they took their respective seats of power, were basically paralyzed with the sheer weight of their respective offices.?"

      In no way do I see Morsi being "paralzyed" anything; he acted as any good dictator, a la Hitleresque's rise to "democratic" power, by stamping out the opposition. Oh, how I wish Obama could have done the same thing to the Conservative Republicans; but fortunately, this is America, and not Egypt, where we abide by the rule of law, something which Obama was happy to do, even though, except for year one and two, the Conservatives did everything in their power to stop Obama in his tracks.

      The fact that Obama got as much accomplished, without the strong-arm tactics of Morsi/Hitler, as he did is proof positive of the falsity of your "deer in the headlights" metaphor.

      With your law degree, you should be quite aware of who makes law in this country. Unlike other countries, it is the Congress who has that pleasure, e.g. Pelosi and Reid. Would you rather Obama go the unconstitutional (Morsi) route and create and sign his own law as you suggest? For me, I would rather he suggest, via the appropriate legislative and executive power mechanisms, what he wanted with the broad outlines of what it should contain and then let Congress do what the People of America hired them to do. Doesn't that make more sense to you? For me, I like the American way much better.