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The Perennial Geo-Political Thorn That Is North Korea (The Hermit Kingdom)....

Updated on June 22, 2017

The Perennial Geo-Political Thorn That Is North Korea (The Hermit Kingdom)....

When the younger Bush was President, there was much discussion and worries about the Neo-Cons who were supposedly influencing his administration, especially in the area of foreign policy. Most of the debates on the supposed undue influence that the Neo-Cons had on the younger Bush Presidency centered around the discussion of Preemptive war… with most of the pundits giving a jaundice take on that policy. However, the perennial Geo-political thorn that is North Korea warrants such a Preemptive war policy. I will come to the cogent reasons momentarily for why the United States should engage in Preemption in dealing with the Hermit Kingdom, which isa term defined as a country that walls itself off metaphorically or physically from the outside world.

The traditional Carrot & Stick approach that is a seasoned enticement/deterrence that is part and parcel of foreign policy, and used by foreign policy wonks has not had any effect on curtailing the young leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, from trying to attain Nuclear weapons -- weapons that he has threatened that he will use in pending conflicts with the United States. With Kim Un Jong being deft to the wooing of the West, there are not many choices left to deal with a Deity-like dictator, at least to his people, that is hell-bent in attaining a Nuclear arsenal.

It was a brilliant move on the part of President Trump to try to get the Chinese, the latter who provide most of the succor to North Korea, to try to influence Kim Jong Un from the path he is on. So far the Chinese - like the West - have had no influence on thwarting Kim’s march to a Nuclear arsenal that soon will be able to destroy cities in America, especially on our West Coast. The North Korean situation is such that it is quickly coming to a head, whereby Kim Jong Un is getting closer to be able to blackmail the West or give or sell these Nuclear weapons to other rogue nations or terrorist groups. Notwithstanding the negative arguments, discussed above, against Preemptive war, the Trump administration must seriously consider engaging in some sort of Preemptive strike on Kim Jong Un before he can gain weapons of mass destruction, which, the former has often threatened to use against America and its allies (South Korea and Japan).

One does not have to delve into the copious White Papers authored on Preemption to get a gander of the often maligned subject matter -- simply use one’s life as an example on how Preemption is a valid, effective way to deal with a pending Nuclear-armed North Korea and a dictatorial leader willing to use them like conventional weapons. One use Preemption in his or her everyday life: he or she excises to fend off diseases like hypertension, diabetes, or obesity; one use Preemption by eating vegetables to help fend off many a disease; one turn on the lights at one’s home, so as to fend off would-be burglars -- with all those examples, do I really need to discuss the need for Preemption in attacking North Korea to prevent Oregon or California from being nuked in the near future?

Taking Preemptive actions against North Korea is not an easy undertaking… there are millions of South Koreans and Japanese in the cross-hairs of the seemingly mad dictator, Kim Jong Un. In addition, the elephant in the foreign policy room is whether Kim Jong Un is psychotic; for if indeed he is, then all bets are off. Lest we forget that Kim Jong Un is a leader who have openly murdered his relatives - note his brother being murdered at an airport in Thailand - who had slight him and if he can treat ‘blood’ so viciously… how are we who are non-relatives are going to fare with the ‘boy dictator’ armed with Nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs).

As I write, it is being reported that President Trump has extended an ‘olive branch’ to Kim Jong Un for possibly peace talks in the near future… but no official response so far from North Korea or its leader. At this juncture, we might as well employ the diplomatic services of Dennis Rodman, who is a friend of the Kim Jong Un, and possibly the only conspicuous contact he has made in a Western Country, notwithstanding the fact that Kim Jong Un’s country has the Hermit Kingdom Monika. There are those who might think that utilizing Preemption to stop a Nuclear-armed North Korea is just another way of employing Jingoism -- if this is so, then Jingoism it is!

I may not be qualified to be a diplomat to resolve the North Korean issue, but I can be an ambassador for good music… to that end, drill down below and enjoy Van Morrison’s, The Mystery.


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 11 months ago from New York

      Well said... I hope that there enough to entice China to come to the table and influence,

    • profile image

      Setank Setunk 11 months ago

      Kim lives in an elaborately constructed bubble. He thinks himself a god of sorts and truly believes his people love him and that their sole purpose is to serve him. His bubble also supports the illusion that he has a modern and powerful military: He does not.

      We should not worry about N. Korean threats, if we pop Kim's little bubble it will burst like a pigs bladder. What worries me is settling the two-Koreas dilemma after his regime crumbles.

      What ever we do it must be with implicit support from China.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 11 months ago from New York

      Let us supposed that we have invaded countries - have we nuked them like what Kim is threatening to do?

    • AshutoshJoshi06 profile image

      Ashutosh Joshi 11 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Probably the most discussed question around the globe, how to handle Kim?

      Just a thought, how about letting him be and keep a close watch. Relax the sanctions and then put terms on the table and renegotiate. Knowing he's a mad man, further attempts to isolate him and warning him sending nuclear fleet into the peninsula can never be considered the right approach. I mean yes, as per agressive US foreign policy it might be but not otherwise. Besides him warning of retaliation isn't completely wrong either and unlike the US how many nations has he actually invaded?

      President Trump indirectly expressing the need to talk is certainly a positive step, hope that helps desclate tensions as its not good for the region especially when odds are in favour of a nuclear conflict.