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The Planned Parenthood Scandle

Updated on October 1, 2015

The Planned Parenthood scandal as I like to call it is an issue that has seen wide exposure in some areas including responses from political leaders and those running for office. The Senate in their attempt to block funding for this organization was stopped mainly by Democrats and some Republicans. From reports it appears obvious that laws have been broken not to mention the disregard for human life. Planned Parenthood has skirted this issue by saying they have not broken any laws but in hearing the recorded conversations with an undercover reporter it is obvious the principles which they purport to have are violated.

The response from the administration has been as expected. It is true that the evidence is undeniable but the lack of action by the administration and by Congress is unacceptable. A recent report has indicated the Senate will not take up a vote on the Planned Parenthood scandal.

Congress again is shirking its duty to the country by sidestepping this important issue. It is not about whether you like or dislike this organization it is about the laws that are in place. Some have said stopping the funding for this organization will impact the resources that this organization provides in other areas but this is not the only organization which provides support to women.

As part of the latest continuing resolution Planned Parenthood has been funded for the next ten weeks but this organization should have their funding discontinued in any final budget for the next fiscal year. Some say that denying funding to this organization will hurt the opportunities for providing health for women leaving out the fact that this is not the only organization that provides such resources. It has also been stated that the funds available and the resources of this organization the need for federal funding does not exist. This is one area and there are many others where federal funding is not necessary and should be discontinued.

As mentioned earlier in this article the blatant violations of law which has been widely distributed should be cause enough to not only eliminate federal funding but those involved should be prosecuted. This involves not only the individuals performing such activity but those who are purchasing the body parts. Some say that there is no evidence when in fact the recorded actions clearly indicate otherwise.

Laws being violated by this organization need a strong response but no such action has even seen the light of day. Politicians appear to be wary of condemning this organization and the practices it has taken with regards to disrespect for human life. I am not happy about the fact that this organization has been given funding for the next ten weeks but I and I feel many others will also be unhappy if in the final budget resolution their funding continues. Laws on the books need to be enforced but like other situations only certain laws are being enforced. When private companies or organizations in the past have either violated laws or have impacted the safety of citizens the government has stepped in to take action. It is unknown at this point why this situation is different. The fact is there is only one possible reason and that reason is political. Politics must be taken out of the decisions by those elected to represent us and they need to make decisions regardless of their political impact to retaining their position. Some individuals are doing this but others are not. We need to send a strong message with the upcoming election to those who put political party ahead of making the right decisions for America.


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