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The Positive Sides of Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated on May 15, 2020

In the Arabic proverbs, there is one said: "a bad event may have many good things", and in the Quran there is a verse saying: "it may be that you dislike something while it is good for you", This is the same for the novel coronavirus pandemic, may be you think it’s some kind of an exaggeration, it will not be the same idea when you check what’s next.

1- The Lockdown Reduced Air Pollution

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in last January 2020 and what followed that from stopping flights and mass transportation, to closing factories and major industrial facilities, the planet celebrated one of his lowest CO2 emissions in decades.

Satellites pictures showed a staggering drop in emissions above China territories, as shown in this video:

It seems that the lockdown of few months achieved what many gas emission reduction agreements failed to do over decades.

2- Due To Coronavirus we Recorded Less Accidents

Cars, jobs, and other daily accidents had become less since applying of lockdown procedures in many countries. Many car insurance agencies in US decide to refund millions of dollars to customers due to a dramatic drop in accident claims.

Allstate, one of the biggest car insurer in the US said it would give back 600 million dollars to customers. Another insurer, American Family Mutual, also decides to refund the customers with cheques totalling $200m.

3- Empty Streets Means Less Crimes

Assaults, homicides, drug trafficking, cars and house thefts, it's hard to record any of these crimes when the streets are empty and everybody at home.

In South Africa, where there is one of the highest homicide rates in the world (ranked the fifth in 2015), police saidthat number of murders has dropped from 326 last year to 94 during the lockdown this year. Also, in St Louis, Missouri Last year, there were 194 murders in the city; so far this year during the coronavirus pandemic, there have been 45.

Crime has also dropped dramatically, in Atlanta, where police usually have processed 100 to 150 crime reports during a month, This year during the first month of coronavirus pandemic they have processed only 47.

The most surprising and also ironic is that in El Salvador, gang members are practising social distancing and forcing others to do the same.

It's a moment of peace for police stations, a day off, a break, call it whatever you want, because in the end, the coronavirus pandemic achieved what thousands of cops and deterrent laws failed to do.

Empty streets during lockdown
Empty streets during lockdown | Source

4- Staying Home Means Spending Less Money

Do you agree with that or not? you can give us your experiment by using the poll below, but first, you should notice this table done by me, which clarifying the supplementary expenses VS less expenses due to staying at home during the lockdown.

less expenses
supplementary expenses
- Less use of cars and public transport.
- More food consumption.
- No eating at restaurants.
- More electricity consumption.
- No concerts, football matches or any entertainment activities outside the house.
- No shopping, except to food groceries.

These are some examples, you can find more by scrutinising in your daily activities. If you did not calculate your expenses before and during the lockdown, I encourage you to do so, you will be impressed by the results. You can also check this report from CBC for more consumers experiments during the coronavirus period.

5- How Coronavirus Lockdown Period Fostered Our Family Relationships

You may not be able to call your parents every day, doing home works with your kids, playing with your baby every evening, take care of your garden when it’s necessary, or even spending intimate times with your wife each night, without facing a problem to maintain that with your daily job duties.

In the coronavirus days, all of that had been so easy, you could even save more time to do other activities, and you don't need to schedule them. It seems that time, which has been a valuable thing in the ordinary days is no more so during the lockdown.


In the end after all of that, should we say thank you to coronavirus pandemic? absolutely not, do you know why? because it took a valuable thing in our life: the freedom.

Did you spend less money during the coronavirus lockdown?

See results

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