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Congressman Weiner: Who Wants a Scandal? Not Me.

Updated on March 2, 2018

Congressman Weiner Steps Down

I know that many people don't like to think hard, let alone listen to other people tell them what to do. But, where does the line get drawn? The earth was created by God and there are an infinite amount of accounts, documentation=proof of this. However, we live in a world where "Free Will" is offered. Since the beginning of time this has been a lure that many fall trap to. Either by life experiences they decide to turn away from God and Godly values OR they have not been instilled in their life.

Question, Did you watch the "BREAKING NEWS" at 11:00 a.m. P.S.T. on CBS2? Let me tell you: Evil is as evil does and just as sure as what goes around comes around, God don't like ugly and one can say what they want however, there are situations that can get changed even though ones mind is in the wrong place. Hence, Congressman Weiner stating 2 weeks ago that he would not resign, after stating a week prior that he had not been "Sexting" through his Twitter account. Then, you remember, he fully took claim of sending explicit photos through his twitter account and through his phone to (Many) other women. The breaking news was his Resignation! During the convoluted speech, he made statements to include: Appreciating the values that his parents taught him, Really??? I wonder, did his parents teach him that it is okay and more than that, to be Unfaithful (Yes, even in the form of Sexting, as he did).

As I was exiting my American Government class last night, I became active in speaking about the government, our community and the people therein. The discussion included bringing out the fact that most of the class is noninterested in politics, keeping up with political issues, concerns and who is or was in a political office position. Sad, but true. It feels like my First year of college all over again, weird, I remember students feeling similar then. They, like so many others, don't have ANY hope in our government. Nor, do they have hope for any change that is in the best interest of Mankind, versus a certain class of people, a certain culture, a certain section of the country or a certain religion. You know it has been a direct result of people not taking a stance against Key issues when the core being of our society is being attacked, yes, attacked. This has been happening for more than 20 years people! Our forefathers had no idea, of course, of what the future held. But they had plenty of Hope! I've heard others around me a few times say: The forefathers are probable rolling their heads around in their graves! One thing is for sure, the United States of America was established upon Christianity. Check documents of the First English settlers. Interesting stuff! And American Law was established on the Law of Moses in the Bible.

Let me take this very moment to shoot off a list of Political names who have taken our community, state(s), their family(ies) and our country through scandal-land:

  1. Rep. Anthony Weiner (State of NY)
  2. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (State of CA)
  3. Rep. Mike Duvall (Brea, CA)

*All three above are probably not Followers of Christ, as they came into politics (and before if that) were practicing things of the world, in a carnal mind. I base this upon what they have practiced in their life with daily routines.

Let's go back to the Congressman Weiner story: The problem with holding on to what one thinks or believes is true is that, the importance lies outside to these two options. Let me state a great fact: Truth has existed SINCE the beginning of time. Even though we are living in the 2011 Year, that does not waver this Outstanding Fact. If truth did not exist, regardless of whatever the case, many instances and circumstances in life would not have been resolved or there would not be any justice. Truth will do it's duty, regardless of what is going on around us. In the case of Anthony Weiner, his mouth stating that what he was saying or conveying was true, was certain to catch up to him, FAST! Case in point: Being in certain "Jobs' or "Career Positions" pushes a person out into the "Open" to be uncovered.

I'm sure there are many supporters of Congressman Weiner but, it's not enough to keep him in a Key Political position with an Eye-Opening Scandal, that Hides the Key Issues of the United States of America.

For sure, just as we each can wake up each day with breath in our lungs and the ability to get up and move about with our routines. One must follow the path that leads their soul to the place that they desire, wholeheartedly. Just because one is in a Political position doesn't give you a: Scandal Pass (of Infidelity, Drugs, Fraud, etc.), nor does it do one any good to run a muck with choices as a part of a life journey.

Press Conference: Rep. Anthony Weiner Resigns


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