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The Racial Issues In The Zimmerman's Verdict...

Updated on July 27, 2013

The Racial Issues In The Zimmerman's Verdict…

I made the mistake earlier in this forum by legally handicapping the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case before the facts were in… and I had to write a follow-up blog to amend my mistake, especially in light of the fact that I should have known better because I am an attorney by training - but with the verdict in, I can now legitimately opine on the issues. I will forego the legal issues in the Zimmerman trial and simply concentrate on the racial issues that are still part and parcel of our lives in America and why the racial animus between the races seems to be here with us until the end of the age. It is good to see many Whites among Blacks engaging in their rights to protest the verdict, but I did not see Blacks joining Whites protesting on the street in droves after that stunning O.J. Simpson’s verdict. I dare say that the late Johnny Cochran could walk in most neighborhoods without being molested or worse for his brilliant legal defense of the football great, but does anyone think that the lawyers who defended Zimmerman can do the same in any Black enclave? Where were the Civil Rights leaders and what did they have to say - many of whom claim and proudly where the cloak of Christianity - during the O.J. Simpson verdict?

I recalled that I was taking a law school prep course at Seton Hall in New Jersey when the O. J. Simpson verdict came down and it is also when I saw and heard many of my fellow White students crying when they heard the Simpson verdict… it was then too I recognized the great chasm between the races on the racial issue because even though I thought that OJ murdered his wife… I also understood too that the evidence presented could have been planted. You may ask that how could I have come to such a ridiculous juncture… simply because it has happened before. Around 1982-84, a pregnant White married woman, almost ready to give birth, was brutally murdered in Boston and thrown into a river… days later a Blackman was arrested with his signed confession - but the victim’s brother-in-law had a move of his conscience and turned his brother in. That Black man who signed that confession could have spent the rest of his life in jail or if the state of Massachusetts had the death penalty, he could have lost his life. I went through this history because it underscores how different the races are in looking at issues since we still seem to do so through the jaundiced prism of race.

This is where I get into trouble and the reason why I do not have much friends because I look at the issues through the prism of my Traditional Christianity with no room for ‘relativity’ in the truth… so applying that Christian prism, what came to the fore, be it expressly or tacitly, in the Zimmerman case is the stereotypes we hold about the races. Many Whites see and believe in the criminal stereotypes about Blacks and truthfully, the stats in most instances support what many Whites believe - just look at the current crime stats in Newark, New Jersey and Chicago - but that do not give the police license, as currently being posited by New York’s Mayor Bloomberg, to pull me over… for indeed, the stats will show that most Whites, more so than Blacks, molest their children… how would a White man feel if he were pulled over by the police and the latter asking his daughter if she is being molested? I know many Whites who are reading this are outraged - but that is how many Blacks feel who are ‘profiled’ and have never taken drugs or who are law abiding, yet are subjected to being pulled over because they happened to be driving a relatively expensive car.

I do not know what happened that fateful night between the young Mr. Martin and Mr. Zimmerman - but the aftermath was tragic. I only hope that the usual race hustlers do not hi-jack the Trayvon Martin tragedy, especially when the victim’s parents have pleaded not to do so, and make it into a cause célèbre for their racial, profitable, cottage industry… deliberately fanning the racial flames and widening the chasm between the races. I also wonder how do most Latins feel about the issue, notwithstanding that many of us, including the media, have portrayed Mr. Zimmerman as a White man… so as to justify our hatred. I will say that, more than likely, according to the stats, if the situation that happened that fateful night between Martin/Zimmerman were reversed, I venture to say that Mr. Martin would have been doing jail time.

In the coming months, we are going to hear of tragedies happening to our White brothers and sisters, and notwithstanding the visible fact that many Whites are now out marching and protesting the Zimmerman verdict, there are those Blacks who are going to rejoice secretly and some even overtly for the tragedies that befell the White victims… and those Blacks will say that it is Karma or pay back, which is going to give ample credence that the racial tit-for-tat will go on in perpetuity.


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 4 years ago from New York

      Yes, as A Traditional Christian... I cannot succumb to hatred... now racial pride is trumping the Word of God because as much as I may like Papa Bradshaw ( I figure that you would know my reference) or Malcolm X, or Martin Luther King, or Al sharpton, or even myself, if any of our action or counsel contradicts the Word of Christ... I must be against it.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Like you observed, racism lives on. We need to make up our minds whether or not we will practice love and fairness based on just love and fairness.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 4 years ago from New York

      I have nothing to add - but only to reiterate that race is still the massive elephant in the room....

    • CR Rookwood profile image

      Pamela Hutson 4 years ago from Moonlight Maine

      Interesting hub. I am so tired of people saying "this isn't about race" because, duh, of course it is. If the women on the jury could have seen Trayvon as a teenager instead of a 'black teenager' I think Zimmerman would have at least gotten manslaughter. They could not empathize, hence the acquittal.

      More to the point, even if the letter of the law was followed, the result was not justice because the law is bad and is applied differently by race. Justice isn't a zero sum game. White people need to understand that if blacks get more, it doesn't mean whites get less. Everyone deserves justice and Trayvon and his family have not seen any.