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The Return of Cameron?

Updated on November 15, 2018

David Cameron wants to return to front line politics (Owen Jones, Guardian 2nd November 2018). Yesterday’s man wants to become tomorrow’s man. Owen Jones says he was the worst Prime Minister since Lord Norths 18th century loss of the American colonies but his resignation makes it unlikely he will be blamed for the loss of England’s Scottish colony because Theresa May (a better candidate for worst Prime Minister ever) is in office and in the frame for the break up of the United Kingdom.


Cameron’s reason for coming back illuminates The English Establishment’s attitude to politics. He is not coming back because he fears the worst for his country and wants to try and save it He is notcoming back because he thinks he can do better than the current bunch of expensively educated fools. He is not coming back to try and prevent a Labour government?

Cameron is coming back because he is BORED and fancies being Foreign Secretary. To Cameron and his like politics is not public service, it’s a hobby to be taken up, dropped and resumed as the fancy strikes. He feels ENTITLED to be able to play with the United Kingdom like a child with a favourite toy, knowing he will not suffer if his toy breaks. He feels ENTITLED to become Foreign Secretary just because he is bored.

This feeling of entitlement is not peculiar to the Tories: Labour hate the SNP because they feel entitled to govern Scotland, entitled to a majority in Holyrood and entitled to ignore the principles the founder of the party laid down.

Labour have forgotten that they only gained a majority in Scotland because the Tories, under the late and unlamented(save by bankers) Margaret Thatcher, a mediocre scientist turned mediocre ( at best) politician, felt entitled to govern Scotland ignoring the people of Scotland. Thatcher used Scotland as a poll tax laboratory rat, destroyed Scotland’s industry and by doing so drove an entire nation to drink, establishing Scotland’s love affair with alcohol, an affair only now beginning to go off the boil.


The English Establishment sense of entitlement explains the casual contempt they display towards Scotland, ignoring the 62% of the Scottish electorate that voted to remain in the EU, shouting down the SNP in the Commons and giving Northern Ireland a better deal than Scotland. It also explains the disdainful way Cameron used the result of the 2014 referendum to hobble the powers of Scottish Westminster MPs and Westminster’s current power grab, under May.

One can only hope that this sense of entitlement will mean the red white and blue tories finally lose Scotland.

Tommy Atkins

The Westminster state is making provision for the possibility of civil unrest in the event Brexit turns the UK belly up and the prospect of blue passports is not enough to pacify the ravenously hungry underclass they have created. The peace dividend emerging after the Soviet Union closed down is long gone having been spent on tax cuts for the rich and bailing out bankers bonuses in 2008. There are not enough troops, even with modern weaponry, to curb widespread unrest, even assuming they can deploy troops in such a way that none are ordered to bayonet their wives, children and parents.

Westminster is using the same solution to this they have used for decades, if not centuries: they are outsourcing the army by letting foreign nationals join the army even if they have never lived in the UK (Guardian 5th November 2018). And afterwards they will treat them the same way they treated the Gurkhas and in the non military sphere, the Windrush generation, imported to benefit London Transport, and the Irish navvies imported to build Britain’s canal system then treated as violent unreliable scum. In the last two world wars and earlier the Establishment preferentially sacrificed Scots soldiers (“no great misfortune if they fall”) for the benefit of the English Establishment.

The homeless soldiers in Britain’s streets and Margaret Thatcher’s efforts to prevent disabled soldiers marching in her Falklands Victory Triumph and Kipling’s poem on Tommy Atkins show that using and throwing away lower class soldiers doesn’t just apply to those with brown and black skins who come from far away lands that have no value as tax havens. Any foreign nationals gullible enough to join will, if they survive, be abandoned once they have served their purpose. As were the Scottish soldiers and Scottish Industry.

When Scotland gets Independence is unclear. A cancelled Brexit will delay it, though an effort by English Brexiteers to blame the cancellation on the Scots will, with luck, result in England dissolving the Union. If the European Court of Justice rules Scotland can unilaterally cancel Brexit and the Scottish government does so the dissolution of the Union by Westminster in response to public pressure in England becomes even more likely.

And that is an outcome, one which avoids referendum risk, to be hoped for.


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