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The Revolving Door Between Monsanto, the FDA, and the EPA: Your Safety in Peril

Updated on May 9, 2012

Unethhical Practice? Absolutely!

One wouldn't expect a big corporate CEO to trade on Wall Street with inside information. Why, then, is America turning a blind eye to appointees holding office in the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency whose resume pose serious compromises with their promise to uphold honest and ethical standards to ensure the safety of all Americans?

For the past two decades Monsanto has been plotting it's world domination and it's been easy so far, thanks to our government. Monsanto, a multinational agricultural biotech corporation, started as a small business in 1901 in St. Louis, Missouri, but it has transformed into a monopolizing mega monster. It's been an easy takeover because ever since the first Bush Administration, our presidents have been appointing ex-Monsanto lawyers, consultants, directors, chairmen, and CEOs to highly important positions in the FDA and EPA. So, what's the problem, you ask?

The problem is that these agencies that are supposed to have the American people's best interest and safety in mind, are essentially working for a big corporation, not us. They don't have our best interest in mind, they have Monsanto's in mind. They don't care about our safety, they care about Monsanto's financial reports. Are you disgusted yet? Perhaps you underestimate the extent of this abuse.

Former Monsanto Appointees to the FDA, USDA, and EPA

Monsanto Position
Federal Position
Senior Vice President for Clinical Affairs at G.D. Searle and Co. (merged with Monsanto)
Michael A. Friedman
Acting Commissioner of the FDA
Consultant to Searle's Public Relation Firm (merged with Monsanto)
Arthur Hull Hayes
Previously FDA Commissioner
Top Monsanto Scientist, oversaw approval of rBGH
Margaret Miller
Appointed Deputy Director of FDA, 1991
Worked on Monsanto-funded rBGH in connection with Cornell University
Suzanne Sechen
FDA Reviewer on Scientific Data
Attorney for Monsanto for 7 years, previous Head of Monsanto Washington D.C. Office
Michael Taylor
Former FDA Deputy Commision for Policy. In 2010 appointed Senior Advisor to FDA Commissioner
Former Monsanto Lawyer
Clarence Thomas
Appointed to U.S. Supreme Court in 1991
Served on Board of Directors at Calgene, a Monsanto Biotech Subsidiary
Anne Veneman
Appointed head of USDA in 2001
Retired Senior Vice President for Public Policy at Monsanto
Dr. Virginia Weldon
Previously, member of FDA's Metabolism and Endocrine Advisory Committee
Vice President, Public and Government Affairs
Linda Fisher
Deputy Administration EPA
Manager, New Technologies
Linda Watrud
Director, Monsanto Danforth Center
Roger Beachy
Director USDA, NIFA

It Doesn't Stop With the FDA or the EPA

If only it were just the FDA and the EPA we had to worry about, but Monsanto has infiltrated just about every single government agency and department. Hillary Clinton, for example, was an ex-Monsanto Lawyer. Where is she now? Donald Rumsfeld was a previous CEO at Searle. Look what that job got him. And Michael Kantor was a Monsanto lawyer. Do you see a connection yet?

If you know little or nothing about Monsanto, you might be wondering why this is such a big deal. Well, public safety is a big deal, and it should be a number one concern for these appointees, but when their loyalties lie with Monsanto, how can they be trusted, especially when deregulation, where it should be heavily enforced, like in meat packing companies, is currently running rampant among the FDA.

It's no secret that E.Coli, Salmonella, and Mad Cow Disease outbreaks have become increasingly more regular. Think this has anything to do with it?

How Monsanto Uses E. Coli

What's Really Important

You can see from the video that E.Coli is actually a very important means that Monsanto needs in order to make their "product," so, of course, they will do anything to protect that. This is just one example of how our safety is in jeopardy here. When a multi-billion dollar corporation has an agenda like this, and when this corporation has essentially transplanted their own people into the government, can we really feel safe?

It's blatantly obvious that this is unethical in every sense of the word. But most people don't know or don't care--or, they feel too helpless to do anything about it. We are essentially facing a monolithic enterprise. It's David and Goliath in the truest sense. What can one do?


There is Power in Numbers

It might not seem like a lot, but there is something everyone can do. We can speak out about this, and we can let our representatives know that this is unethical. At the end of this article is a link to Millions Against Monsanto for more information.

Other things we can do is educate ourselves. We have to be very aware of the food we eat--that our children eat. It's sad that it has to come to this, but this is the reality. Buying organic food when possible is an alternative. Some have better access to it than others. Growing your own food is even better, as long as you are sure that the seeds are not Monsanto seeds.

There are plenty of things a person can do, but if we all come together, we can make change. I've said this before on another hub about Monsanto, but once upon a time, the tobacco industry was the Goliath that we were up against, and that giant has fallen hard. The same can happen to Monsanto.

More Information on Monsanto


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