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The Role Of United States in the World From 1945-1960

Updated on March 16, 2013

A hegemonic state is a state that has full power or control over other states not because it wants to achieve selfish gains but as a result of bringing the other states together for economic gains. Other states define their relationship with this state by their cooperation or some can try to go against its rule since they believe it’s unfair. The theory of hegemonic stability tries to relate the world countries and this is possible when one which is the dominant state has a stable economy than the others. This is true as a hegemony state must possess attributes such as; its ability to have its rules followed and the willingness of other states to adhere to it.

To possess the capability to enforce the rules a state must have a stable economy, must be technologically stable and have a strong military power. Prior to the Second World War other states became more powerful because of the military power they had against other weaker states. As a result of these they exercised their power to other third world countries mostly in Africa and some Asian countries. After the Second World War there was need for reunion. In this essay the United States has played a great role in world stability.

In detail I discuss the major events that happened during the war and the aftermath of the war that led to the rise of two superpowers in the name of the United States and the United Soviet Socialist Republic presently Russia that caused much hatred between them.

After the Second World War there was need to bring peace to the world. Many Americans had feared that the post-war could affect the economy of the world. The United States hence played a number of key roles in the post war in 1945-1960 because it was never affected much by the Second World War. The United States facilitated a number of key events which included: Coming up with strong forces to avoid future attacks, coming up with peacemaking bodies, formation of the Security Council of 1947 and encouragement for economic cooperation.

The two superpowers at then had the say and hence everything was revolving around the two. Most countries had fear of the attack by the Soviet Union and therefore there was need for protection. The United States supported democracy type of governance while the Soviet Union supported the communism type. Democracy is a form of governance in which the citizens elect leaders and the leaders should be held accountable for their behavior and policies in office, it includes all forms of protection against inhuman behavior, all human beings should be equal, all people should actively participate in politics. During the second world war a lot of people were displaced, killed, left without food, clothing and therefore there was need for these people to be housed, improve the means of transport.

Because a lot of inhuman practices had occurred during the war, many people were left suffering without clothing, shelter, the brutal forms of governments that were in place at that time were not taking care of the citizens and were after being recognized in the international world through fights, the United State believed that through practicing the rule of democracy the citizens could much be helped from the ones who had enough. This brought about democracy policy in the United States which was strongly opposed by the Soviet Union countries. Also after the war the United States had benefited greatly in economic, technology and there was need for those who didn’t have access to the resources to benefit. This led to the rise of two strong military alliances for the two countries; those who supported democracy and the other for those who supported Soviet Union countries who were against democracy. The formation of the military alliances was the direct result of some countries fearing attacks from each other. The United Nations was formed to promote peace and improve the world economy. The Second World War had brought a different approach to human kind since a lot of people both the civilians and soldiers had been killed and others disabled. This prompted nations to start thinking of a way to unite the different nations led by the United States.

The National Security Act of 1947 mandated a major reorganization of the foreign policy and military establishments of the U.S. Government. The act created many of the institutions that Presidents found useful when formulating and implementing foreign policy, including the National Security Council (NSC).

The Council met at the White House to discuss both long-term problems and more immediate national security crises. During the period of 1945-1960, it also saw the emerging of the Soviet Union Republics that were so opposed to the United States democratic form of governance. This led to the cold war between the two countries. This was the conflict between the two countries. The United States wanted to encourage free trade throughout the world while Soviet Union wanted to shield off her own sphere from international commerce. Russia had feared of the same form of trade which would erode its superiority. The United States had done quite a good work on its policies to handle the deteriorating world economy and relations among the different countries that were torn apart because of the war.


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