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The Slave or the Slave Hunter

Updated on May 18, 2016

The slave or the slave hunter?


Why oh why hast thou been chased?

As thy days outnumber, art thou countenance gloom.

And thy angst to the summit leaving wastes to the clouds.

Aren’t stars in the heavens fixeth before time?

And thy minions thou possesses how art thee fare?

Must there really be woes in the heart of the forests?

From a wolf whose origin but its maker knows?

Hence, thou chaseth the friend of the maker;

Even the wolf and the keeper of the vow…

The Lion has been mistaken for the cub

By the flimsy that was found in the myriads of Lioness

While the Hyenas build caves buried deep beneath the ground

To save meat for the days when the scrolls fold down

While the lambs to their feet fall flat to the ground

Suddenly turned into a crystal of seas, tongues, and abode

The face of the man is below the flying eagle in the west

And the calf is hiding behind the lions hair in the east

To devour a man with a censer; in the altar…….

How oh how many rounds have thee prepared?

From thy Light that is one into the Universe-one;

And thy pool that was one into every living water found in her;

And thy knowhow inspired to one into the entire populace

And thy truth from your one into the salvation of everyone

Where then do thee chaser rests upon?

In protecting his realm founded upon sand?

But with sceptre of kings and rulers, and priests and gods

And made slaves of them in the huge mountain of the old…………

Oh my people, how are ye to know?

The evil body of the cow is raised coward, blind and unwilling,

By the incense of the armoured reptile teeming all the seas,

And poisoning the thoughts with endearing signs in heaven,

Must you not go to the furnace so prepared to purify?

And the leaders when they find out whom the bearer of the bad news was,

Will tarry not to shoot him in the head, though against their own principle

Just as their forefathers did to His Predecessors

Knowing all well it will be the end when they are hit by the toes.

-bdn… ……. …………


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