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The Slimiest Crook Is Commander-in-Chief

Updated on June 26, 2019
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--Guest writer on Global News Network --Chief Editor PB Magazine.

The greatest country in the world is now run by the slimiest crook. Courtesy of the SMART, EDUCATED, MORAL DRIVEN, BIBLE BELIEVING Republicans! Unbelievable, isn't it? Take a deep breath! Groan if necessary!

In Part One, we began an expose to explain the rationale why we are certain Mr. Trump will not be re-elected. Let’s take a look at the analysis which gives our crew confidence Donald Trump cannot, will not win in 2020.

Republicans in general, Trump’s fanatics in particular salivate over the idea of Trump’s re-election. In fact, in the Republican circle, it is believed it should be a breeze for Mr. Trump to secure a second term.

I think not!

I call the 2020 presidential race. It goes to the Democratic Party, the nominee of which is yet to be determined.

Remark: This early declaration of a winner is based EXCLUSIVELY on the premise that Donald Trump will again be the Republican nominee (Watch this space to find out why Mr. Trump may not even follow through with re-election) Note: This is part four (the last) of a multi-part article which looks into the rationale why we have come to the conclusion that the path for Donald Trump’s re-election is not just narrow or shrinking but it has already closed, despite belief to the contrary, despite hope in the Trump’s camp it might happen and despite polls showing his approval rating has not budged much, if at all. Here, at the People Branch, we are fairly confident our analysis is right on point. We were not wrong before.

In 2016, Trump (and everyone else on the planet) didn’t expect him to win but he did. In 2020, Trump, his henchmen, his minions and everyone who supports him will move heaven and earth to help him win; he will not.

But most importantly, how low does the Presidency Bar(r) have to be set for Trump to be re-elected? Republicans – both constituents and legislators alike – have already proven beyond any doubt it does not matter that a Republican president is a crook, a liar, incompetent or even a threat to our democracy and a danger to our national security. They are all willing to stoop to as low a level as the man they revere has. So, the task to reinstate decency falls squarely on the Democrats and the Independents as well as the few decent Republicans who still believe integrity and decency are necessary for the individual who holds the highest office in the land. As such, 2020 cannot be just another presidential election. In 2016, Republicans across the board proved decency and integrity are not among their core values. They chose the vilest individual as their leaders, the least competent individual to represent them and the most corrupt individual to run the country. EXTRA! EXTRA! The greatest country in the world is now run by the slimiest crook in the country.

For the past two years, Republicans have touted progress, great economy, low unemployment as if Donald Trump waved a wand and fixed everything. As of this writing, there are just a handful of Republicans who have recognized the damages their mistakes have caused to the very fabric of our society.

Our nation has relinquished its leadership in the world to the Russian authoritarian president in exchange for favors to Donald Trump. No one, except those in Trump's camp, is so naïve or gullible not to comprehend the predicament the country is now in.

Those who believe Trump could change and become a human being after the 2016 election were gravely mistaken; they’ve witnessed the worst in their lifetime. No one, however stupid or blind, would use Donald Trump as a role model for their children (or grand-children), and yet millions of Republican fanatics continue to give him their support as if they're incapable of walking away from their mistakes.

Two+ years into Trump’s presidency, it is wise to call the devil by its name: Donald Trump is the worst that has happened to America, second only to slavery. It has now become the responsibility of Democrats, Independents and the few Republicans who still have some shred of decency to lift the country up and begin to heal it from the inflicted wounds by the individual – the president of the United States - whose primary job is to prevent that from happening in the first place.

In the leading up to the 2016 elections, I screamed at the top of my lung that “Donald Trump is not worth the sacrifice of our nation”. I sincerely regret I was so right. As such, 2020 should be a campaign to restore decency in America; 2020 should be more than just another presidential election. It should be a revival to seek redemption. 2020 should be the year the world recognizes that America is back. 2020 should be the year Americans regain their pride. 2020 should be the year the country stands up to bullies, to racists, to bigots and all those whose highest virtues are lies and deceptions. 2020 should be the year We The People reclaim the power bestowed upon us by the Constitution. 2020 should be the year of the rebirth of America.

Let it be known that 2020 will not just be another year! 2020 is the year for Americans who value decency and integrity in a leader. For as it stands today, the greatest country in the world is run by the slimiest crook.

© 2019 Mike Ducheine


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