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The Slow Downfall of Religion and the Surge in Spirituality

Updated on October 7, 2015

Organized Religion

I'm mainly going to talk about Catholics and Christians as they've been in the recent focus in the news. Judaism, Islam, and others haven't been widely discussed in the mainstream media.

The new generation of millennials, as well as mine Gen X, have steered clear of organized religion.I stopped going to church when I turned 9 years old. Attending church wasn't for me, I got nothing out of it. I sang pointless songs and listened to ancient stories that made little logical sense.

The Evangelical Downward Spiral

As anyone can easily see in recent news in America, the evangelicals are coming out from the shadows as the blatant bigots they are. They believe they have the right to tell you how to live your life based on their ancient text, called the bible.

In recent years there has been a push to legislate personal lifestyle and marriage. It boggles the mind how one personal lifestyle can affect others around them. Had they passed gay marriage laws silently, no one would notice nor have cared.

Permitting gays to marry doesn't change anyone's definition of marriage. You'd never see them or even know they exist. Your concerns are shallow and unwarranted. If you believe that gays shouldn't marry, then don't get married. It's not for you to decide other's lives.

In America you are free to practice the religion of your choice, but you aren't allowed to force it down the throat of others. It's really hard to call it religion when it's openly sold in the streets. I've never once had a spiritual person come preaching to my front door.

Connected and Disconnected

Organized religion tries to tell us that we can only speak to God by visiting a man in a dress praying in front of candles. This is foolish and ridiculous.

God is love, not hate. Anyone who practices spirituality knows that Love is the divine. Whether proven by emotion or quantum physics, everyone and everything are connected. There's no need to attend a church to speak with the Source. You are always connect, always were, and always will be.

In spirituality we understand that all we need is love. We accept people as they are, not how we believe they should be. People must have free will. It's not the responsibility or right for a body of people to try and translate the knowledge of the source for others. We all receive our own messages.

Aquarius Dawns

Since the beginning of the age of Aquarius we see the returning of the Matriarchy and the devastation caused by the Patriarchy. Women bring life into the world, rendering any male source of divination foolhardy.

You will see the slow downfall and decrease in practitioners of religion. There's no need for it in the age of spirituality. You are always connected to the source through love.


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