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The Social Phenomenology of the "Rise and Fall Syndrome" in the Arab World

Updated on January 30, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

The concept of social phenomenology as a method of qualitative research discusses the multi-disciplinary approach to study the real cause of the socio-historical development of certain phenomena of the societal events in the region. The phenomenological inquiry represents the life value-experience of the social events as to its societal impact to the sociological, anthropological and behavioral perspective on the cause and effect of human activities.

Let us take the social and political events in the Arab nations have forging the evolution on the new essence of human freedom. From the hubpages’ article on Defining Moment of Human Freedom and Integrity of the Arab Nations revealed by the consequence of the social phenomenology : (

Never had we thought in the history of the Arab nations that the breakaway of the traditional dogmatic beliefs is embattled from its people. The firm ideological condition of the Muslim world strictly followed the cultural order of discipline, loyalty, obedience, and respect of the authority. The world was shocked by the abrupt political actions through demonstration and even the extent to fight with the political regime in authority. The Arab nations showcase the political upheaval to voice out their social sentiments on “We want freedom!”. As the story unfolds the world has been astonished by the scene of social mob and demonstration brought by the proclaimed sentiments “We want regime change! .For the long centuries of political obedience grounded by the Religious Muslim mandate has exposed the people to live in peace with the Allah. Why these things happen now? We take this opportunity to open up your mind on the real cause of social disorientation of the dogmatic authority. There are many interesting social facts that Savior would like to share that may surprise us all. We take the socio-historical development from the perplexing social change of the 21st century that a social scientist must deal to study why the elders of the autocratic regimes of the Arab nations are now in conflict to their people particularly the young generation of this region.

The societal development has now forged new human perspectives as to the phenomenological inquiry to the notion of human freedom. In the human life experiences, the phenomenological study of the political dimension of the society has a feature of the rise and fall syndrome of those with whom authority and power is given. This is extensively discussed of the phenomenological implications of societal events. It is the political decadence of life experiences as a consequence of social upheaval to human freedom.

The social phenomena of time dictates from its political experience as the great nations of the east unfolds the glory of the past by the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations, the Babylonians, the Semitics, and the other Arab tribes. The prospects of human development intelligibly defied the magnitude of change in the “Human Freedom” never known from the western world. They are now displaying their greatness on the evolving socio-psychological experience dictated from their respect of the ultimate spirit of life.

The western world invented technology and industrialization while the Arab world invented the genuine spirits of life on dignity, integrity, respect, freedom, and equality for all mankind. They are forefathers of human civilization with the very basic foundation of science and technology taught by improvement of mankind. The origin of conscience came from the forefront of their respect of the famous religion of afterlife dwelt by the very nature of human freedom.

The dynastic rulers originated from the respect of divine rule by the great leaders in the ancient world that decoded the royal blood line of intelligence and compassion. The nationalistic revolutions have been the by-product of social change in the midst of intellectual development. The by-product of the dynastic cycle by the rise and fall of rules is ingrained by these conditions:

1. The origin of human sovereign rule impresses by the perfect image of the most respected spirits of religion.

The sovereign subjects cherish the moment of the perfect leader bound by the divine destiny of touch with personal promise to rule for common welfare to all mankind. This advocacy of the respect of human freedom and equality is vested by the divine rights of the sovereign people. The usual concern here is the personal interest of the political ruler breaks down the genuine image of governance that creates societal conflict. It also destroys the spirit of love and peace by the religions of the world.

2. The sovereign power ensures the sacrifice of the human society for the royal stability as the respect of the authority conformed by spiritual and moral standards in the glorified development of the nation.

The timeline depicts of sovereign rule by the extinction of human respect on divine rights may lead a social phenomena of change dictated by the human activities for the introspection of the royal dominance. The societal vigilance to control the royal sovereign rule may be fulfilling and rewarding, however, on the centuries of development fall of power and authority may always come to defy the concept of human freedom. The human imperfection has been the main mechanism to suppress the idea of sovereign freedom as the image of deception carries the torch to ignite the flame of absolute political authority and power in a given society.

The long period of human development predicates the tenure of danger on the centuries of rule. However, time has change as the old rule and political mode is no longer effective to follow deception on societal welfare as the modern technologies brighten the image of societal truth. The ideas of suppression and terrorism are no longer effective means to control political power as science and technology defines the future of the nations. We are now expanding the horizons on the intellect binds by the wonderful technologies of time. The world is no longer isolated by its intellectual and religious development as those with wisdom in electronic technology.

The Arab nations have the strategic opportunity to grab the technological wisdom as their greatness revive the civilization of the past. The pioneered the intellectual development as political maturing from the enlightenment on the idea of human freedom. An interesting human foresight is the defiance of the fall syndrome to remedy the consequence of the cycle political events of the “rise and fall of political powers”. The rationality behind of the lack of foresight is the ingrained insatiable greed of power. The self-respect and esteem has no room for dark consequences as the suicidal tendencies persist by the mind of political leaders. The only problem of the civilized society is when the cloth of political power and authority has an ingredient of poisonous addiction of greed and vanity none of us is exempted by this political spell. The social vibrancy of fall syndrome revives an emerging political hero that will soon rise to power and follow the same dictum of the development syndrome of a political leaders.

The enlightened side to neutralize civil conflict is the recent turn of event that the Arab nations are closely studying the political impact of the social mobs. There are changing political scenarios as the respect of human rights and freedom come into play by the international community including the Arab nations are primarily considering the divine sovereign power of the people. The United Nations whose human advocacy of freedom and respect, dignity and integrity, and the sovereign power are cloth by the idea of universal suffrage.


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