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The Socialist Bartender

Updated on August 4, 2018

Spider Harlotte


Harlotte Weaves A Breakfast Tale

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Saturday, August 4, 2018. Our creative friend, Spider Harlotte, is at the stove this morning preparing Chocolate Raspberry French Toast for our enjoyment. I am whipping up a delicious batch of French lattes to add to the pleasure of the meal. Harlotte is more than a little disappointed that the newest flavor of the month for the left is none other than a former bartender turned avid socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is the media darling of the socialist loons in this nation who believe that Socialism actually works. Harlotte believes that reading is fundamental and she suggests that Ocasio-Cortez and her clueless followers study the history of Socialism before they sign on. That will never happen, and Harlotte knows this, but nevertheless, our friendly spider needs to vent, and as we know, venting to the Poppers is just what the doctor ordered. Please join us this morning. The door will be open awaiting your arrival.


Get Your Free Stuff!

Thanks so much for coming to the breakfast table this morning. By now you have all heard about the bartender who wants to take Congress by storm. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a self described socialist who talks an awful lot about a subject she nows nothing about. The former bartender appears on talk shows as often as possible espousing the benefits of Socialsm. She is utterly clueless about the historically accurate picture that proves that Socialism is a failed concept. Ignorance, however, is not holding her back.

She started off her campaign by lying about her childhood. She provided voters with a picture of a girl who grew up poor. It seems she forgot to mention that actually she was reared in a privileged family. She attended a very expensive private school and attended Boston University. Shockingly, while there, she earned a degree in economics. She must have cut class on a continuous basis, because she graduated lacking even a small semblance of knowledge about economics. If I had a degree from BU in economics, I would return it.


Bound to Fail

Ocasio-Cortez believes in big government and free stuff. She is running around telling anyone willing to listen that the answer to healthcare is Medicare for all. Paying for it would be easy. Simply tax the big greedy corporations, the rich as much as possible, and use all that stolen money to give free healthcare to all. Money will also come from the military. In her mind, they have far too much cash. Her young supporters love the idea, and why not. They have been coddled by their parents, sheltered by their schools and they need help before they even begin to live. Medicare isn't free, as most of us know, but it is also an impossible way to furnish healthcare to the masses. A study from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University in Virgina was released this week. It concerned the viability of Medicare for all, and the news should make Cortez, Sanders and all the other socialists cry. The study showed that Medicare for all would cost all of us about $32.6 trillion over ten years. Costs would soar in their words, "into the stratosphere." Cortez and Sanders are not at all deterred by these findings. They do what they always do on the left, they choose to dismiss the findings as being biased. To the left, ignorance is definitely bliss.


Socialism is Broken

Cortez should listen to the words of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. He admits that his system is broken. It is impossible to believe just how far the economy in Venezuela has fallen. It was once a very prosperous country with revenue from state-run oil production bolstering the lives of its citizens. Revenue from oil sharply declined and money began to dry up. The Venezuelan people are starving. Socialism has crippled the country and its people. I suggest that Cortez use some of her parents money to visit Venezuela and witness the end result of socialism. It would be even better if she lived there for some time so that she could experience the "joys" of what happens when you run out of other people's money.


The Socialist Circus

The left has fallen from grace, and has become the laughing stock of the nation. People like Cortez just add to the circus, and their ignorant rhetoric wastes time and influences people who are easily brainwashed. Socialism is a prescription for disaster. Perhaps if she had actually absorbed anything in her economics courses, she might have learned something. In any case, if she wins the seat, and she probably will, we will have to put up with her ridiculous ranting for quite a few years. We have enough clowns in Washington. What we really need is more bartenders!

Harlotte's Song

Oh, what a tangled web we weave

When first we practice to deceive.

Sir Walter Scott


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