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The Sorry State of US Politics

Updated on August 20, 2010

The Sorry State of Politics in the US

Last week I wrote a hub about the sorry state of the Republican party in the US. Today it is my turn for a shot at most all politicians. The Democratic party seems to really hunger to get back into power, and then once they grasp the majority, they seem to be clueless on getting anything done with it.

Yes, I know Obamacare passed, and a few other things. There are things the Dems have been hungering to do when they got the majority, and those things will seemingly wait till the next time around, if they have someone with a clue in charge of the party.

Obamacare is so watered down, the only people who are getting "care" will be the insurance companies. The medical lobby basically wrote this bill, and God knows what it really will mean to the average american besides higher taxes.

I personally love my medicare plan, and I envisioned government health care to be something like that, but it would seem to be far from it.

I understand the world would change after 9/11, but pretty much all of the rights that Bush temporarily took away under the Patriot Act have been extended under Obama.

Almost every politician has his special interest, and that would not be the people who are in their home district, but the business or PAC that donates to his re-election. Our senator recently voted against a bill that would have benefited his own district with jobs, but then it turned out their competitor employed two of his own family members as lobbyists.

We need to find a way to get our representatives out of the pockets of the lobbyists.

Charles Rangel


It seems like with both parties, the "next" big scandal is always ready to break. What is it with politicians, when they get some power, and could possibly end up with more, they either have to stop paying taxes, start fondling interns, or cheat on their wives? I know, power and corruption seem to go hand in hand.

Charles Rangel had no clue he had to pay taxes? Doesn't every US citizen have to file a tax return unless their income is so low they don't have to?

John Edwards probably had a good shot at the presidency this last time around, then he had to fall in love with his photographer? This really looked good for him with a wife who had terminal cancer.

John Edwards
John Edwards

We need to really take a hard look at the system and figure out who needs to go, and get them gone. I don't know if term limits are the answer or what?

I know for every 20 no good politicians we get rid of, there will be a few good ones lost in the mix, so maybe term limits are not the answer.

I know I have talked about Sarah Palin before, but is it really a good idea for her to be lecturing people about the constitution when she really has no idea what it says? I know, I am the first to admit that I am no constitutional scholar, but the First Amendment protects our freedom of speech from reprisals of the government. It doesn't mean we can say whatever we like in our workplace without the chance of being fired. It does not mean we can say whatever we like without being criticized.

I find it a sad commentary on the government and politics in general when we get all our information in sound bytes from media that twists things to fit an agenda.

I know immigration right now is a big red button topic, and people are swearing armed insurrection if amnesty is offered. I may be wrong here, but didn't Reagan and Bush II both offer amnesty to illegal aliens?

Do we need term limits?

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    • profile image

      robin 7 years ago

      I agree totally!