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The Stone

Updated on October 8, 2009

My First Poem...

"The Stone." - (written at age nine.)


I grasped a pebble in my hand
one small piece of a mighty land
one small spot where men had trod
lying deep in dirt and sod.
Lying there in ages past
no one dared this stone to cast
but leaving it quite undisturbed
in its silent resting place
like the others of its race....
Then suddenly
there came a boy
who took from me the stone
and cast it far into the sea
leaving it there to fend alone
far away from it's treasured home
and then he left the sea and sun
never realizing what he'd done.

"Debris!"-A much later beach discovery.


I came upon a tiny
tossed from the seas
while beachcombing
through strands of kelp
in a balmy ocean breeze.


Amidst the colored bits of shells
and flotsam left to dry
an oddball shape that did not fit
its strangeness caught my eye....

as I bent down to fetch it
suddenly I realized why.


It was just an infant of the deep
washed ashore and left to bake
on its back
wee legs
once frantic..
stranded here to suffocate.


The short span of its time
on earth lay ended at my feet
this dead ringer for a horseshoe crab
its shot at life complete.


Then I laid it down much quicker...
cause the smell was rather yucky
But I walked away a bit confused....
I thought all horseshoes were lucky??



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