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The Stronghold: How to Empower America to Defend Itself

Updated on July 18, 2017

Yet Wave


The Strength Ought to be Shown

With the recent acts of Islamic terrorism in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the fact that the overt appeasement and flatout failure to strengthen the resolve of this nation must give Americans pause. Because of the spineless principles and altruistic gestures, America has now positioned itself in the line of fire. By granting enemies the ability to equip themselves with weapons and to cause chaos within the confines of the United States, our political leaders have abused their positions of authority.

It is a moral imperative that the politicians not keep their hollow bromides and stale platitudes. Instead of bellowing out such rhetoric and acting on the range of the moment, they ought to take every measure to safeguard each individual and his or her property. For, of course, this is the sole function of a proper government. And to not uphold the two agents of the state which serve and protect by means of direct force, the police and military, one would be gravely in error. That this recent attack was against Marines and local law enforcement of the Chattanooga area, it shows that Islamic terrorists will stop at nothing and spare no-one. The mealy-mouthed intonations and half-hearted attempts at demolishing enemy strongholds only encourages them to carry out even more heinous acts of war.

Their tactics of terrorism represent the expression of the greater threat: Islamic Totalitarianism. While it has been the case where both Presidential administrations have recognized the Global War on Terror (GWOT) which the Bush Presidency put into effect, the true mechanism which ought to be obliterated is the enemy’s capacity to make Sharia law the reigning dictate of the United States and its allies. Because that is why they attack Americans. It is not for America’s “evil” acts. It is not because the United States plays an overbearing role in world affairs. It is because of the country’s virtues. America’s enemies don’t have the gleaming skyscrapers, the seats of military power, or the complex infrastructure and overwhelming productive might. As they do not possess such benevolence, their main aim is to kill and enslave Americans to do their bidding. The milquetoast policies that have set a precedence over robust calls for more defense and to go after the states which harbor Islamic totalitarianism, Iran and Saudi Arabia, have blighted America. Enemies live in caves and roam around as barbaric hellians bent on nihilism. It ought to take a strategic, precise and unrelenting campaign to demoralize, disrupt, and destroy those who make the disastrous decision to cross the U.S.

Now, the acts of terror at home may be a shock to some. As homegrown terror against the military and police seems like a vicious fantasy, it is real. From the perspective of the citizens of the Chattanooga, the fact remains that there are still groups out there who intend to do nothing but harm to the very individuals who signed up to preserve liberty. These brave men and women are not cannon fodder or hunks of flesh to be sacrificed. Rather, they exemplify what it means to shield America from the onslaught of foreign invaders. Military men and women swear with full selfishness the oath to support and defend the Constitution. They don’t do it out of immolation or to seek to butcher people without reason. Instead, they regard their own lives, their families, and their country that are all worthy of them fighting for their rights, even if that means the risk of life, limb, psychiatric stability or any other value. The same goes for the police. Their role in combatting domestic terrorists and other criminals remains a pristine instance of why cops ought to do the right thing. As the first responders to homeland acts of terror, it is in the hands of police officers to handle the situation professionally and with as little casualties on the side of the innocent.

While America hails its heroes with parades and discounts at stores and tickets to sports events, the true mark of acknowledgement lies in the way Americans simply say “thank you.” Sometimes it takes nothing but this kind gesture to demonstrate just how much military and police are appreciated in this country. The deaths of the four Marines (Lance Cpl. Skip Wells, Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan, Staff Sgt. David Wyatt, and Sgt. Carson Holmquist) one sailor (Randall Smith) and the injury to the police officer (Dennis Pedigo) would not be in vain if America recognizes the primary reason that they are able to enjoy the freedoms that this land warrants. They had and have lives, too. They became Marines and a sailor and police officers because they refused to be anyone’s slave. Whether it’s terror at home or insurgency abroad, they meet danger every day that they wear a uniform. So it is a shame that the leaders of this great nation only speak of the self-sacrifice and the prayers that should be uttered in the wake of such devastating events. Their mission ought to be to ensure to the American people that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. Their goal ought to be to take active steps to stop all assailants before they find space and opportunity.

And it is not the idea that Islam is a “peaceful” religion. It is not. Like all religions, it possesses the propensity for acts of force. So the Judeo-Christian morality of America ought to be changed to not seek to love the enemy. American political leaders ought to embolden their troops and police units and fight every threat that may come this country’s way. It is with the idea of peace through strength that America can achieve its goals of being the thoroughly moral beacon that it has the potential to be. But that sense of self-assertiveness is all but being eroded. From the unselfish way that wars are waged to the backwards police activities of the past few years, America has slid further and further back into being a self-destructive giant. While military leaders continue to harp on the case for not attacking civilian populations and downgrading the efficacy of the force so that the enemy has a chance to fight, young American men and women die or become injured. When these individuals are tasked with the heavy burden of fighting for America, it is ethically crucial that they only receive commands which would guard them from the clutches of their adversary. As opposed to the detrimental orders which come from on high, the courageous soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen, coast guardsmen, and police forces ought to carry out missions that crush the enemy’s inclination to make violence. These generals and police commissioners and sheriffs ought to discover what it means to respond to the initiation of physical force. That means that no tepid retaliation would be an option. Only the swift, decisive blow to the enemy’s entire apparatus would be conducive to a moral strike. It is with full understanding and recognition of America’s place as the sole superpower and bastion of defense that the people ought to elect those individuals who will seek and dismantle anyone who poses a threat to this constitutional republic. That would be what makes America strong.


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