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The Sun Also Rises... ...Up

Updated on November 11, 2011

I am simply damned sick and tired of the mob and locker room mentality that pervades so many realms and pockets of humanity. It's an adolescent bravado and arrogance that tries to say out loud and proud "I'm better than you and my club is better than yours and you can't ever change it, nya nya!!".

Fine. We can usually choose, at least as adults, to avoid the knuckle-dragging dumbassery that has led to the demise of many a goldfish, 6-pack, tire or front bumper, and the folks' liquor stash back when we could pretend we didn't know any better, when in fact we knew, but didn't WANT to control our impulsiveness and grandiosity. Oh, we weren't wise or anything, but most "foolish" decisions were a deliberate snubbing of taught discretion and parental and societal expectations that are pounded and prodded and pecked ad nauseum to the smart majority - the top and/or right side of the bell curve of evolutionary odds. Yes - these "youthful indiscretions" were very often a fully conscious chest-puffing chest poking of a fate that grows angry at the irreverence.

What really smarts and smacks and just plain gets me red-eyed and white hot with furious anger is the duplicity - the feigned innocence and righteously willful ignorance of those who would and do so offend - not as "ignorant youth", but as fat-headed, Red*-blooded, full-of-themselves adults. They claim some moral prerogative that allows them the privilege of a "tough love" or just plain holier-than-thou attitude that is so ironically undeserved by a hypocrisy that could choke a thousand billy goats, that it is only with the MOST urgent self-control, or even worse, a fear and insecurity we prey hold amidst these cro-magnon predators, that we don't rise up apocalyptically and extinguish the bullies from existence once and for all.

Make no mistake about it - it's nervousness and self-preservation only that prevents such a deserved karma from taking place. It is NOT a "high road" or "turn the other cheek" bullshit that "keeps us in our place". No, friend. It is sheer numbers and logistics and survival that feeds the status quo.

For the moment, anyway.

But I think I'm beginning to smell something. I'm sensing an ice-blue conviction and an unfiltered rage both fed by years of disrespect, and new manifestations that grow only more severe and urgent as the course of life leads me and we to more consequential decisions, conflicts, and you better damned-well know it - resolutions!

I'm beginning to smell the burn of ignition over the musty, cock-roachy smell of inertia. I'm beginning to smell a furvor known only by those who have been given no choice but to fight back. I'm beginning to smell the last rebound of the pendulum.

Or maybe its just the fecal stink that exhales from either end of the over-indulged, over-extended, over-confidant, over-blown, over-represented, overboard, over-authorized, over-powered, and over-served majority-no-more who don't yet know the tension, emotional poverty, depression and rage of those and we who were burdened by racist, sexist, homo-phobic, theist, neuro-typical, oligarchic bullying by those once drunk with their ill-gotten and oppressively maintained power.

It smells like their time has come and those days are about over. Or maybe it's just the smell of a rottiing snobbery and entitlement that comes from the natural eroding to ashes and dust.

It's a new time and a new liberty. Because I'm damned sick and tired of the other thing.


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  • stanwshura profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago

    Yeah - but this is no hyperbolic, hypothetical rant about everything in general and nothing in particular.

    The pen is foreshadowing action to be taken away from this keyboard. Ah - AND in front of it!

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Feel better? I'm with you. Hell yeah!


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