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The Terror From Twin Towers.

Updated on October 7, 2009
Lady Liberty weeps for the masses lost and tears for 9/11  drape the fabric of our society.
Lady Liberty weeps for the masses lost and tears for 9/11 drape the fabric of our society.

"The terror from Twin towers"

(a review on mankinds latest horror.)

-an unforgivable tale.


On an early Tuesday morning
that found us all
just plodding through
our collections of daily events,
routines we knew by heart

It was then that fate handed us volumes of grief.
Its latest works revealed
in twisted tales of sorrow,
topped the list of "Horror's worst"
directly underneath September's
most tragic release
that held a total of:
one hundred ten stories....
......times two.

Therein lie thousands of
epics still unheard
all were bound
but left unfinished
with works both great,
and small henceforth erased.

There were torn pages of
so many yet unwritten lives
amidst the ashes....
.........................fluttering down
as their sundry souls...enmasse
ascended much too early
to the afterlives
as promised by their faiths.

What remained were countless chapters
forevermore left blank
from what once were the charming
chronicles of ordinary lives .

The Moms, the Dads, the young,
the single, working everyday
the seniors too, grandparents
going about their daily tasks.

All of them breathing,
blending, moving
in the balmy morning breezes,
of an Indian Summer's fragrance
rising from that melting pot,
of New York city's steel,
and concrete canyons.

Biographies that once unfolded
all the hopes and dreams they'd shared
were quickly slammed shut
with great trembling shudders,
leaving only ribbons of red
to bookmark where they had left off.

All those dear folks who by
great force were condensed
into one group,
in an anthology of horror
by the authorship of fate,
monstrously penned by madmen
in the blood of innocence.

The saga of man-kind???
continues on, and on each day
with all it's precious loves
it's joys, and yes..........
it's cruelties too .

Over 3,000 tales closed
when terror reared it's hideous head
except for the endless sequels left behind.

Each labor of love,
babies, children, and grandchildren
must share in the re-telling
of their families final chapters.

All those awful, dog-eared pages
edges burned, abruptly ended
with loved ones ripped away
scattered evermore asunder
all across ill winds of grief

"Yet from sorrow
hearts grow stronger
recreating love that's gone.

Let us purge hateful plots
and strive to write
their futures safe from wrong.

Eradicating those who'd dare harm us
and in their absence we'll move on
as Americans, now unafraid
still proud, still free
still strong.

=***= =***= =***= =***= =***= =***=MFB III


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