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The Third Presidential Debate: Romney Becomes Obama, Comes Close To Endorsing Him!

Updated on October 24, 2012

The Many Faces Of Mitt: Who Knew He Would Don An Obama Mask?

The third Presidential debate centered on foreign policy and it quickly became a non-debate. It devolved into 90 minutes of Mitt Romney praising and agreeing with almost all of President Barack Obama's foreign policy decisions. Towards the end of the debate, I was expecting Mitt Romney to fully endorse President Obama's campaign. Despite the fact that Romney has, throughout the campaign, belittled and demeaned every foreign policy decision made by Obama, Monday night's debate clearly demonstrated that Romney has the ability to channel and assume personalities other than his own when it suits his needs. The foreign policy debate presented such an opportunity. Romney needed to show that he could look and sound Presidential and what better way to do that than to echo a President. Doesn't matter that the President Romney chose to echo was the one he is running against, he echoed...

So Romney May Know There Is A Country Named Mali, But Does He Know Where Mitt Romney Is?

For those of you who do not know, Mali is in western Africa. Romney talked a little bit about Mali and although it is doubtful that he could point it out on a map, it was clear that during Monday's debate, Romney couldn't find Romney on a map. Indeed, Romney was nowhere to be found.

After a year of Romney standing in unison with every Republican who has been handed a microphone and all emphatically stating that Obama's foreign policy has been the worst they have ever seen, that Romney disappeared. He looked like Mitt, sweated like Mitt, even had a voice that sounded like Mitt. The difference was the new and unusual words that came out of this Mitt's mouth. "I agree with the President." It didn't happen just once. It happened throughout the entire debate. Suddenly and with no warning, the Obama that has been characterized as "weak" on foreign policy became this Mitt's darling.

The GOP Reaction

The Republican talkers have ignored everything that Romney said during the debate. Instead, they are praising the fact that their candidate showed up in a suit and "looked and sounded" Presidential. Really? Looking and sounding Presidential? Apparently, in their minds, all it takes to look and sound Presidential is to parrot and praise the current President's policies. They didn't think so a couple of weeks ago. They didn't think that until the debate was over.

Prior to the debate, they were praising Romney's sabre-rattling and threats of uni-lateral military strikes against Iran. They were thrilled when Romney suggested that we should have left 20,000 troops in Iraq. They were orgasmic when Romney suggested that we may not leave Afghanistan...ever... But when pro-Obama Romney showed up for the debate, he "looked and sounded" Presidential...

The GOP is so intent on regaining power that they do not care what their candidate says. They are in agreement with Grover Norquist, the true party leader. "We don't need a President who thinks. We just need one with enough working digits to sign these things (the Ryan budget)."

The GOP also knows that 70% of Mitt Romney's foreign affairs advisors come from the Bush-Cheney administration. They are the very people who brought us the war in Iraq and the Bush doctrine of the efficacy of military pre-emptive strikes as opposed to negotiation or diplomacy.

Have no fear, neo-cons! If Romney becomes President, he will bring Bush's advisors with him to the White House. They will determine our foreign policy. They will introduce us to the real Mitt Romney...or at least, the Mitt they want us to see.


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  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 5 years ago from California, USA

    Sorry, ib, I thought I had approved all the comments.

  • ib radmasters profile image

    ib radmasters 5 years ago from Southern California

    d willliam

    You make no references that can be identified or verified, and your colorful but very old last statement is also without any reference.

    These are clearly opinions and feelings, but they make no compelling arguments here.






    real Romney??


    snake in the grass??

    as a nation??

    truly screwed??

    blued?? == those are democrat colors.


    President Obama failed to meet his 2008 election promises, look it up.

    President Obama spent this entire year, campaigning, fund raising back and forth across the country, and he played over 100 games of golf as president.

    If he has plans for the economy, why didn't he implement this years?

    Why do we have to wait until he is reelected.

    Attacking McCain and Sarah Palin was his campaign in 2008.

    Attacking Romney and Ryan is his campaign in 2012.

    He chose not to make Hillary Clinton his VP, even though she was far more qualified to be president than was he.

    Do we really want Biden to be replacing Obama in the case of some catastrophe?

    There is no foundation to blame Romney for something that Obama and the democrats think that he might do as president, but we can call Obama on the failures in his public record.

  • d.william profile image

    d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

    Another great hub. That 3rd debate was extremely bizarre. If one watched the campaigning of both parties, and the other debates, then one would have to have been shocked at this performance by Romney.

    The sad part of it all is that 90% of those watching that debate probably never saw the real Romney from the campaign trail and were totally fooled into thinking he was rational, fair, logical and simply loves women, the middle class, and the minorities.

    If he is elected it won't be long before the public finds out just how much of a snake in the grass he really is. And should the GOP take control of congress as well, we, as a nation, will truly be screwed, blued and tattooed.

  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 5 years ago from California, USA


    Are you from Temecula? Just wondering...

    Actually, I just finished listening to General Colin Powell, who has endorsed President Obama for a second time. He clearly stated that Romney is not Commander-in-Chief material and that the neo-cons that he surrounds himself with are dangerous.

    I have alot of respect for John McCain. I believe he is a good and honorable man. I just do not agree with much of what he says, and the joke of a V.P. running mate (Palin) was a very costly mistake. The Democrats did not ridicule the "female" candidate and indeed, Obama named Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, which in my opinion, is one of the most challenging positions in the world. She has done an incredible job and I hope she runs for President in 2016. God willing, I will be around to vote for her.

  • ib radmasters profile image

    ib radmasters 5 years ago from Southern California


    Well then you didn't get the debate correctly measured in your hub.

    And to say as usual is really a childish retort.

    Obama has failed and it was evident that he couldn't run on his record i office so he tried to run down his opp0nent which was his winning tactic in 2008. Then he made it look like McCain was a continuation of President Bush.

    The democrats ridiculed the female candidate, and Obama didn't choose Hillary as his VP. So he doesn't think much of women in the executive office.


  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 5 years ago from California, USA

    @ib radmasters: Wrong again, or should I say, as usual?

  • ib radmasters profile image

    ib radmasters 5 years ago from Southern California

    You couldn't have watched the debate and write this hub.

  • loveofnight profile image

    loveofnight 5 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

    I did not see the debate but am glad that hubbers like you are putting your thoughts out there,thanks.