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The Third Wave of American Tyranny

Updated on June 27, 2009

Republic or Democracy

 We hear the old saying,"The ends don't justify the means". But what we have today in America,is just that. People who think they know better.People with good intentions.Our Republic was founded in tumultuous times by noble men who risked everything they had for the hope of liberty.To truly be self governed. In charge of their own lives sink or swim. The constitutional convention, was an idealogical battle, and a compromise between those for small,limited government, and those who wished for strong central control of the fledgling new Union of commonwealths.Although,the differences were great,they came to an agreement. As the country progressed, problems predictively arose. The southern states,more suited by geography, became the Nations main provider of food and cotton for the manufacturing of clothing. The northern states,became industrial,hence more able to accommodate employment.

An experiment gone astray

 By the early 1800's,Congressional control,was dominated by the Northern States and their interest's.The South's only leverage to get concessions by the North, was to threaten to leave the Union, and take their crops with them. It worked for awhile, but soon the South found themselves back in the same old predicament. Never gaining. Sadly,like their Forefathers before them,like minded Southern States, formed a Confederation and drew up articles of secession.If they were to get nothing from the Union, they would regrettably form their own. The President at that time James Buchanan,As a sworn member of the National government, had no choice but to acquiesce to their wishes as sovereign States.The incoming President, Abraham Lincoln, not yet Inaugurated,would have none of this. after taking office, He did all He could to derail this new, peaceful Confederation.

The first wave

 Opportunity lifted it's ugly head, and Lincoln began his assault on the Constitution, and those exercising the very freedoms it provided.Suspending Habeas Corpus, Deporting people who would vocally disagree with his authoritarian agenda. Denying them their rights under the Constitution.The Southern Confederation was well within it's right to leave the Union. The framers of the Constitution, including Thomas Jefferson,recognised any State was free to leave the Union if they wished.But a tyrant, always thinks He knows better than anyone else.Lincoln's war crippled our freedoms and forever altered our founding. Those among us who would make an argument to support Lincolns actions, say, Well, He saved the Union.But the Union was not his to save. It belonged to the people. Reconstruction and the 14th Amendment,changed us from Sovereign, to mere civil citizens. 

The dirty thirties

Opportunity once again raised it's ugly head in the form of a financial disaster. Enter FDR. Another driven man once again set to alter our way of life and form of Government. FDR ruled by executive order. Or shall we say decree?. Confiscating our personal wealth.( taking our gold). growing the size and scope of government. Institutionalizing collective social programs. Setting in motion the welfare state.Was help needed at the time? yes. But when times got better, the programs for the most part, were not rescinded. On the contrary they were expanded. Programs deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, were later pushed through by Roosevelt appointees to the court. FDR didn't agree with a Constitutional Republic in practice. He wanted a Social Democracy. With time on His side, and no Presidential term limits, a great deal of His agenda was realized. Second wave.

New world order

 With the election of Barac Obama, the country is changing at an unprecedented rate. Collectivism is rampant. Government takeovers of private institutions.Desire for worldwide monitoring of Banking. Governments desire to put itself in every part of our lives, to protect us from ourselves, and tell us how to live. With each passing day we see more of our freedoms under assault. I fear if we don't stop this agenda dead in it's tracks, our country will be undistinguishable from the rest of the world. The great experiment that is America will be forever washed away by this third and final wave. Nothing lasts forever, but if we push back hard. Go back to the beginning. use the wisdom of our founders, we just might be able to turn the tide of tyranny. Lets stop this third wave.


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