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Feminism as a Hate Movement and Censor of Free Speech

Updated on May 24, 2016

How Feminist Ideology Inspires Hate

Feminists Discussing Male Eugenics, Infanticide And Worse

Patriarchy Theory And The Modern Feminist Mindset

Modern feminism encapsulates the worldview of patriarchy, female oppression at the hands of men and male privilege. Even now in our modern Western society these tenets are held as truths. They are circulated and promoted by our media, governments, educational institutions and the wider community without question by the feminist movement. I will shatter the patriarchy myth in another article, as modern society is far more complicated than that! In this article, I wanted to look at how patriarchy theory impacts the thinking and actions of modern feminists. What patriarchy theory set’s up, is a perceptual framework in which men play the villains and women the victims. Women are the vulnerable creatures, pure and good. Men on the other hand, are the powerful, overbearing and evil brutes responsible for virtually every societal problem and most importantly the oppression of women. No man dares to question this perceptual framework because they would automatically be branded as oppressors, misogynists and uncompassionate monsters. If a woman questions this frame of thinking, then this initially causes confusion. How can a woman say that? They ask themselves. This confusion quickly turns to anger and she is then regarded as betraying the sisterhood or a victim of brainwashing by the patriarchy and religious zealots.

How Feminist Propaganda Is Used To Demonise Men

Feminism And The Victimhood Mindset

The problem with modern feminism, is that the patriarchy/male privilege/male oppression of women paradigm fosters a mindset of victimhood. A number of feminists appear to have developed a psychological condition called, “victim mentality”. This is neither good for women or men. Indeed victim mentality has been linked to totalitarian societies. One example of such a society was Nazi Germany. Like many modern feminists, Hitler had a victim mentality. He used his belief in his own oppression and that of the Germans expressed in his autobiography “Mein Kampf”, to justify the oppression and eventual extermination of the Jews. Just like Nazism, modern feminism revolves around a philosophy of hatred of a group of people based on some perceived wrongdoing they committed. The oppression feminists erroneously perceive from men, becomes a self-serving moral justification for virtually any action they deem necessary to further their cause, regardless of the social consequences. They become perceptually blind to the immorality of their own actions and dehumanise those they consider to be oppressing them, which is in this case men. This is what an "us against them" mentality brings about.

Victim mentality is one of the most destructive forces in human history. It divides people against each other and promotes conflict from perceived wrongdoings. The feminist patriarchy theory paradigm frames gender relations as a form of marxist class conflict and is inherently corrosive to social cohesion and the relationship between men and women. Hatred, hypocrisy and bigotry are natural outcomes of such a perceptual framework. When you are given so many reasons to hate another group of people you perceive to be oppressing you, moral inhibitions will be removed. When men are demonised and vilified, then attacking men can be portrayed as not just acceptable, but justifiable. This is the same psychology behind the portrayal and treatment of the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Violent Protest Of Dr. Farrell's Lecture On Men's Issues: Discussing The Boy Crisis In Education Is Apparently Hate Speech

Censorship Of Men's Rights-The Poster Tear-down

A victimhood mentality encourages women to devolve into an infantile mindset when they face challenges or problems. It also makes feminists frame any support of men’s rights as a hostile attack. This even applies when such support of men's rights can clearly be seen by any casual observer, to be harmless to women and respectful of women’s rights. Indeed that is exactly what happened at Dr. Warren Farrell’s lecture at the University of Toronto. Dr. Farrell is a man who ironically played a substantive role in the early days of the feminist movement and was elected three times to the feminist organisation NOW. Please watch the adjacent video to see what unfolded at his lecture and the behaviour of feminists. How is giving a lecture on the boy crisis in education hate speech? They are crazy! Unfortunately incidents such as this are not rare when advocating for men's human rights issues (here are more examples). They happen often. A men’s human rights activist can’t even put up posters to support men’s rights without being harassed and the posters taken down. That even applies when the posters are clearly not in the least bit misogynist. Again I have attached an adjacent video to this article, documenting one such instance of this and how feminists behaved.

What I know and what all men’s human rights activists and men in general eventually come to understand, is that modern feminism is in favour of censorship of free speech and oppression of men’s human rights issues. Again this mirrors the Nazi party and their treatment of free speech and the Jews. There is simply no rational justification for their actions and indeed as you can see from the videos, these feminists could provide none when they were repeatedly questioned about their behaviour. On a side-note, I found their treatment of police to be disgraceful!


Feminists And Their Hateful View Of Men And Boys

Top Feminist Says Put Men In Concentration Camps

How Feminism And Society Got Taken Over By Feminist Extremism

The patriarchy/male privilege paradigm, has been allowed to grow unquestioned and unchallenged in the collective psyche of our society for far too long. It has been the constant reinforcement of this belief system in wider society and the emotional outcry at anyone that dares question it, which has allowed radical feminism to take over the feminist movement and influence society. By all reports from the pioneering feminists of the time, feminism started out as a movement for equal opportunity for women. There was no talk about female superiority, propaganda about rape culture, misandric commentary from bigots like Andrea Dworkin (see photo at the start of this article), talk of the genocide of men by feminists like Mary Daly and Sally Miller Gearhart, or misandric garbage like the SCUM manifesto. The pioneers of feminism were actually authentic advocates of equality. Unfortunately their leadership of the feminist movement was to be short lived.

In the mid-70s and early 80s the radicals moved in and patriarchy theory was established. Slowly but surely they acquired more and more power in feminist organisations. It is a sad fact of life that often the people with the loudest rather than the most honourable voice get the power. The radicals drowned out the moderates within their ranks and used their authority to impose their dogma on feminism. With government funding and support from a misled, misinformed public, they lobbied our governments, media and business community to push their propaganda. Over the decades this has had a deleterious impact on education, virtually every branch of government service, our legal system, our economy, politics, the family and perhaps most importantly our culture.

A movement that started out as a legitimate effort to advocate for women’s equality, has been transformed into a hate movement. Radical feminists justify their actions on the basis of their belief system in patriarchy and male oppression of women. Instead of finding a cooperative framework to advocate for women’s rights between the genders, men have been pitted against women. Modern feminism is now a movement that seeks to acquire power at the expense of men in a win/lose zero sum game. This is no longer about equality for them, it is about power. The "us against them" mentality is not only destructive, but also has no basis in reality. What impacts one gender will eventually impact the other. We see this in men’s education and their subsequent working life. Unemployment and poor academic performance among men is starting to have a negative impact on women’s lives. Women are struggling with their partners to pay off a mortgage primarily on one wage and in finding Mr Right.

Where Modern Feminism Is Headed

Sooner of later the feminist movement is going to collapse in on itself. Why? Because it does not obey a simple fundamental law, the law of sustainability. Taking action to demean and exclude half the population from society to support women’s rights is unsustainable. Justifying their actions on the basis of a belief system in patriarchy is going to become increasingly difficult. The public is going to find it harder and harder to reconcile the notion it is a man’s world, when in reality so many men are struggling. Eventually there is going to be a major public backlash to modern feminism and there are signs that this has already begun. Perhaps the greatest enemy of modern feminism has been the internet. No longer do radical feminists have a monopoly over the flow of information through their control, censorship and disinformation campaign in the media. People are starting to come out of the woodwork in droves on YouTube, internet blogs and websites like “A Voice For Men” and even on HubPages. There is no sign of this decreasing and in fact the numbers of dissidents are growing in both genders at a rate that would have most radical feminists alarmed.

I am convinced that the man crisis in society is going to have a profound impact on our economy over the next thirty years, as we all reap the destructive seeds sown by the application of feminist dogma in the 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s. Sooner or later the public outcry will no longer be something our politicians will be able to ignore. Feminist organisations will risk losing public support, funding and the political and social influence they have long enjoyed, if they fail to change their ways. Ironically old age feminists were hoping that the next wave of feminism would see a return to the authentic advocacy of equality, but have been sadly disappointed by the continued growth of radicalism in the movement.

Suggestions For Feminists

If feminism wants to remain relevant to society, then it must stop allowing bigots to hold prominent and influential positions within the movement, develop a cooperative orientation rather than an antagonistic one with the emerging men’s movement and adopt a belief system that recognises that sexual discrimination affects men as well as women. Anything less and feminism will become extinct like Nazism, White Supremacy and so many other hateful totalitarian ideologies. Indeed in the light of the actions of modern feminists, I consider the term, "Feminazi’s", to be a fairly accurate description of members of what is now undoubtedly a hate movement.

Above all if feminists want to remain relevant, then they must self-police and call out bigotry and misandry within their ranks. Society will no longer put up with it!

Still Think Feminism Is Not Hateful? Watch This


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  • MasculistFeminist profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago from Australia

    Socialninja writes-"One of the things about the feminist movement that strikes me as odd is the fact that are so busy hating that they forgot about women's rights. What I mean by this is the plight of women in Islamic countries, they have very little or no rights at all and I never hear about feminist groups campaigning for their rights or even bringing attention to the cause. They seem to see the biggest threat as the caucasian male, who in my opinion is the one of the least misogynistic of them all. They talk of genocide and suppressing peoples freedom of speech and hate the term 'feminazi'."

    I apologise in advance. I could not post your original response because HubPages does not allow comments with links to website addresses. So I had to edit your response and post it myself under my own username. Those are HubPages rules, sorry.

    In relation to what you are saying, I agree with most of what you wrote, especially the feminist hypocritical mentality discussed in your last sentence. My only point of difference would be to clarify the situation in the Middle East. Women certainly are marginalised in the Middle East, but so are men believe it or not, just in different ways. It is not as black and white as we in the West think it is and more often than not the issues women and men face are actually connected to each other. I would recommend you watch a YouTube video called "When female privilege backfires" by Karen Straughan which describes how both men and women face different forms of oppression in the Middle East as a result of strict laws and cultural customs. I would also recommend watching a YouTube video of a presentation by Canadian Senator Anne Cools on the coverture in the 19th century in the West. The title of the YouTube video is: #ICMI14: Senator Anne Cools. Gender issues are far more complex than saying only women face oppression or only men face oppression. That is even the case in places like the Middle East and past history in our own societies. We need to recognise both women and men's issues and not place either above the other.

  • MasculistFeminist profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Australia

    Ishtar-I have not much else to say except this, what a wonderful comment! So true! Prof. Paul Nathanson and Prof. Katherine Young spoke about having an intersexual dialogue very much along those lines you stated. Ironically feminists disrupted their lecture at the University of Toronto in 2013, but I think what you describe is definitely the way forward. Both Dr. Warren Farrell and Paul Elam of the men's human rights movement have discussed the need for a gender equity or gender transition movement, where the men and women's movement join together and both sexes work together. Feminism will collapse, as all hateful ideologies have done. Indeed feminist Camille Paglia has stated feminism is dying. Perhaps an authentic women's movement can rise from it's ashes and can join with the men's movement and humanity can move forward as one. As a man and as someone involved in men's rights, I have no problem working with a legitimate women's movement that has mutual respect for the sexes.

  • MasculistFeminist profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Australia

    Dakota-You are most welcome. There are plenty of men and women who recognise modern feminism for what it is.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Very nice article. I found the conclusion to be particularly cogent. Once movements become solely about opposing a tyranny, they adopt the perceived logic of the tyranny itself. It's the principle of mutual arising so fundamental to much Chinese thought - opposites nurture and depend on each other, and are, in fact, part of the exact same entity or energy. To actually change the original dynamic, one must work around it rather than against it. This is the beauty of civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi; they understood that, as King said (and we will understand this quote in the light of the prior argument, that opposites conflate into one energy), "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." All too often now, I see activists of all sorts (mostly of the internet variety) attempting to fight intolerance with intolerance, bigotry with bigotry and hatred with hatred. It is not only ineffective - as it stems from a logical fallacy - but it serves to further strengthen that which they are supposedly fighting against. X hatefully deriding Y for being hateful does not make Y want to be nicer to X; it only makes them more hateful. This applies in countless situations throughout human history, and it will continue to do so. For instance, all the hateful anti-racist (and often anti-white) sentiment in the wake of the Ferguson shooting has only served to deepen existing racial divides rather than heal them. A movement striving for equality always works for recognition of the underlying principle that people are people, despite their differences. It does not pretend that differences do not exist, but it sees past them to understand the basic humanity of all individuals. Hateful movements only work toward furthering the trend of division and bigotry, albeit under the guise of seeking equality. We cannot lessen the trend of people being fundamentally defined by broad traits (like sex, race, etc) in the eyes of others by fundamentally defining others by broad traits (like sex, race, etc). It literally makes no sense. Yes, those traits impact who we are and shape our experience. But they are not the totality of who we are. I am a man, but my experience is not identical to that of every other man. Can we talk about broad trends that tend to impact men? To some degree. But our experiences are always our own, even when they intersect and can be identified with others'.

    I could continue at great length, but I'll stop this here and just say that I find people to be beautiful, despite how ugly we can all be.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    I love this article. I am a woman, and I am completely against this misconstrued idea of 'modern feminism'. Thank you for this.

  • MasculistFeminist profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Australia

    -J Smith. Well said. People need to be very wary of power structures that go about their business without question or accountability. As Prof. Janice Fiamengo stated recently to feminists that disrupted her lecture at the University of Ottawa, it is the signature of a totalitarian ideology to attempt to quash dissent. No group should consider itself above reproach and that includes feminism.

  • profile image

    J Smith 

    6 years ago

    What exactly is being done to help the victims of feminist hate speech ?

    It's no longer a "conspiracy theory", the US is fast moving toward a society of total state control.

    The more power is centralized, in the hands of the unelected fed agencies, as acknowledged by both parties, hate speech, being generated by a group that views themselves as having a monopoly on virtue, is not really a threat to freedom and civil rights.

    We are way past the threat, it's already here.

    Gee wizz, I wonder if any other groups of the, (ie) 1930 or 1940 viewed themselves as having a monopoly on virtue and, was able to manipulate government power to gain control. Gee, I just "wonder" ?

    The answer was yes and did you notice, the PR, public promo was always base on ACCUSING OTHERS , the refined ACCUSING INTO AN ART FORM.

    The better minds, of all political parties need to do a serious "sit down",

    The founders and supporters of the US, men and women, didn't want the US to be like primitive cultures, where mob justice, mob accusers, irrespective of facts & evidence, rule the day, BASED ON THE MOST VOCAL ACCUSER, or based on a government position.

    Throughout the ages, wrongly accusing, and constantly accusing has always been the mainstay of tyrants, and people seeking total state control over people.

    We, men and women, need to get some serious resolve to fight for true equality, and refuse to be victims of hate speech from any group, including feminist.

    I'ts a lot like being accused of being racist, when you've spent years speaking out against racism.

    We've had enough.

    Time to rethink.

  • MasculistFeminist profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Australia

    Thank you for the positive feedback. Some feminists certainly do go way too far, which is sadly what ideological thinking encourages. When people are prepared to replace facts with dogma, they replace reality with a narrow worldview. Now lets reverse the genders of the scenario that you have shared with me for a minute and imagine the reactions of a feminist wife in response to a group of men telling her to get out of the house so they can talk about men's issues. Imagine the outrage! So how do they resolve the double standard in their minds? Well, under the half truth of patriarchy theory, feminists can justify such hypocrisy and resolve that troublesome cognitive dissonance with their conscience. Painting women as perpetual victims, men as oppressors, privileged and part of some upper class, helps appease their conscience. So much so, that feminists even speak freely with no reservation about exterminating men and half the population, or genetically modifying men like corn.

    Feminism will never finish what it started because bigotry, hate and hypocrisy have replaced moral principles, integrity and conscience. Feminism cannot strive for equality if the movement has adopted an ideology that encourages conflict with men and has bigots in positions of influence.

  • belleart profile image


    7 years ago from Ireland

    This is an impressive hub, big hand shake from me! I have always said I am not a feminist, i'm an equalist and both men and women should be given the same rights and freedoms, but some feminists can for certain go way too far! I heard a story from my literature professor (who is also feminist) about his wife soon after they married who hosted 'women's issues parties' at his house and would bring all her feminist friends over to chat. However, when they arrived they told him to get the hell out of his own house and treated him like crap! Unnecessary and very wrong for the feminist movement itself.

    While I honestly still believe feminism has not yet finished what it started, I don't think it ever will with issues like the ones you have described. The Warren farrell video proves that sadly.

    Thanks for having the courage to write this, its very articulate and well presented. Voted up for sure

  • MasculistFeminist profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Australia

    DarkProxy-Believe me, I was holding back. Hurting men is one thing, but attacking boys self image, future prospects and indoctrinating them is quite another! I was one of those boys. I will let their actions in the videos do the talking.

  • Darkproxy profile image


    8 years ago from Ohio

    to kind if you ask me

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Excellent article Ryan and thank you so much for mentioning me and my article. :)


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