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The True Advantages of Speaking the Truth

Updated on October 30, 2013
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The Man Who Always Speaks Truth
The Man Who Always Speaks Truth | Source

The Search for the Advantages of Speaking the Truth

The personal wellness consultation session was in progress in my office. My client was a wealthy businessman, much married and a father of two children. His problem: lately he has not been enjoying his work and he is not able to concentrate when in office.

His phone rang, it was his buyer checking about the delivery of his orders. My client assured him that everything is on schedule; there was no need to worry. After completing this call, he immediately called up someone in his office telling him to start the work at once. Obviously he had lied to his client and no way could he deliver in time.


Why do people lie?

Well the overage response would be “everyone does it”, “No big deal”.

OK, perhaps we are so used to it, like a person having a few cups of tea or coffee – sometimes mechanically – without his body even requiring it.

What are the disadvantages of speaking the truth?

That brings us to the next question – Is lying so beneficial or advantageous?

To find out the answer, let us explore – “what are the absolute advantages of speaking the truth?”

Fortunately, the answers are not difficult to find and these are quite a handful.

Some of them could be categorized as:

Creditability in the Society

If someone has a habit of always speaking the truth, his reputation will be built accordingly. Before he reaches a place or calls up his reputation shall precede him.


Earning the Precious Trust

No wonder, such a person shall be trusted easily.

His advice or his services or his recommendation shall always be valued and respected.

Building a Great Reputation

A trustworthy person will have a far better and higher reputation than a normal person who may resort to lying – irrespective of degree of use.

Respect and Love

It is but natural that the society, friends, colleagues, relatives and neighbors will adore and respect the person who always speaks the truth.


Better Interpersonal Relations

Our times are full of live examples of mistrust, infidelity, doubt, extra marital relationships. Right or wrong – couples have suspicion over each other. Nobody enjoys it as it leads to fights, tensions, violence finally ending at break off or divorce. Even the parents and the children are equally affected for no fault of theirs. Now imagine a beautiful, harmonious relationship based on mutual respect, trust and belief leading to a lovely domestic life. Who gets the credit for this – Speaking the Truth, of course.

Better Success at Work

Whether one is self employed or working in an organization, whether a person is a medical doctor or a car salesman or an insurance sales person a lot of importance would be attached to his word. There will be repeat client visits besides referrals. Thus, he has to put in fewer efforts to build his business or increase his sales and with the time saved he can either attend to more customers or clients or be more with family.

In any case, he is gainer. All this is because of his belief and practice of speaking the truth.

Is it always necessary to speak the truth?

How often you think telling a lie is OK?

See results

Stress Free Life

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the life of a person who is adored, respected and trusted by family, society, customers, vendors and co-workers. As a result, he is showered with many good things in life. He has to struggle less, exert less.

Since he has no room for lies, he does not have to remember the different information or news or version he has told to various persons. The memory of his mental hard disk is comparatively under less strain.

Wouldn’t such a person have less stress?

Better Quality of Life

Having earned better productivity and efficiency at work, more harmony and love at home, higher respect and trust in society and that too without putting in extra efforts, this person certainly leads a better quality of life – comparatively, of course.


With so many good things happening to him / her in life, surely s/he is moving towards higher level of spirituality

The flow chart of advantages of speaking the truth

The flow chart explaining the advantages of speaking the truth
The flow chart explaining the advantages of speaking the truth | Source

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