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The Trump Acceptance Speech

Updated on August 8, 2016

Why a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for America

If you came away from Donald J. Trump's acceptance speech at the RNC not seeing a strong leader and someone who can restore America to its greatness, then you are either a far right progressive or someone who simply refuses to give up on their political ideology or someone who is willfully ignorant. I say that not to offend (although I am sure that it will) but rather to point out that there is much to be learned by researching both candidates and many liberals simply will not do honest research on Donald J. Trump, choosing instead to believe what the media tells them.

Donald Trump is the answer to much that is wrong in this country. He cant do it alone, but he knows that. Hes smart. He knows he needs the brains of many others to help him get done what needs to be done. He is humble enough to admit that in the political arena, there is much to learn.

His speech last night was revolutionary. He reached out to America. ALL America and let all of us know that no matter who we are, what color our skin is, what sexual orientation we might be, that we are ALL Americans and we all matter and the things that Trump wants to do and fix are things that all Americans are behind.

I havent been this energized about an election since the Reagan years and yes! Trump, in many ways, very much reminds me of Reagan.

The country needs a strong leader....just like back then.

I love his patriotism. I love his love for American exceptionalism and the wonderful feeling that WE ARE AMERICANS and we can do anything with the right leadership. I love his pride in America. You can't pretend that. It comes from somewhere deep inside all of us and its been dead in many of us for far too long. Donald Trump unabashedly loves his country and that should make all of us want to scream from the rooftops with the same love and pride we see in him.

I love that he is inclusive. Let me be clear about this. We have serious problems in this country...indeed in this world. While I have my own personal feelings about issues concerning blacks and other minorities in our country, in order to fix the problems we do have, we simply MUST get past our own prejudices and discomforts. And we need to concentrate on the bigger issues such as the economy, global and national safety.

I love that he wants to fight for our country. Not fight as in go to war, although if that is what is needed (and we all hope that it isnt) then I feel confident that Donald J. Trump will not back down and will not shrink in the face of defending our freedom. The fight I am referring to is that he will make it clear to the world at large, allies and foes, that America is back...stronger than ever and if you choose to take advantage of her or her people you will be dealt with.

I love that he loves our military and our law enforcers. There will be no blathering talk from a President Trump when officers are being gunned down in our streets. There will be no doubt where his loyalties lie. Because groups like Black Lives Matter, while there may be some message they are trying to convey that has merit, their overall presentation has no merit and we cannot abide the killing of the very men and women who are our barrier between safety and anarchy.

A President Trump will make it very clear to groups such as these that violence will not be tolerated.

I love that he is a strong executive who has built businesses and managed budgets and handled a payroll and CREATED JOBS! He knows how to work with people and groups in order to achieve results. One of the overriding comments I took away from all of the speeches this week is how Trump listens to others and surrounds himself with those who are knowledgeable about things he might excel in. Be it a bricklayer or a military general, Trump will get things done because hes not above being able to ask for help when its needed. And while he has pride in himself, that pride doesnt overshadow his awareness that in order to take on the Herculean task of rebuilding America, he is going to need help.

I love that with all of his wealth, he has still been able to remain humble which was evident by the tears in his eyes last night as he memoralized his late father, Fred Trump.

And finally...I love that his children are a direct reflection of the man. You cant fake good kids and his are, in every way, something for him to be proud of.

When you get to a certain age and you look at your adult children who are successful people in their careers and personal lives...when they are decent human beings who love others and are passing on the qualities they were raised with....ALL parents take pride and they know that they've succeeded at something worth more than all the monetary success in the world.

And Donald J. Trump has done that.


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