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The Truth about Mars Changes Everything

Updated on November 20, 2017
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"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein
"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein
"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein

How's it been workin' for ya?

We have never been able to access as much information as we can now, and we have never been more free to explore and analyze that information. However, when ordinary everyday people make new discoveries, until it is acknowledged by an "official" agency almost no one will believe it. No one will believe much of anything, even when there is overwhelming evidence, unless it is announced "officially".

If something is true but "unofficial", no one believes it; if something is false but "official", no one questions it -- we are in a very dangerous situation because of this.

People even willingly believe bold faced blatant lies -- as long as they have been "officially" announced. People will generally believe whatever they are told to believe, as long as the "officials" tell it to them -- even when they know it's not true.

Everyone freely admits they don't trust the government or the media, but they always believe them -- no matter what they say! If you don't trust them, why would you believe what they tell you? This is not the rationale of a conscious person. We know the mainstream media lies, but we won't believe anything unless we hear it from them -- that is undeniable evidence of brainwashing and mind control; surely there is an "official" name for this level of mental instability (Stockholm syndrome and cognitive dissonance).

Seems like a person should be able to make a legitimate discovery, or research something and then reveal their findings to the public without much hassle. This is not so easy though; when someone discovers something, it means nothing until the "officials" say it means something. No matter what it is, you have discovered exactly and precisely nothing -- nothing -- unless "they" say you have discovered something, but not until. This makes it extremely difficult for ordinary individuals to ever make any kind of meaningful contribution.

It is not much different than in the ancient tyrannies of long ago; you are what the King says you are -- end of story. Whatever the King says, is true no matter what -- you don't matter and no one cares what you think; the King is right ... period. Don't step too far out of line or you might get dealt with; don't contradict the King, or you might get punished -- or even killed. Don't mess around and end up getting publicly beheaded, don't want that.

That is not really all that far from how things are today; they might not "physically" cut off your head (in some places they still do), but they will discredit and dismiss you until you have been figuratively "put to death" in the collective mind of the public. Some people have been ridiculed, harassed, and tormented to the point of literal suicide -- simply for presenting ideas that other people don't agree with! Other people have been tortured, imprisoned, and killed for professing information that does not conform to the "official" narrative -- this needs to stop, and something desperately needs to change on our planet.

So what, if someone thinks differently? Why does that even matter to anyone? Why can't people just be left alone to think however they like without needing approval to do so? People should be free to present their discoveries, thoughts, and ideas without having to fear being harassed, abused, and murdered.

If we are not free to think whatever we think and say whatever we say, we simply are not free. Freedom of thought and expression should be allowed to all people. If we hurl abuse and ridicule at those we disagree with, we invite the same onto ourselves.

If you think it is acceptable to treat me poorly because I think differently than you, then you must agree that it is acceptable for me to treat you poorly because you think differently than I do.

This is the very epitome of hypocrisy and it's unacceptable; it is not OK to treat others poorly because of what they think or believe -- no matter how correct or credible you think yourself to be.

If you are to be allowed to freely think and speak as you wish, then you must allow everyone to do the same; if not, you only deny yourself that same freedom.

We should be celebrating differences rather than condemning them. Imagine a world where everyone thinks the same thing -- everything would be the same. Every speech, song, movie, book, poem, painting, magazine, news story, TV show, website, house, car, clothing, hairstyle -- everything ... everything would be the same and there would be no individual expression whatsoever -- might as well be robots.

If everyone is forced (by everyone else through abuse and ridicule) to think the same, we will have a very bland mundane monotone world in which no one can ever experience any level of real or meaningful freedom -- no one wants that, but that is exactly what we are helping to create.

Don't abuse people for what they think or believe; it's ridiculous, and it demonstrates that you are a very insecure weak person incapable of encountering information that is different from what you think you "know". You only end up harming yourself when you treat others in this way.

When enough people change on an individual basis, we end up changing the whole world; and something absolutely needs to change, because there is something very wrong here. Just look at the world -- something obviously needs to change -- we all know this.

"How's it been workin' for ya?" How has letting the "officials" dictate reality been working for us? How has this been working for you? Based on conditions all around the world, it doesn't look good; it doesn't look remotely like this is good for us. "Don't look like it's been workin' for ya."

As Einstein said, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." We need a change, a shift, an altering of the very conscious awareness of humanity. This sounds like a huge thing, but sometimes the smallest little thing can cause the biggest effects. Sometimes, the biggest changes to societies have come from the tiniest change in what is believed by the people. Sometimes the slightest shift of mind can refocus and rebalance an entire planet.

What if there was something that was absolutely true, but not "officially" real, that would facilitate such a shift of consciousness? Sometimes, an exploration into "possibility", and what "could be", can change everything.

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi
"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

It's Up to You

In 2006 the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter reached its orbit around Mars at about 180 miles from the surface. At that distance, images of things as small as five inches across can be captured. If there was something the size of a cellphone or a tablet on the surface of Mars, you would likely be able to identify it in pictures taken by the Mars Orbiter. If there is evidence of intelligent life having ever existed on Mars, we might just be able to see it in the pictures. If there are ruins of civilizations from long ago on Mars, we should be able to solidly identify them fairly easily.

This is when people usually start saying, "There's nothing like that on Mars, that's ridiculous." Good, since there is nothing there and you believe it is ridiculous, you shouldn't have an issue with anyone looking at it then, right? Isn't it their own business if they waste their own time? You don't have to look at it -- but don't get mad at me for looking at it! Nothing there, right? Then why be bothered by people looking for something on Mars, or talking about the possibility of it? What if there is something there? Frightening!

That might mean our whole view of the world would have to change; we might have to change our entire outlook on "reality" in order to consider something like this. This is why people sometimes get angry about things like this; if it's true, not only do they have to change their entire understanding of things, they also have to admit they were wrong. People tend to become upset whenever they are forced to confront the idea that they might have been mistaken. It is very arrogant and immature to be unable to admit mistakes, but this should not be so; mistakes are part of learning -- realizing your mistakes, admitting them, and correcting them is one of the most freeing, empowering, and mature things anyone will ever be able to do in their entire lives.

These kind of topics and ideas really can be very frightening though (fear is often expressed as anger), because our whole identity might have to change if we do find "something". Especially if we find something that contradicts, or even completely destroys, the current understanding of things.

There is no reason to be frightened though; look at the world again ... aren't you already frightened?

What if we did find "something", and what if it was a big enough discovery to "change everything"? Isn't that actually what needs to happen? Don't we need to find "something" that changes everything? Obviously we do, so enough with the fear -- let's see if we can find something that "changes everything". If we don't at least have a look, we will never know.

What if something absolutely amazing is waiting to be discovered? What if we never look, and therefore never find it? What if we could find something that would alter the entire collective mind of the whole human race? What if we could find something that would allow every human on this planet to think of themselves, and everyone else, in a different way? What if we could literally alter the entire course of the future, simply by acknowledging a "possibility" instead of dismissing anything that we are not "officially" told?

We can change the world simply by changing our own minds about what is possible. "All possibility" is what can set you free. Limits, boundaries, rules, regulations ... or freedom?

You may think whatever you like, but you don't need anyone to give you permission to do so.

One simple change in perception can change a life forever, and one life changed forever can change a whole planet forever. You can "be the change that you wish to see in the world", or you can just stay trapped and enslaved inside the cage the "officials" have desperately tried to keep you in -- the choice is yours; YOU are who decides if the world changes or not.

Wanna keep it the same (kinda looks like crap), or do you want to start making something new (we can make it better) -- it's up to you.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
"The first indication of intelligent life on Earth lies in the geometric regularity of its constructions." - Carl Sagan
"The first indication of intelligent life on Earth lies in the geometric regularity of its constructions." - Carl Sagan

Intelligent Geometry

Researchers have viewed and analyzed photos from the Mars missions and have come to some very interesting, and even startling, conclusions. They say that in "official" images of Mars there are things that just don't make a whole lot of sense, unless we alter our understanding of ... everything.

Researchers say there is intelligently created "geometry" in the pictures. If this is true, then some of the things we see in pictures of Mars are not naturally occurring objects.

Aerial photographs of cities leveled by tornadoes clearly show intelligently created geometric patterns: roads, sidewalks, foundations, parking lots, and so on -- the underlying geometry is easily identifiable.

If nature was allowed to reclaim an area where an ancient civilization once lived, the geometric evidence of their existence would be identifiable for an extremely long time. Many ancient sites on Earth were discovered this way; ruins that are thousands of years old have easily identifiable geometric structure. If we are trying to find evidence of intelligent life once existing on Mars, "geometry" might provide the evidence we are looking for.

It certainly would be true about Earth; if extraterrestrials came to have a look around here, the first thing they would see is intelligently created geometry. Even from very far above the surface of Earth, human-made geometry would be obvious. Even if something completely wiped out all life on Earth, the evidence of our existence would be plain to see for thousands and thousands of years. If whatever wiped out life on Earth also caused the process of erosion to slow down dramatically (which is the case on Mars) evidence of our existence might last for millions -- even billions -- of years, but the browsing aliens would never see any of it unless they looked.

The aliens who refused to look at Earth, because "there could not possibly be anything there", would never see the evidence of our existence -- how sad. What if all life on Earth really is eventually lost, then millions of years go by without anyone ever looking for us? This is disturbing to consider, but the whole idea is quite astonishing really; researchers believe there to be extremely unusual geometry on Mars that simply could have never occurred naturally -- they say that it simply cannot have been created by anything other than intelligent life that once existed there. They also contend that geometric evidence of intelligent life from a time in the very distant past is in many places on Mars; they say it is all over the surface of the planet.

It is believed that Mars looks just like Earth would, if life had been eliminated from it a very long time ago. Those who believe this are absolutely and completely sure that at some point in time, a very long time ago -- intelligent life once existed on Mars.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." - CIA Director William Casey
"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." - CIA Director William Casey

Information Suppression

Many people believe there has been a deliberate attempt to keep the public from knowing anything about this kind of stuff (and an enormous range of other stuff too). They certainly are not off-base in that way of thinking; as we all know very well, the "officials" have not told the truth about a lot of stuff and they have also blatantly lied directly to our faces all too often.

Why would anyone imagine "them" to be telling us the whole truth about anything -- including missions to other planets?

Does anyone really trust "them" so much that they would honestly say, "Yes, I think they have told us the truth."? That's absurd, no one who has a functioning intellect would ever say anything like that ... so why do you think they are telling the truth about Mars? Most likely they're not.

When someone lies and lies and lies and lies, then starts talking about something else, they are most likely still lying.

With one quick look at the world, it is obvious that there is somebody somewhere who does not want us to know "something"; why else would they constantly hide things, alter history, and lie as they do? Just staying within the realm of the "known" -- we know there is stuff they don't want us knowing about. There is so much secrecy, manipulation, and deceit coming from the officials that if you cannot see it by now you are far worse off than the blind -- "eyes are useless when the mind is blind".

They don't want us to know our true history, how we got here, where we came from, or what we really are -- this has been very well established based completely on what is "provable" information available to everyone. There is an enormous amount of amazing information that "officials" have always tried to keep from the public; if any of that information has something to do with Mars, they are not going to tell us about it. They will also do whatever they can to discredit anyone who does try to tell us about these things, which is another obvious attempt to prevent information from spreading too far into the general population.

For whatever reason, "they" are scared of us realizing whatever truth they have kept from us -- "something" is true, and they don't want us knowing anything about it. In fact, "they" have tried desperately throughout all of known history to keep "certain" information separate from the people, but why would they do that?

If you want to keep a people from evolving, and keep them under your control, you have to keep them ignorant. A people ignorant of who they are, what they are, where they came from, and their true history are a disabled people who can easily be taken advantage of. If you can keep the most important information to yourself (like they have always done through all of human history) you can completely stop progress, and direct people away from anything you choose. Again, look around at the world, "How's it been workin' for us?" Not so good, huh?

Well, maybe this is why: they have concealed information that would profoundly revolutionize all life and existence on Earth, and they are absolutely terrified of us finding out the truth -- because the truth sets us free, and ends their control.

"It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true." - Henry Kissinger
"It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true." - Henry Kissinger

Public Perception

The whole space program is funded by the tax payer (that's you); this means we should be in charge, but we aren't. We should have full access to everything NASA has ever found, but we don't. The only way we have ever gotten a whole lot of information from NASA has been through constant pressure; it stands to reason that we should increase that pressure: more pressure = more information, but that still doesn't mean they are going to tell the truth. It doesn't matter though, because it makes no difference whether they tell the real truth or not; what matters is what the public perceives to be true.

As we know, public perception is dictated by "official" sources -- that is why it is important for them to "officially" announce things, so that information can become part of the collective consciousness of humanity. If something is not "officially" announced, it does not become part of the collective "reality"; this is a very easy way for "them" to suppress information -- works very well.

People only believe what "they" talk about, so they only talk about things they want the people to believe. "Official" sources are not going to introduce any kind of information like "intelligently created geometry on Mars", because they don't want the public to ever know that anyone anywhere even thinks anything like this. Geometry on Mars? No, they will never mention that anyone has ever even thought such a thing, because they don't want the general public to ever realize there is such a theory. They will not "officially" acknowledge that an idea like this even exists -- they don't want you to even think about it.

That is why most people have never heard of such things before; you cannot consider, contemplate, question, wonder about, imagine, or dream of things you have never heard of before -- they try to make sure you never hear it, because they don't want you thinkin' about it.

You have to look to find things like this; "they" certainly do not point it out, bring it up, or draw your attention to it -- you gotta go lookin' to find this kind of stuff.

They will never show you any of this, because they don't want you to know that anything is "possible" other than what they say is possible. They don't want you thinking about anything that is outside their "box" -- this is powerful information control.

Even if they lied and presented this kind of information as a "disproven theory" a whole bunch of people might go looking into it anyway, and then, some of them might believe it -- cant have that ... so, they don't talk about it and ridicule anyone who does. They have suppressed enormous amounts of information in this way.

Think about this in relation to all of the textbooks that children are made to read for twelve years of school -- we all had to read 'em. Who decides what information goes into those books? Do you think there might be any chance that those books are full of manipulated and incomplete information to make sure that you never think about things that you aren't "supposed" to think about?

The whole mandatory education (indoctrination) system is controlled, dictated, directed, and funded by the government -- do you trust them? Well do you? Do you trust the government? No? Well then why do you believe everything they say, and why do you trust them with the minds of your children? Obviously this is a complicated contradiction, but it is a blatant one! "They" are who dictate the contents of textbooks; it is very easy to see and understand this, but you must look with an open mind.

Bottom line -- we get what they give us and nothing more, that includes NASA. As someone who helps fund the space program (YOU), if you discover something astonishing, they will push you to the side and dismiss you. "How's that workin' for ya?"

Remember, nothing is real until "they" say so; it doesn't matter that you actually fund their research, your research is worthless to them. In this way, they can suppress and control nearly all information. The population has been conditioned by this process to only accept information from "them", and this makes it pretty easy for them to hold the public perception wherever they want it to be.

If they want the people to believe aliens are real, they will make an "official" announcement through the mainstream media and everyone will believe aliens are real. If they want the people to believe aliens are not real, they will make an "official" announcement through the mainstream media and everyone will believe aliens are not real.

Sadly, the vast majority of people seem to just believe whatever they are told to believe -- that is why the world is in such a mess. They control what the public believes about life beyond our planet by using "official" announcements and "trusted" news organizations; through this system they can easily convince most people to believe whatever they want them to believe. This has left us in a horrible situation; we only know what they have told us, beyond that we don't actually know anything. We don't even know very much about what they actually know, and it doesn't look like they have any plans of telling us.

What if they really aren't telling us the whole story? What if the whole story makes a pathetic and simplistic fairy tale out of the "official" line of garbage we have been provided with?

Ray Bradbury
Ray Bradbury

"Science fiction is any idea that occurs in the head and doesn't exist yet, but soon will, and will change everything for everybody, and nothing will ever be the same again. As soon as you have an idea that changes some small part of the world you are writing science fiction. It is always the art of the possible, never the impossible." - Ray Bradbury

Intelligent Life

In 2012, the Curiosity rover landed safely on Mars in Gale Crater at the Bradbury Landing site, which was named after Ray Bradbury. This is very interesting, because Ray Bradbury was an author who wrote a book called The Martian Chronicles. The Martian Chronicles is a fascinating story about humanity encountering a civilization on Mars -- interesting.

The Curiosity rover, with its vast array of scientific equipment, has provided enough information to confirm that life could have existed on Mars -- everything needed for life is accounted for. Maybe Ray Bradbury's story is not that far from the truth, what if that's why they named Curiosity's landing site after him? Maybe they already knew in advance what they were going to find: a very long time ago Mars was very suitable for life to have arisen -- even intelligent life, like humans, could have once easily existed on Mars. However, this does not prove life of any kind ever actually existed on Mars; it only proves that it could have. It also doesn't prove there was ever "intelligent" life on Mars, but it sure does make it possible -- possible.

All the conditions necessary to produce and sustain life once did, in fact, exist on Mars; therefore, it is possible that intelligent life, great civilizations, and advanced technology could have also existed on Mars.

Researchers say that it is not only possible, but provable -- they say intelligent life absolutely existed on Mars at one time, and they claim to have evidence that proves it.

Mars Curiosity Rover
Mars Curiosity Rover

Blue Skies

In addition to pointing out intelligently created geometric patterns on Mars, researchers have also demonstrated that "official" NASA images of Mars are misleading.

Researchers often point out how simply correcting the white balance of NASA images quite remarkably alters what can be seen in the photos. It is plainly evident that what we have been shown of Mars (a hostile looking red place) is completely inaccurate; we have been presented with those particular images to influence our thoughts (mind control) about conditions on Mars.

Some researchers contend that Mars is not red at all; they say it looks like Earth -- and has a blue sky. Imagine if that is true, just that one thing -- Mars has a blue sky. If that is true, what does that do to your perception of what it might be like on Mars? Sometimes the tiniest thing changes everything; if Mars has a blue sky, doesn't that quite significantly change things? Of course it does, how could it not?

It is believed that NASA has intentionally hid the true color of Mars to manipulate the public mind. They have apparently done so in an attempt to create a perception of reality that is truly false -- that's called lying.

In official NASA images Mars looks extremely hostile and unwelcoming, but what if it doesn't really look like that? What if Mars looks like Earth? How would that change the public mind? How would that change the individual mind? How would that change your mind? What if Mars really does have a blue sky? The images with the corrected white balance sure do make it look that way.

Don't you want to know?

It doesn't matter that researchers have discovered artificial geometry and a blue sky on Mars; no this does not matter at all -- because it is not "official". It makes no difference if it's true or not; it only matters if it is "official" or not.

Intelligently created geometry and blue skies on Mars is certainly not in any way, shape, or form "official"; therefore, it cannot possibly be true.

Since it is not "official" most of the public doesn't know these ideas even exist, but don't you want to know about them? Don't you want to know what has really been found? Since you are paying for it, seems like you would want to know.

Shouldn't we start demanding that they tell us what they have really found? If enough people demand the truth, maybe we can make them tell us; maybe not too, but at least we will have tried.

What if they really do know something that could change everything, but aren't telling us anything about it?

Change the World

Researchers suggest that this idea extends out far beyond Mars; they say our entire Solar System contains ruins left from a technologically advanced civilization that lived millions, or even billions, of years ago. They say that much of the Solar System was once colonized, but almost all life was eliminated due to a horrible catastrophe that left the Solar System nearly lifeless -- we are all that is left. Life on Earth was all that survived after the devastation, and we just barely made it.

This is quite remarkable to consider and a bit sad if you think about it, but what if we are the direct descendants of a people so advanced that they actually colonized our entire Solar System? What would it mean to open our minds to this possibility? Our most ancient ancestors might have colonized the Solar System -- that's where we came from!

What might that perception of possibility do to the entire collective mindset of humanity? Right now the collective mindset is that we evolved from apes, or something along those lines, but what if we actually descended from a people who colonized entire Solar Systems? That is amazing to consider; just think of it.

What effect might such a change of the collective mindset have on our whole future? If we believe this to be our origin, what does that do to our mind? Something like this can have profound effects, and absolutely transform the individual and collective way of thinking, being, and living.

Ideas like this can transform us into a people who stand in awe of our ancestors, and marvel at what they did -- and at what we can do again.

Think of how this understanding would change the world; just that one little bitty tiny shift of mind could massively impact all life on Earth -- forever.


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