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The Unelected Prime Minister and the slow Labour Suicide

Updated on July 31, 2016

Politics seems to have slowed down this week with Brexit and Trident largely out of the news and our exalted representatives off on their summer recess. Both issues are like an underground fire that can burn unnoticed for centuries then erupt when least expected.

People seem to be forgetting that Theresa May has not been elected as Prime Minister. Since she tried to pressurise Gordon Brown into an election when he became unelected PM, saying unelected Prime Monsters should hold an election within six months she is open to charges of hypocrisy by not saying why her case is different. It is of course possible to argue that the electorate chose a party not a person as PM and change of the suit that holds the position between elections is no different from hiring a company to rebuild your bathroom and finding that the head plumber has changed. It seems unlikely that the mainstream parties would appreciate being compared to a gang of plumbers. even if the electorate chose a party not a person as PM this should be reflected on ballot papers: at present these show the candidate with their party in small print underneath. To allow unelected Prime Ministers the Ballot paper should show the party, with the candidate’s name in small print underneath.

abour continue to shoot themselves in their endless supply of wounded mouth seeking feet. Labour’s Scottish puppets propose to raise Scottish taxes in or-

der to pay for Westminster’s mistakes, consider ”Scotland” just a word and decided not to split with the London Party unless socialist Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour party Leadership election this Autumn. Labour’s internal civil war continues to lose them votes and gain them Corbyn supporting members while one Labour MP stood up on his hindlegs and used his hindbrain to bray thanks to Theresa the Unelected for doing her job and taking on Jeremy Corbyn in Parliament More and more Labour heavyweights are coming out as supporting independence and in that cloud of nonentities known as the Scottish Liberals some members are pushing the party to support a second Independence refer- endum. Whether these people want independence or just a second NO vote is unclear. Watching Labour is like watching someone determined to commit suicide with a blunt cheese grater.

Does the unelected one want to eliminate pensioners?

Theresa the Unelected saw her advisor’s plans to cut wages and workers rights resurface. While these may be old there is little sign that the realities of office have made her temper her views, if only reluctantly. She has axed the role of minister for Syrian refugees thus throwing Syrian refugee children under a bus. It seems likely here regime will be efficient and heartless. Obviously it will not benefit either the UK or any of the nations in it. The EU collectively and France individually have said Britain cannot have Free Market membership without Free movement of people. The unelected one’s response was to jet off to Italy talk to Italians and say Brexit preparations have already started. Spain gave the clearest indications it could that it would not veto an Independent Scotland’s entry into the EU, and support for an independent Scotland is well above 50% throughout Europe and The EU has appointed a Brexit chief negotiator who blames the UK for the loss of his job. Since he will not start work till Article 50 is triggered it seems likely he will not, unlike the UK, plunge into negotiations without a plan.

British Pensioners, who are generally blamed for the result of the EU referen- dum should be worried. A previously ”secret” memo from the former pensions

minister proposed scrapping the triple lock on retirement pensions. To be fair it suggested making it a double lock. The unelected one had to deny any plans to scrap the double lock and explicitly said there will be no change. This means moves to abandon the state pension will not be long delayed, perhaps not even until article 50 is triggered.

In the bigger picture the UK, like the US seems ripe for a fascist dictatorship disguised as a democracy. Inequality has risen and the victims of inequality have in the Brexit campaign and throughout the Cameron regime, been offered scapegoats such as the unemployed, disabled, poor and most effectively immi- grants. The stage is now set for a populist demagogue with a talent for oratory to sweep an election on a platform of a final solution for the problem of life that is not worthy of life while private firms lobby for the crematorium, gas supply and cattle truck contracts. Hopefully that dire prediction will not happen but it is another reason to want Scotland to become independent.

How we got to the brink of fascism would probably fill a book and the roots seem to be back in the 80s when Margaret the First created a personality cult around her. Tony Blair would see to bear a large amount of the blame. More importantly a serious study, even lightly written, would probably be ignored by 95% of those who currently follow politics as theatre and the equivalent of football where they can express their tribal hatreds rather than working to improve their society.


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