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The Real Meaning Of The Acronym USA: The United States of Atrocities

Updated on February 27, 2016

House Of Lies

Living The Lie

'' In a time of universal deceit -telling the truth is a revolutionary act.'' George Orwell.

When the legendary George Orwell made the above statement, he must have had a picture of how this present times would become. How that so many folks would easily depart from the truth, given heed to the crap and brainwashing tendencies of the Media that is in collaboration with the Government; sitting glued to that cursed box called TV, while neck-deep in Hollywood waters of zombiefication. When you realize how a lot of folks would easily attack analytical discourse such as this, without any ounce of finding out the truth themselves, it becomes expedient in bringing George Orwell's quote to the forefront.

We are currently living in an era where telling the truth has become a sort of revolution in the sense that, nowadays,the lie has virtually become the truth, the acceptable norm, in the face of unparalleled deceit and misinformation, which can be attributed largely to western main stream media (MSM) platforms that deliberately follows one line of thought, under reporting, or outright bias; and the immediate result that follows, is the overwhelming brainwashing and complete zombiefication of the larger population of the unsuspecting 99%-ters.

Permit me to ask. Has it ever entered your medulla oblongata as in, why is America increasingly loathed by many across the globe? Have you been able to comprehend why America, the world richest economy, is seen as the greatest threat to the economic and security sanctity of the world? Are you even aware that your government is largely regarded as a terrorist government? So many questions demanding answers. Well, owing to America's performance on the foreign stage in the light of its unenviable records of horror and sheer terror, (as we shall see shortly,) captions like " the United States of Anarchy, the United States of Atrocities, or the United States of Death," should be appearing on the front pages and banners of the MSM outlets; but unfortunately, this has not been the case. Rather, we are treated to a complete deviation from the truth, from the real facts on the ground, either by negligent conduct or malicious intent to that effect. This is the hall mark of propaganda, as warned by Malcom X, the end game being to obscure the people's mind, indicting the brainwork and postulations of the critical thinker, by tagging them as conspiracy theories, make the people unable to decipher the real from a web of false realities, and to keep them in line as it relate to public opinion and perceptions regarding government policies, actions and inaction.

Satan's Enforcer

Reasons for the Hate

As you and I forges ahead as humans in our respective capacity in this sinful planet called Earth, we might have come across personal opinion, publications or analytical discourse that exhibit a form of deep, sated anger and loathing towards the United States. This has further prompted similar questions (like the aforementioned ones above) as to, " why do people so much loathe the USA?'' This is a country whose people are very receptive, friendly and easy going. A country with the most billionaires, the best and richest economy in the world. A country with the right infrastructural and technological quality that enhances good living conditions while creating an enabling environment for social, human, and capital development. Then why this loathing? To say that such a question, as well as the answers to it, is of great importance, is underline by the fact that as of today, the US is held to be " the greatest threat to world peace " ( see see google for clarification.)

Now. as a google search should reveal, the United States is seen as the greatest threat to world peace, loathed by many across the globe, and its rightly so, going by its horrific foreign policy performance via its military adventurism under a myopic notion of self impose exceptional-ism. This implies that while the US as a sovereign state (in terms of government) is loathed by many over the world, such hatred and resentment are not primarily directed at the general public/citizens of the US, in the sense that they too are victims of the same government/elites warmongering machinery, as they are always the ones at the receiving end of any economic, political and social backlash that emanates from such reckless and murderous adventurism. Moreover, we must understand that many people loathe the US for two most valid and prevalent reasons, which are:

1. Intellectualized Reasons " - reasons based on tenets or principles, morals, norms, socio or natural doctrines that governs the natural society at large, and,

2. Historical Reasons " - reasons based on past and present conflicts and actions of the USA.

These two reasons when critically considered, basically justified the notion that the United States is indeed a state not in anarchy, but of anarchy and overwhelming atrocities; for which the answers are deeply rooted in America's military terrorism from pillar to post, all over the world.

Source Of The Hate

The Victims Are Not Smiling

It is trite that every military conflict and strike brings untold hardship and pains to the recipients, and therefore causes the innocent people to resent and loathe the attackers, even when the attacks appear necessary from one logical point of view, not to mention when such attacks were based on lies, false pretext, color coded revolution, false flag operation, greed to own and covet scarce resources etc. We could therefore ride on a fast train listing every conflict that America has been involved in, supplied weapons to one side, both, or more, made a profit from or secured oil interest from: but such a list would basically involve listing nearly every conflict across the world.

The atrocious chronicles of the US lies in the wake of its global intervention and interference. People such as Saddam Hussein and Colonel Qaddafi were undoubtedly responsible for some atrocious acts, and many believed that regime change was rightly forced upon those countries. However, the US government's history of foreign interference goes well beyond this century, and well beyond controversial characters, not to mention that the said controversial characters were actually targeted based on false insinuations and sugar-coated lies, not because they where despotic or controversial. In fact, the US has toppled many publicly-supported democratic governments around the world, and this has traditionally been instigated through the exploits of the CIA camouflaging under None Governmental Organizations (NGOs), such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED,) the US Agency for International Development (USAID,), the International Republican Institute (IRI,) and many more; all of which have helped to serve imperialism and hegemony of the US diabolic elites - the dark angels that own much of the multi-national corporations and the Military industrial Complex (MIC).

I can still recall that years after the titanic battle for the soul of the world in World War 2, the CIA went on the rampage and committed acts of assassination and torture, and replaced democracies with dictatorships in countries all over the world for more than 30 years, and till date. These evils were carried out on the guise of ensuring or implementing democracy as the justification for such acts of aggression and heinous crimes. Another silly excuse was often that the Soviets had influence over the hapless state, with little or no evidence to back up such claims. Notwithstanding the motives, it is of little comfort to the millions who died, suffered or living with the pains and trauma, without a jot of the democracy and freedom that the US so much cherished and protected within the confines of its own borders.

A lot of countries that at one point in time suffered at the hands of the US government include Afghanistan, Angola, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Congo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Laos, Nicaragua, Panama, Uruguay and Vietnam; and these are only the countries for which substantial public information is available.

Unconstrained by any superpower rival or system of global governance, the US giant in its self-styled exceptional-ism, has rewritten the global financial and trading system in its own interest; ripped up a string of treaties it finds inconvenient; sent troops to every corner of the globe; bombed Afghanistan, Sudan, Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Libya, even without UN resolutions, or with total disregard for resolutions contrary to that effect; while maintaining strings of murderous embargoes against recalcitrant states that would not play ball.

America, as a self-identified military big brother, has been harassing much of the developing world for multiple decades. An overwhelming quest to achieve global hegemony and to ensure the status quo in view of the US dollar, have witnessed a departure from the basic tenets of democracy in US foreign politics, while embracing political fascism by means of iron fist policies... if you are not democratic, or trying to be so, historically the chances are the American government has been funding attempts to take out your government!

Some years ago, in response to embassy bombings, America attacked a pharmaceutical factory in one of the poorest countries in the world. The Clinton administration said that the Sudanese factory was linked to Osama Bin Laden and involved in the production of chemical weapons. In the following months, that justification fell apart. With tragic results. While there were few injuries from the bombing itself, the people of Sudan have suffered enormously as a result of losing this crucial source of medicine.

Today, the atrocities committed by the US still vibrates and re-vibrates across the globe, bringing destruction and pains on some parts of the earth thereof. Where there is war and crisis, you are sure to find the dark hand of Uncle Sam, not just as an umpire, but mostly as the Perpetrator.

I sincerely believe that Democratic US died with the assassination of John F Kennedy, and what will have today is a US whose political and economic life has been hijacked by the same occultist cabals that crucified Kennedy (for refusing to be controlled.) By the use of a two party system and an electoral college that first elect the representatives, this political and economic demagogues has been enabled to hijack the US political process, ensuring that they are able to determine or control at all levels, whoever is to emerge as the "anointed one;" or are simply able to put forth their candidates. In addition, their ability to own and control much of the Main stream media, has further helped them to consolidate on their lofty achievements and a strong grip on government machinery, by keeping much of the general public in the dark. Consequently, these evil minded globalists are rampagely playing out their scripts and mapped out objectives, as represented by the likes of McCain, the Illuminati, the Rockefeller, Rothschild, and all the greedy, Satanist, bunch of Anglo neo-con capitalists, thieving Sons of Cain!

Silence for the Dead

The Elites Greed

Furthered by virtue of their corporate greed, these knights of hell has redefined the concept of democracy, as it relate to their multinational corporations (MNCs,) to mean; " the government of the MNCs, for the MNCs, and by the MNCs." Sadly enough, this is the current focal point and center-piece of America's Foreign Policy....the complete satisfaction of the elites-the 1%ters to the detriment of the remaining 99%ters-the people. Consequently, the results are overwhelming: the bombardment and rape of nations, as these hordes of hell-cum Multinationals strive for the wealth in scarce resources like Oil, Gas, Gold, Diamonds Uranium, etc; wherever it can be gotten. Just follow the Oil and peep through the curtains of the conflicts and conspiracies, and you shall find Uncle Sam's Washington.

Out of trumped-up pretext, false flag operations, color revolutions and lies, the United States of Atrocities has brought untold anguish and devastation upon many hapless nations of the world, whose only fault is to have been blessed by God with abundance of natural/mineral resources.
The lies told by the US-led Anglo terrorist Empire are unrivaled as such that, even Satan is considering applying for tutorials. For instance, We now know that:

--Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction as popularly acclaimed by the then US president and war criminal, George "Witchcraft" Bush, but it has to bleed (probably for its oil), and is still bleeding till date. The US public was never told that it was because Saddam Hussein, by selling and accepting payments for oil in local currencies, he was operating an alternative to the US Dollar in the oil trade (a precedent so much dreaded by the US;) but the good American people never got to know about this. The CIA controlled Main Stream Media saw to that.

--Libya was invaded following the " colored revolution " in the wake of the Arab spring (another successful mission of the CIA) for the same purpose, and to liquidate Qaddafi for trying to create an alternative against the petrol Dollar,( no wonder the rebels were operating a separate central bank of their own immediately after the rebellion started.) Today, Libya that was once Africa's best economy, is in shambles, and is currently a terrorist breeding ground.

--Syria is bleeding profusely from Assad's refusal to play the pipeline politics of the US, Satan-Arabia, and their Qataris gangsters.

--Russia's Putin who stood against this current US dictated world order underlined by uni-polar-ism that envisage the US alone, have to be demonized, sanctioned, and antagonized by the west for which it enjoys cordial relations till the US meddling in the Ukraine. This has now led to a new Cold war and a renewed armed race with Russia: and from the look of things, major miscalculations could happen, particularly in Syria, and the very dreaded thought of World War 3 could suddenly become the dawn we never have wanted to break.

Having said this, it would interest you to know and understand that the chaos we are currently witnessing in Syria and the crisis in the middle East today, have long been planned as part of a mapped out military objectives of Pentagon. This much was revealed in an interview conducted by a renown news outlet, Global Research, with General Wesley Clark, a retired four star General and formal supreme allied commander of NATO to Kosovo. It was in that interview the General revealed the highly classified grand plan to invade certain countries within a designated period.

It is therefore not surprising in seeing the violence and state of anarchy that is ongoing in some of the targeted nations marked for invasion on the hit list of the Pentagon. According to Clark, there are seven nations on the list.These nations are Syria, which is now a living corpse and a work-in-progress for the Satanists, Lebanon, which is sitting uncomfortably, Iraq-mission accomplished-a completely failed and terrorized nation as we speak. Sudan- already broken up, mission accomplished. Libya, we all knew how it went; a twofold success in taking out Qaddafi to creating ISIS. On Iran - thanks to God she survived after many years of sanctions and threat of war, but its too early to celebrate. And lastly, Somalia - for which one should wonder how such a nation passes as a threat to the US, but with the elites on board, everything is possible, including bombing of hospitals and wedding parties. Moreover, when you take into consideration the destabilizing effects of Al shaabab, whose root traced back to Somalia, then you will understand why that country is part of the picture.

Life Threats

Dangerous Times

Notwithstanding the above, we can nonetheless agree that such evil and diabolic plans as hatched and carried out by the US government and its partners in crime, are not in line with the interest of the American taxpayers. It does not reflect the true wishes of the citizenry, nor does it aligned with the purview and expectations of the founding fathers of America's democracy. Rather, it is a reflection of the fact that selfish, greedy, warmongering, political lunatics and Satan worshippers like John McCain, are those running the show in Washington; with their puppets in the corridors of power at all levels of government.
Such is the unbridled evil nature of the US led Anglo Empire of chaos.

Furthermore, boosted by its armies of death such as ISIS that is covertly sponsored through the channel of financing and equipping so-called " moderate rebels " in Syria, many of whom later turn and defect en mass to the ranks of ISIS/IS, with a load of American weapons and money that can feed some nations in Africa for years, together with Al Qaeda on the one hand, coupled with its war machine and crony military bloc called NATO, on the other hand, the eyes of Mother Earth continue to be flooded by the oceanic blood of the innocent- women and children, the aged and the disables, butchered and spilled either by overt military bombing campaign, drone strikes, or IS beheading, rapes, and torture. The ongoing investigation of British soldiers for massive killings of civilians during the criminal invasion of Iraq, is a testimony to that effect.
Even dogs, chickens and goats have no place of refuge as the US, whose foreign policy governed by Satanists, unleashed terror on the residue thereof. Such is the brand of "demo-crazy" been exported by the hegemonic United States of Atrocities. The pains and hardship currently been felt by Mother Earth, particularly in the Middle East, do bring to mind the epic theme of Micheal Jackson's Earth Song.

The US now stands out as the most hypocritical nation in the world that goes about preaching peace, equality, and respect for fundamental human rights, but in reality, it has proved to be the greatest violator of such norms and tenets that governs the global order - bombing and invading nations without UN resolutions, and unilaterally or coarsively imposing economic embargoes against targeted regimes and perceived political foes. Couple with the fact that while it advocate such rights and privileges among other nations, she has failed to guarantee such rights and equality back home; certainly not with a police force that has been infiltrated by the KKK, specialized in racial profiling and systematic murdering of blacks and Latinos even in broad day light.

Naturally,God created them as Adam and Eve, but the US and all of its anti-nature partners in crime want all of us to marry them as Adam and Steve! This is what is designated as "human right" by the United States of Abominations, and any nation that refuses to kick against it or dare to criminalize such acts, is deemed undemocratic and a violator of human rights. I am suggesting that the popular slogan "in God we trust" be remove from the US Dollar and be replace with "in Satan we believe". That is what the US currently stands for.

You only need to look a Nigerian on the face and behold the anger and disappointment as the United States thwarted every concerted effort put in by the previous administration of Goodluck Jonathan to tackle the Boko Haram menace, the terrorists organization that has fomented untold hardship, killed many people, and destroyed infrastructures worth billions of Naira. The US antagonized Nigerians by refusing to sell weapons to the country to help defeat the insurgents, and even went further to block other countries such as Israel and France from selling to the previous Nigerian government the much needed weapons and equipment that would have helped to minimize, if not eradicate the Boko Haram threat. The hypocritical excuse was that the Nigerian army was killing civilians, whereas the US army have killed more civilians in places like in Iraq and Afghanistan, more than even Hitler could boast of. Hypocrisy at its peak!

The level of US atrocities continue unabated.From the malicious downing of an Iranian airliner to the targeting of civilian population in conflicts in which the hapless opponents have little or no means of fighting back ,all in the name of a military doctrine known as " chaos ". From the bombing of Yemenis wedding party by Saudi Arabia forces under the tutelage of their US military instructors, down to the recent bombing of the hospital of " Doctors Without Borders " in Kunduz, Afghanistan, killing both doctors and the sick alike. Yet, the same US will accuse others for the same crimes for which she has obtain a gold medal. Just another case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Recently, President Obama, after much of his maladministration policy failure in the Middle East, has ordered the CIA to review the viability and credibility of US funding and training of oppositions and so called " moderate rebel " groups, thus admitting de facto, that the US has been sponsoring terrorism, and as such, a terrorist state. It also underline the epic failure of US foreign policy in the Middle East and the world over, with billions of American taxpayers money lavished only to satisfy the insatiable taste for blood and wealth of the Satan-worshiping elites and their military industrial complex. One would have expected the situation to change much under Obama in the light of his presidential campaign where he promised to limit America's military involvement especially in conflicts and in situations that doesn't threaten the country's security and strategic interest. But what we have seen is a far cry from such promises, notwithstanding the little military withdrawals from Iraq and Afghan, the current converging of US war ships and carriers in the South China sea, and the ongoing cold war 2 rhetoric with Russia, a major nuclear power, are dangerous escalations that risk nuclear conflagration; one which totally undermine whatever achievement the Obama administration may have be credited with. The late Hugo Chavez could be right after all when he said that Obama is a puppet in the white House. It is even more disturbing and pathetic when we consider the bunch of lunatics parading as presidential aspirants, with warmongering Hilary '' Kill-ton '' leading the way, couple with a Main Stream Media that specializes in twisting facts, under reporting, stereotyping, demonizing and Russo-phobic to the core. The future looks bleak, and one can only watch as the United States of Armaments piloted by it's shadow government, continue on it's path of atrocity-with the innocent Americans unsure of their national destiny on the long run; not when you have Nuclear missiles pointed at you from the East.

God help America and the world at large.


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