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The World According to Trump and Raising Voices to End His Agenda

Updated on March 24, 2021
Missy Smith profile image

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


Let Me Paint An Image Into My Thoughts About This President: Hear My Voice

Voices, voices, voices, we do need them to keep talking. We need them not to go numb to this insanity in which we are all a part of every single day in America now. Even so, I do get tired. It would be so easy to say that I am not going to speak my opinion about these issues anymore; the main issue being a most unethical president, which, let’s face it, is the biggest problem we have.

People, or I should say his supporters would like us all to shrug him off and say he is the best president we have had. NO, that is not ever going to happen. My voice has become strained from an exhaustion of this everyday grind of ridiculousness this man puts us through. Nevertheless, I cannot foresee any of us giving our words no relevance in the fight to blow some wind at the fog in some minds in order to clear the naivety they have for this president’s immoral beliefs and behaviors. If we stopped our own mission to bring back an established and intelligent government and leader, then we will become no better off than the people who lived through the holocaust years. This president has every bit the personality traits and mindsets of the worse dictators we have ever known; Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini, to name a recognized few.

In using my thoughts (voice) to write this, I suspect they will be met by some very boastful voices that will disagree with me to the utmost of their greedy beliefs. I don’t mean to judge, but it is no doubt a truthful statement when someone can honestly listen and watch this President and his administration day, after day, after day, continue to lie their way out of factual truths. And we do not need any paper evidence for the truth; Trump, in his unethical and illogical way gives us that proof every day in the way he screams his retaliation to the events in question. He gives us that when he fires, at the drop of a hat, the persons whom he feels are threatening to expose his truths. It has been his own voice that has brought forth the reality of facts.


Being Observant Instead of Conforming to Divisive Agendas

It is all about observation people! It is the ability to listen and watch to the extent that will give you the facts, and the real personality of an individual who may have question marks surrounding them. I have obtained the ability from an early age, being as I was a very shy person through most of my life. Even so, I can be truthful when I say that it is sometimes hard to read another. However, be honest with yourselves; Trump is extremely easy to know. He is transparent to a fault - most egomaniacs are!

Does This Picture Say Anything? Observe...


One Man Sits With Confidence and Truth and The Other Screams With Lies: Dignity and Disdain

We are now in the midst of this president reigning fire and fury – as he would probably call it – on a man who would have, in his own words, succumbed to the numbness of this president’s every day mental rhetoric if he had not told his story, and if he had not kept his voice in the conversation. I am talking about former FBI director James Comey.

By now, we have all seen interviews with Mr. Comey, or some may have even read his new book, “A Higher Loyalty; Truth, Lies, and Leadership.” In his book, which I admit, I haven’t read yet, but by my observation of listening to the interviews with Comey, have realized that he has based it on moral leadership. I believe he talks about not only Trump’s disgraceful ability to lead with a positive image, but he holds no higher bar for himself by talking about his own mistakes. In this way, we should respect Mr. Comey for his ability to bury his ego to do so; something the president has yet to learn how to do for himself.

Therefore, as Mr. Comey is tattered with Trump and his supporters continuously calling him a leaker and using every outlet to face-off with him and to push blame in his direction for his own firing, it is with total sincerity for his true cause that I be one of many that will come to his defense in the absurdity of their actions toward him. Not once has Mr. Comey been inconsistent with his story, even though all the journalists who have interviewed him have come with tough questions in such a way that if he was going to trip up, he would have by now. No, I may not have agreed with him when he came out right before the 2016 election and brought up more emails of Hillary Clinton's, and that, in turn, caused her to lose the election, but I do believe him when he said that it was not intentional.

A Very Telling Interview and The Only Republican on The Panel Trying to Downgrade Comey's Relevance; FAILED.

Could You Uphold the Duties of the FBI

Let’s think about the duties of an FBI agent, any lawful position, for that matter. You need to be, by your own fault, an honest person. You need to have the ability to be bipartisan with any political party or politician. It is a position that we hold high standards to. People have criticized Mr. Comey for not voting, and I simply think that is crazy! Why would we want someone in his position to vote? It is absolute distaste to his authority if he had.

Furthermore, when it comes to the Trump war with Comey; I am confused by the whole thing. My take on the situation is that Donald Trump is a total disgrace as a leader. He is a liar and is filled with many nasty secrets. That is why he is attacking anyone and everyone who comes close to finding out his truth. Otherwise, if everyone thought that Comey was the reason Hillary Clinton didn’t win, then wouldn’t it have elated a person like Trump and made him think that Comey was one of his loyalists? Yeah, but see, he did like Comey until he had to make sure of Comey’s loyalty and realized that it did not lie in the president (Trump), it lay with his department and doing his job in an honest way for the people. Do you all not see this?

Finally, when it comes to the Russian collusion investigation, he has commented that he may know a few more facts, and that it may be “possible” Mr. Trump has had wrongful interactions with the Russians. That is not worded in the way he said it, but basically it is what he has said. I believe him! I also like the way James Comey writes in his book about what this Trump presidency has made happen, and guess what, it's a positive take away! In regards to the Parkland students standing up for gun control, and the Me too movement, it makes a lot of sense.

I liken President Trump in my book to a 'forest fire.' It's going to do tremendous damage, but a forest fire gives healthy things room to grow that had no chance before that fire.

— James Comey

Moving on to the Most Recent Events as of This Morning

Today, I was on Twitter after waking up around 4am to news on CNN that North Korea and South Korea have come to an agreement on peaceful negotiations. This would end 65 years of a Korean war between the two. It is a hopeful outcome, especially if the President of North Korea denuclearizes the Korean Peninsula. My initial thought was curiosity of what Trump had to say, so I went to his Twitter page. He had tweeted 4 minutes before I went there, and I was presently surprised when I started reading, and his first words were, “Is everybody believing what is going on?” I thought; he is actually going to talk about the great news from Korea. However, no, James Comey’s name was next, and you just realize that his obsession with trying to convince the American people that Comey is a leaker and a liar in order to clear his own guilty behavior, is more important than the hopeful news in Korea.

Do you get it yet? Is there any kind of understanding with you out there who have put this man on a pedestal of doing great things, that any positive policy that has happened, which, frankly, I have not seen, is just a fluke? He is not the cause of change. He only cares about changing his own personal path. Let me repeat… HE ONLY CARES ABOUT HIMSELF! And by the way, Republican Senate, please stop acting like he needs the prize for these positive happenings in Korea. He had nothing to do with it. He shouted out a few threats, and believe me, that is not going to scare a person like Kim Jong Un. He kills his own family – get it? If anyone changed his mind, or has made him look to this peaceful plan, it was the South Korean President. Moon Jae-In took a chance and invited his neighbor to join in on one of the most important events we have with other countries; The Olympics! If you are an observant, you could see how proud and special that was to him and all the North Korean people.

A Hopeful Meeting; Kim Jong Un and Moon Jai-in


I Surprised Myself This Year

Finally, I want to make an honest confession. This admittance is one that I would only recently reveal about myself, because quite frankly, I would have never considered it before a year ago. I have been pushed to make decisions in which I would have never made if this president did not reside in the White House today. The reality of how the world has changed now, has made me examine who I am in a political aspect. I can’t even believe I’m saying that I am in any way a political person. I would have never paid much attention before this last election. I wasn’t registered to vote. I was not placed with a party, or did I have a desire to be. I was quite happy being oblivious to the goings on in Washington. I never worried before. I knew that even if I didn’t agree with the current president and his administration, that things would still be fine. Intelligence behind closed doors made me confident of that. However, times have changed.

My confession is; I have finally at the age of 46-years-old become a part of a political agenda. My political purpose is to get Trump and his flunkies out of the White House. Yes, I am one voice. I am one vote. Even so, I plan to use my voice, and I plan to vote in every single election. I am confessing I have registered under the Democratic party. I will also say I am probably as far left as you can get according to the far right. I believe in fairness to the people. Equality to all! I believe the rich should pay more in taxes, so the poor get fed. I am indeed a LIBERAL! I think that makes me 100% a human being in my opinion.

Democrats tend to take a more liberal stand on important issues. They believe that the federal government should take a more active role in people's lives, particularly those who are in need.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2018 Missy Smith


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