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The World's Greatest Deception

Updated on March 6, 2017

Did you know?

Many of the world's problems have come because of a blatant desire for men to be powerful. Everything seems to be accepted nowadays. If we could solve the world's problems then we could just make our lives better. However, this is not possible at this juncture. Men will try to gain control and in the end greed is the driving force. Greed for what? Greed for money, power, wealth, territory and the list goes on. If you look around today, you will see a number of things that have been accepted in our society that never would have been a hundred years ago, including gay marriage. Gay marriage isn't even marriage. A true marriage is between a man and a woman. A gay couple cannot have children. That should tell us something right there. A nation of sterility. No offspring. This is the future of gay marriage, which is no future. I talk about this later in my article. This is one of the world's biggest lies among others that I will discuss. These decisions by the Supreme Court do not help our country.

If we could only see ourselves as the Heavenly Father sees us, we would change our ways real fast. But most of us walk around without a clue. Our world of technology has lulled us to sleep. We simply need to open our eyes and take a look around.

What Will They Think Of Next?

What's going on around here? Should so much be put into the hands of the government? I am sorry to say that the majority that rules is not you and I. Those days are being put behind us. Remember when Obama promised to have equal rights for everyone; even gays? He said this at his second inaugural speech. Can we do something about it before it is too late? Sure, however, there is so much work to be done in order to counteract how business is being conducted by the higher-ups. Those who are supposed to stand up for the right and denounce the wrong are now standing up for what is wrong and denouncing what is right. The Bible said that this would happen. The Bible is right.

You Decide

Is gay really ok?

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A Vote for Freedom!

Remember when our country enjoyed more freedoms? Have we been trading freedom for security? It seems so. Did we have a choice? Not really. Change is the platform that the president ran his campaign on. The word "change" is highly significant. The change that he was talking about has nothing to do with what the voters were thinking. Everyone thinks that when someone says "change" in politics that it will bring better things for our future. Well, that is not what politicians are thinking. The change that they are talking about has a lot to do with restrictions put on us in the form of security. Every time they add security measures it is because there is a long term goal involved. The process of time will bring more of the same until the whole picture can be seen. Unfortunately, it is a picture that will bring communism to the forefront. We have seen many changes already since 9-11. The Gallup poll reveals that American citizens are selling out to exchange freedom for security. This is a big problem. It is unthinkable that Americans are becoming more and more dissatisfied with freedom in the United States. How many men lost their lives to gain freedom? Why would Americans trade freedom for security? More security equals less freedom. It is only a reason to be able to take more measures to control the masses. We need our freedoms back and Americans should NEVER sell out to Big Government!

Our future

With a new president we will embrace our countries future. We will hopefully make America great again for our children. President Trump tells us he will do this and we should give him our support. After all, Obama never promised anything but ruin for this country. He should have never become president. President Trump inherited a mess. As was his quote.

God is in control of this country.

In President Trumps inaugural speech, he said it best. He said "God is in control of this country". He also said that he is giving "America back to the people". This is wonderful for those of us who have been waiting patiently for something better. Let freedom come back to us. And let God be magnified in what he has created. Once again we hope for a better tomorrow, today.


Please don't forget to leave a comment. A good discussion on the matter is encouraged but only clean comments. What do you think about Donald Trump becoming our new president? We would love to hear from you. The world's greatest deception is the need to control and gain power over others. I will go into further detail in a future article. Part of this is also new age, gay rights, etc. President Trump will slow or stop the progression of these things temporarily. Now is the time to get things in order.


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    • Pregnancypromise profile image

      Pregnancypromise 9 months ago

      I'm glad you liked it. Thanks.

    • profile image

      Wild Bill 9 months ago

      Welcome to Hubpages. I really enjoyed your Hub and your point of view. I also think you made a name for yourself already. It seems the liberal atheists have heard of you and are rounding their troops and lighting the torches, so be ready! I'll make the popcorn.