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The Worst Conspiracy Theories Ever Known

Updated on August 10, 2017

The internet is full of many types of conspiracy theories. Some of these conspiracy theories make you question how these people breathe the same oxygen that you breathe on a daily basis. Some of their claims are completely out of this world while some are actually quite close to being true. However, most of them lack the solid proof that could make them a reality. Some theories include Aliens, Lizard People, The Fake Moon and much more. The basis of this hub is to show many of these conspiracy theories in which I consider to be some of the most ridiculous things you will ever see in your ventures on the internet.


Walmart Being Changed Into FEMA Prison Camps

Yes apparently in April of 2015, Walmart closed six stores across Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and California because of plumbing issues. However, the internet, of course, could not take this as the truth. They looked at the Walmart logo and compared it with a military exercise, Jade Helm 15 which took place in the same exact states that Walmart closed their stores along with a few others. Therefore, they thought that it was confirmed that the government would be imposing a martial law over the region. To top it all off they believed that the people who do not agree to the laws would be taken into the Walmart stores and imprisoned.


Michelle Obama Is A Man?

There are many conspiracy theories which seem so dumb. One of these special theories is that former First Lady Of The United States Of America, Michelle Obama is not a woman but she is a man. Apparently, some experts who design anime characters and know a lot about anatomy claim that Michelle Obama has the physical characteristics of a male. Several pictures can be found online at apparent spots of her junk in her pants but all of the pictures are just basically fake news. Another bogus claim is that there are no pictures available anywhere of Michelle Obama being pregnant which makes people speculate that her children are adopted and not actually hers.


The Campaign Logo of Hillary Clinton Was A Reference To 9/11

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to drama as all throughout her campaign tenure she was saddled with her private email server and many more things. The internet once again created a weird claim that the campaign logo of Hillary Clinton was a symbol of the 9/11 tragedy. The logo features an arrow through the centre of an H logo which is resemblant of one of the aeroplanes that struck the twin towers. It is quite unfortunate the log actually resembles the incident a bit but to claim that it was purposely designed to resemble the tragedy is completely wrong. According to, the logo's "H" can obviously represent Hillary and the arrow would represent the country moving forward under her leadership. But no the internet must always find some way to take simple clear things out of context.


Ocean full of Shark Spies?

As if things could not get any more ridiculous. In 2010, when multiple shark attacks off the coast of Egypt occurred and sent beach tourism in the area at an all time low. Many people speculated that these shark attacks were remote-controlled Israeli sharks which are controlled by the country of Israel. There were a couple of divers that reported that some of the sharks had GPS devices installed on their bodies which made people believe that these sharks were being controlled by Israel to attack Egypt. The conspiracy theorists were quick to jump on this bandwagon but were quickly derailed when scientists confirmed that the GPS devices on the sharks are not to control the minds of the sharks but are used to collect data on the sharks in their natural habitats and the shark attacks were due to sheep carcass that was being dumped on the coast.


The Moon Does Not Exist?

Even though many trips to the moon have been documented and people have walked on the moon the conspiracy theorists have found yet another way to make themselves look ridiculous by claiming that the almighty moon that is seen clearly at night and has been visited multiple times by many people does not exist. Many theorists believe that the moon is just a hologram which is placed in the sky to confuse people. A YouTuber by the name of Ccrow777 said that we are all living in an artificial system and the moon is staged and is a lunar wave. He claims the moon is not just a rock in space but is staged and artificial along with the entire solar system being fake.


Adam And Eve from Outer Space?

There are many theories about Adam and Eve. One of the most ridiculous theories is that many people believe that Adam And Eve were extraterrestrials that travelled to the Earth on ark which was controlled by none other than Noah. The theorists were actually granted access to private documents held by the government in which they were not allowed to view. The documents showed that there is proof of a flying saucer that crashed into a mountain in Turkey, where is the same place where Noah's ark is believed to have settled after the flood. Therefore, the conspiracy theorists believe that the Earth's first two humans have extraterrestrial characteristics.


Lizard People and Aliens?

According to a Public Policy Polling Survey conducted in the United States of America, over twelve million people actually, believe that lizards disguised as people run the country. A popular conspiracy theorist by the name of David Icke has actually stated before that the Queen of England is an alien. Another similar conspiracy theory is that over sixty-six million Americans believe that aliens had landed in New Mexico, twenty-two million believed that the moon landing was fake and over one hundred and sixty million people believe that there is something weird with the assassination of former United States president, John F Kennedy.


Apple's Siri Predicted The Apocalypse in 2014?

Technology is advancing every single day, there are cars that can drive and park themselves, phones are getting more advanced and smaller and much more. In 2014, on July 27th, iPhone users used an exclusive app called Siri to ask it what day it was. Siri replied it was a Sunday when it actually was not a Sunday but it was a Wednesday. This could have been a simple technological mishap however, iPhone users speculated that Siri, the iPhone app, a simple app, predicted the apocalypse. As mysterious as Apple developers may be with their development of Siri, I highly doubt that they would be able to predict the apocalypse and would leave a clue on when it may happen on one of their most used apps.


There were some conspiracy theorists that will make you question if you should be in the same planet as some of these theorists. Even though some of them may be completely ridiculous, there are some that are very close to being a bit true.

Do you think these conspiracy theories have some truth in them?

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    • notorious9912 profile image

      notorious9912 7 months ago from Chicago, IL USA

      I know right, I don't even understand how they can feel good posting that stuff online with how ridiculous some of their claims are

    • notorious9912 profile image

      notorious9912 7 months ago from Chicago, IL USA

      Yes there are lots of trolls that make up this stuff and try to make people believe its real

    • Mamerto profile image

      JR Mamerto 7 months ago from Cabuyao

      This reminds me of those stupid Facebook pages True Activists and The Mind Unleashed. These people should find better hobbies than waste their time making a fool of themselves, and spreading their foolishness to others. And there are people who even believed such stuffs!

    • AshutoshJoshi06 profile image

      Ashutosh Joshi 7 months ago from New Delhi, India

      I think there are even conspiracy trolls that come up with ridiculous and amusing conspiracy theories.