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The Year Of The People

Updated on December 18, 2011

Our Year--Our Time

Time Magazine could have named a variety of people 'Person Of The Year', and more than a few people, mostly on the right, are likely questioning the decision to give the award to "The Protester".

But one need only look at how much of the news was taken up by protests and uprisings. The major protests were associated with the Middle East. Beginning in the tiny country of Tunisia, where a movement there unseated that country's authoritarian ruler, and then spreading to Egypt.

It was in that nation that the 'Arab Spring' truly blossomed. As the media chronicled the efforts of that nation's young people to unseat that nation's long-standing strongman.

Iran and Libya seemed like two authoritian states that would be safe from any sort of populist uprising. But the people of Libya had other plans, though their uprising ended up becoming a civil war that would lead to the fall of one the world's last despots.

The American contribution to this spirit of dissent would begin in Madison, Wisconsin. Where it's workers took a stand against their State's Koch-Supported Governor's union-busting. The union mentality of "an injury to one is an injury to all", rallied labor and it's allies all across the nation.

Taking a cue from this spirit, a loose coalition of activists under the banner of "Occupy Wall Street" took to New York City. Thier efforts would spread across the nation, as "Occupations" sprouted up far and wide.

The question is, what have all these demonstrations accomplished. Egypt is under the control of it's military, Libya now has to go from hermit kingdom to functional state. The worker's of Wisconsin won a moral victory of sorts in recall elections, but a similar law in Ohio, was voted down by it's citizens.

And the "Occupiers"? They find themselves under pressure from the police, probably in response to "%1" pressure, and may be slowly splintering.


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