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The best way to take compliments

Updated on April 4, 2008

In my opinion the best way to take a compliment is through a big "smile" and gratitude. The more you say the word "thank you" , the more joyful you would be from within. As when you have gratitude towards something, you tend to surrender and this gives blessings from the divine.

Don't just believe me but experience it yourself. Say "thank you" as many times as you can daily to whoever who have complimented you or have done anything for you and you would see the change in your attitude.

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    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

      "The more you say the word "thank you" , the more joyful you would be from within." Definitely a key point to accepting compliments.

    • Wbisbill profile image

      Wbisbill 9 years ago from Tennessee USA

      True compliments elevate both the giver and the receiver! Everyone wins. Freely receive and freely give. Pass it on and it keeps returning to you. Smile