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The character, secrets, and future of Barack Obama? An interesting palmistry reading on the destiny of The U.S President

Updated on February 14, 2016

Can his secrets be revealed?

President Obama. Can palmistry uncover the real man?
President Obama. Can palmistry uncover the real man?
His right hand. How much does this picture tell us?
His right hand. How much does this picture tell us?

Palmistry and the secrets of President Barack Obama.

In an earlier period of my life I used to do a lot of palmistry readings. It can be an interesting and absorbing occupation to have. Much can be found out about a persons character, and their past by looking at their hands. Quite accurate predictions about their future can be made as well. In late 2008, when President Barack Obama was the flavour of the month, I took this reading from a photo of his right hand as he was waving at the cameras. I am republishing it now that almost two years have passed. It might be interesting for people to read, and consider to what degree it is an accurate appraisal of the character and prospects this very newsworthy man.


Reading of the hand of The President of The United States taken from a photograph published in London Evening Standard 6th November 2008.
The reading is limited as it is taken from the front of the right hand only, nevertheless I believe it to be reasonably accurate.

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The personality and character of Barack Obama.

A spatulate hand ,wider at the top and spatulate long fingers indicate a person of intelligence who tends always to be coming up with novel and adventurously different ways of doing things. This can lead to a certain restlessness in his nature, which can make him a rather difficult person to keep up with. Courageous and not averse to taking chances although he would be advised to consider carefully before embarking on major undertakings as he is likely to always feel that his way is the right way. In most situations he is usually likely to , to be the inspirer of others, always trying to get other people to do the "right thing" and he can get quite disheartened when others fail to go along with his plans and hopes.

A very empathetic man, he tends to feel very acutely the distress of other people and he is greatly bothered if he considers his actions might injure them.

He is expansive in his nature and tends to extravagance in his handling of financial matters and so is likely to be a very high spender with a relaxed approach to the source of the money.
Generally he is pretty relaxed in most of his philosophic opinions and on these matters he tends to decide things with little deep deliberation.

The exception to this is in his religious beliefs.He is very religious,or more accurately spiritual,but he tends to analyse the details of his faith and doesn't make his mind up on matters of doctrine without a great deal of thought.

Very independent in his thought as also in his actions he could be characterised as a bit unpredictable..

With regards to his love life he makes a very affectionate husband with a balanced view of how to behave towards his wife. It must be said however that he may be inclined to put her on a pedestal and expect a higher standard off her than most. "Caesars wife must be beyond reproach". He tends towards an excess of the affections and suffers greatly from the plague of "the green eyed godess" (jealousy).

Predictions for the future of President Barack Obama.

This is pretty uncomplicated. His hand shows great success at the age of forty seven, or thereabouts, gained through the help of another person so I conclude from this that he owes someone big time. He also was saved from a situation which could have ended his career recently through the efforts of the same individual. This person is not a good ally to have as his, or her, involvement is based more on a momentary whim than real long term interest.

His hand also shows that he has a strong martial nature and that he will be involved with three wars, one minor conflict, and two major but connected wars. My feeling is that he should not get involved if at all possible as my reading of his hand shows that he will have little success and if he does get into a war or wars they are likely to be not ended when his career comes to a finish.

My final prediction is that his presidency will come to an end totally and precipitately as a result of an unwise decision in regarding his affections, what that may be I can't say exactly but I believe it may be in his first term.

In conclusion can I say that, while reading the hands can give a very exact and accurate prediction of the course of a person's life nothing is absolutely certain and people can change their indicated future by altering how they do things,but experience has thought me that they very rarely do.This reading was taken from a picture in a newspaper and can not be as accurate as a proper professional consultation. Nevertheless, As someone who has studied palmistry for many years, I can stand over the conclusions reached here.

I wish President Barack Obama,as I would anybody who has my life in their hands, wisdom , success and contentment in all his undertakings.

Basics of Handreading. Check it out.


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