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The Con Man’s Happy New Year Amounts to Armageddon

Updated on January 6, 2019
The con man's tantrum
The con man's tantrum

The con man’s happy New Year amounts to Armageddon.

The devastation the con man has wrought to the US economy and its institutions, as well as our international security is staggering. Our country can’t survive with trump continually demeaning the 4th estate, attacking our intelligence and justice systems, eroding our entire government, and alienating our allies. The con man’s incessant propaganda dominates the airwaves—flooding out the Democrats, who will soon rein in his disastrous policies, but his rein of error has to end for the world’s good.

The con man is trying to distract us from the crises he is engendering by creating other crises—such as the shutdown, which he believes are favorable to him. He assumes that fighting for the wall—the campaign pledge he must keep, will aid his re-election chances. He doesn’t care at all for the 800,000 federal employee without paychecks. He doesn’t care about the government services he halted.

The con man is not even leading the GOP due to his divisiveness. How can he lead the country?

The con man is destroying our country with international and economic policies that appeal to his low-information base, which ironically are detrimental to them.

trump isn't competent.


His aides are not empowered to negotiate for the con man regarding the shutdown, who is only doing photo-ops to fight for his wall. Earlier, he rejected his own administration's offer to accept $2.5 billion for the wall. That proposal was made when Pence and other top officials met with Schumer at the start of the shutdown. How does the impasse ever end?

The shutdown has affected the operations of nine departments, including Homeland Security, Justice, State and Treasury, and several agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency and NASA. If the government is not reopened before February, millions of Americans who receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) -- the nation's food stamp program -- could have their assistance disrupted. More TSA workers have been calling out sick in recent weeks. This trump tantrum is placing us in danger as it is jeopardizing federal safety oversight activities. If the con man wants to destroy the government—as he and Bannon campaigned on, why is he in charge of it?

The con man admitted that “he would keep the government closed for a very long period of time — months or even years,” said Senator Schumer.

Trump said the hundreds of thousands of federal workers who are furloughed or working without pay would want him to "keep going" and fight for border security. Asked how people would manage without a financial safety net, he declared, "The safety net is going to be having a strong border because we're going to be safe." Is he trying to say he has talked to federal workers? That is a lie! Unless you are a fellow fat cat, he won’t waste his time on you.

The con man said ‘we can call it a national emergency’ to bypass Congress and build wall ‘quickly’ at a press conference. Keeping his idiotic campaign pledge is his only concern. We are at an all-times low for illegal immigration. How is this a national emergency? There are so many lies about the concrete wall--or is it a steel slats barrier. Does the con man realize much of the 2,000 miles he wants for the wall is private property? How do you build a wall on mountains or rivers? If only his low-information could realize they are being scammed.

Is trump the leader of the GOP?

Will McConnell abandon the con man by passing a veto proof bill to end the government shutdown if, in addition to Collins and Gardner, more GOP Senators fight for their own political careers by fighting against the TV reality star’s shutdown.

In his shutdown con the reality TV star proves he doesn’t value our government. Why do we allow him to rule it as the con man wants to destabilize our government.

Economic policies

The con man’s base wanted him to improve our economy, and he proposed tariffs. His tariffs are destroying our economy, as other countries retaliate to the con man’s attacks. The U.S. and Chinese economies each lose about $2.9 billion annually due to Beijing’s tariffs on soybeans, corn, wheat and sorghum alone. Disrupted agricultural trade hurt both sides particularly hard because China is the world’s biggest soybean importer and last year relied on the United States for $12 billion worth of the oilseed. Market pros say investors also are nervous about the tariffs the con man has implemented on a number of goods, with China the prime target. When the stock market plummets so do 401ks.

International policies

Putin’s hypersonic glide vehicle, that is fitted with a powerful atomic weapon, is clearly a threat to US security. Why isn’t the con man confronting his boss? Could it be the former KGB spy has kompromat on the TV reality star?

Russia assaulted Ukrainian Navy ships that were passing through international waters near the occupied Crimean Peninsula. Russian forces are massed near Crimea’s border with eastern Ukraine, prompting warnings from the Ukrainian government as well as independent observers that Putin may be planning a new attack on the country. Rather than await the Russians’ next move, the Trump administration should be working with allies to actively deter further aggression, but the con man won’t retaliate against his boss, Putin.

trump bypassed our national security apparatus, and our allies, when he childishly, abruptly slunk out of Syria. By doing this the dotard, con man obviated the possibility of the US getting any benefit out of giving Syria to Putin, Iran, Turkey, and Assad. Giving Islamic terrorists this victory also hurts our national security. We also abandoned the Kurds, who Turkey will massacre.

The Russian military campaign in Syria has achieved the Kremlin objective of shoring up Syrian President Bashar Assad's rule at a relatively modest cost and made Moscow an essential player in the Middle East. This is Putin’s gain in the ‘quid pro quo’ relationship to win trump the election.

Lindsey Graham is opening an investigation into trump regarding the abrupt departures from Syria and Afghanistan and Graham’s U.S. Senate hearings will speak directly to Secretary Mattis. What can Mattis divulge about the con man? Will Graham play golf with the con man and relent or has John McCain talked to him from his grave?

trump isn't competent.

Due to this shutdown of the con man’s making we haven’t heard a word about trump not even being the leader of the GOP, or his incompetent economic and international policies.

History will condemn us for allowing this to persist. trump isn't competent. The dotard, con man covets the stage as leader of the free world to augment his brand. Where else would he have the chance to get so much adulation from his low-information saps? The grifter won’t leave of his own volition. The 25th amendment has to be invoked immediately.


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