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The dangers of Liberal thought in America

Updated on October 27, 2013

Socialism and why it has never worked

Freedom of speech, freedom to make our own choices, and freedom from government is why America is the richest country in the world. Our founding fathers...the reason people risked their lives to come to the new world, was the freedom from oppression. Whether it was from a King or from a tyrant, the purpose of America was founded on the principles of freedom. Something the Constitution of the United States specifically was written for, and that was limited government powers over the people.

As you can see from the Obama administration, freedom is something that really doesn't matter, we have the elites and the "smart" people who can make decisions for you. Yet, under Obamacare, the elites aren't subject to the same "benefits" from Obamacare, Congress has its own medical formula that WE the people subsidize. The reason I give you this example, is that this is what dictatorial rule brings, the elites rule over 90% of the people, and they do this under the guise of we are looking out for the little guy.

For those that are socialist, liberals, communist, you are one of the same due to the philosophy that free market capitalism is evil. Sorry you are so wrong about capitalism, I wish you had an open mind to understand how capitalism is the ANSWER to poverty and justice, but most don't want to argue the merits of this due to intellectual limitations.

The failure of any other form of economic system, is that it doesn't have a profit motive that capitalism provides. Most have been taught that capitalism is bad, because only the rich prosper at the expense of the masses. But throughout the history of the world, capitalism has raised the standard of living for EVERYONE, not only the rich...sure, they made money, but also the poor have increased their standard of living. Why haven't we been taught this? Because the school system is funded by the federal government, and we have to be given the one sided agenda that capitalism is for the greedy. This leads to more government, more oppression, less freedom of choice, and more control. Have you seen these events unfolding in the last 5 years? It is dangerous and will ultimately lead to an America without opportunity!

I can prove that Capitalism works, because anytime you let the free market work, you have innovation and products that serve the needs of the people. Look at the Apple iPhone. Capitalism provides a product that would have never been developed and offered at a price that was affordable to so many. The government would have never been able to respond to developing a product that does so much, and that the people have a CHOICE to purchase if they want the benefits.

For those who think government is the one that develops products and benefits the people, I would like you to show me that example. Capitalism is driven by a profit motive, which brings innovation to the market. People don't understand how important this is, but explains why the United States is such a powerful nation. The risk involved in developing a product that will be accepted by the buying public is powerful, in that the product truly has to be worth the price someone is willing to pay. By not having this as part of the equation, you will have some "planner" trying to figure out what you need, and what is best for never worked in the Soviet Union, China, and it doesn't work in the European countries, so why is this social planning so accepted?

We are truly headed down the wrong road, because we are sold a bill of goods from people who really don't care about you at all. They try and tell you that they care, but they really want power over the masses, which is what poverty is all about. Think about the dictators of the world, Kings that live in the mid-east who have plenty of wealth, a country that could be prosperous, and all this person would have to do is offer opportunity and freedom to allow people to live the lives they want to...but that isn't the idea. And this is where America is headed. We have simply bought into the idea that the government will make better decisions than the individual...and THEY will make it fair for everyone! How wrong this ideology is!

I have had socialist tell me how awesome it is to live in a society that has everything taken care for them, yet the society they are referring to often is a result of a capitalistic build, that is slowly being taken away from the country. I often wonder if I am dealing with a dolt, or if the person has some motive otherwise that they are benefiting, because if you challenge yourself to discover the truth, you will understand that socialism, something every liberal loves, is the fastest way to a lower standard of living. This can be proven time and time again, apparently history of the world doesn't mean anything to these people, because it is an ideology and not a reality!

I am with you all on the fact that yes, I would like to see everyone have a wonderful and satisfying life, one that has fairness and opportunity. The liberal utopia is that by punishing the rich, everyone else will have more money, but show me where this has worked? Creating wealth is something a liberal doesn't have a clue about, nor does a socialist. The engineering behind socialism is an interesting equation, but never has worked, in fact it has always lead to a lower standard of living...and they never want to admit that.

Sure, I understand that capitalism isn't perfect, but it is the most efficient method for giving everyone the opportunity to live a higher standard of living than has ever been seen in the world before. All because of limiting powers of the government, that allows people the freedom to pursue their dreams, to produce an economy that is substantial and right for the people willing to achieve those desires. Not everyone has to be a superstar business mogul, people have the choice of doing what they want to do, visa vie education, drive, willingness to sacrifice to do what they wish to do. Understandably everyone doesn't have the same amount of talent, but what talents you were given to by God, is an inalienable right to use them to whatever potential you have been born with. The socialist and liberals don't think that way, they leave it to the "smart" people to tell you how you should use your talents.

I challenge the liberals and socialist to look around and see the products and services they are using, and seriously ask the question - would this be available to them in a socialist government? Would innovation and affordable prices be a part of our life, or would you finally admit that the most efficient way to affordable goods and services come from capitalism?


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    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 4 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      Why don't you move there? Sounds like you want everything free and want a lower standard of living. I can give you 100 examples of people who had nothing, moved to this country, and NEVER complained when they bought their first house, owned their own business, and their children are doctors.

      I have some stats that you should look at, but I am not sure you understand how a capitalistic government Vs. a socialist government works anyway. I know you probably waited most of your younger years for the new Soviet Union washing machine to come out...didn't you? :)

      Please leave this country, or at least move to Detroit and send your grandkids to the public school there, since you believe in central planners knowing what you need.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 4 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Guess you didn't like the videos. JP Morgan cut him off at the knees. He slowly lost his mind and died broke and broken. Oddly--he gave all praises to God. He wanted his inventions to benefit mankind, and that's why the Capitalists couldn't have it. Because: "You can't put a meter on free energy"

      And you can tell me all the theories in the world....I have something better: EXPERIENCE.

      I have lived in this country for 52 years.

      I don't need a theory to tell me that Capitalism is a con game benefitting the already rich. I see it.

      I think Scandinavia has it right:

      Make sure all your people are cared for FIRST---then go and make all the money your heart desires.

      But don't do it on the backs of the poor and middle class, as the Robber Barons do here.

      And certainly don't hide your money to avoid taxes and tell us what great Patriots you are!

      I never in my LIFE have seen such a con job.

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 4 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      Yes, I have heard of Tesla's inventions, and he has/had more patents than any other inventor...I can't remember for sure, but I did read his book, which sounds like more than you have done. The theory of electricity and transmission was could not be developed in his time, and it kept killing other inventors that tried to make it work. So you are right, it was kept off the market to make more slaves??? All this guy wants to do is smoke dope, and that is the reason for the misery?

      Now we see what kind of nuts we have, and they are the socialist thinkers that have it all figured out. Reality is, socialism is not an answer for prosperity, freedom, and advancement of human life.

      As stated, socialism is a great theory....just not one that produces anything and no one can pay for it. Which is why the political and social aspects are so interesting, it just can't be something that can be continually funded. The countries who have a socialist society aren't inventing anything, producing anything, they are just sucking the resources of the country to pay for people not to do anything. What...are these socialist more better defined as LAZY and leave it at that?

      The soviet union was the labor socialist ideology. FAILED! Detroit? Yeah, socialism practiced in the best economy in the world, and now bankrupt! I like the idea that we all make out like bandits and live an extraordinary life without ever having to contribute anything, but it does have to be funded from somewhere.

    • profile image

      retief2000 4 years ago

      So Tesla's discoveries/inventions and hemp were unavailable for anyone else or any other country to develop? Kinda like the water engine?

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 4 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Another interesting subject for you to read up on.....why hemp became illegal, and the subsequent boon for Wall Street with the prison for profit industry.

      Take a wild guess why they made hemp market principles?

      ahahahaha: Shutting down the competition, thru friends in government. Nothing "free" about it.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 4 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Uhuh....ever heard of Nikola Tesla?

      You should read up on that.

      That is a crime of the century.....but of course, they could never ever allow free energy, because their MO is slavery.

      Debt slavery, to be exact.

      Work for company profits, and live like a pauper.

      and you should not allow "backwards" to enter the convo....with the "free-marketeers" that got elected in 2010.....they are poster-children for moving backwards.

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 4 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      Josak still can't answer the questions...because he can't :) Capitalism is spreading around the world, socialist governments are scaling back, yet the poor man doesn't get it. I can't argue with an idiot, so lets move on to the next "black helicopter crowd".

      lovemychris has the approach that big business is wrecking the world, and exploiting everyone. Yet...he doesn't know how to analyze real world data and understand that his standard of living would never be anything like it is without free market capitalism. Poor guy, dumbed down after all these years that he can't make sense of a electric car in the '70s, no wonder we can't trust liberals to do ANYTHING.

      That is the point, they don't understand economics and freedom, with Liberals in control you go backward. The electric car in this example - not very practical, it takes battery technology that up until recently was not available. COST? Sure, the free market could bring an electric car, but no one could afford it back at that point, with a range of 20 miles, the capitalist KNEW they couldn't sell any of these cars after spending millions to develop it. Prius - Toyota loses money on every car they sell, but USE the category as a green technology BRANDING for marketing their brand. Idiot!

      Cable options? Heard of Direct TV? Yo, wake up ! Liberals, quit trying to explain a philosophy that has no benefits, a political plan for social engineering. Why do you want someone, perhaps with your limited intellect, to tell you what you can and can't buy? This poor soul, does he think there are more choices in a socialist country? NOT :)

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 4 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Here's my "liberal" view.....make sure everyone in your country has a base to fly from, and they will fly!

      A cage is not freedom. Trapped in poverty...(by design!)-- is not freedom.

      "Free market capitalism" doesn't exist.

      It's monopolies and gang-bangers.

      Prime example...What happened to the electric car?....1970's.

      Guess how many cable options I have? 1

      Phone co's? 1 (land-line)

      Electricity? 1

      Biz does their best to keep competition down and out. And they use gvt to do it. That's why we cannot abide these fascists, disguised as free marketeers.

      It's a lie.

      The Koch bros have spent 10 years here fighting a business: a wind farm, using their money and lawyers to hold it up in court.


      Because they are big oil. They don't want to see competition.

      Free-market? For those with the most money.

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 4 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      A government is necessary for order, security, currency, etc. But why would you want them to decide who gets what?

      Some will always argue against capital markets and the system, yet you cannot refute its history of creating a higher standard of living for the poor! Exploitation is always the argument, but when companies leave 3rd world countries because they were exploiting the people, the people always do WORSE, and live a lower standard of this is great??

    • profile image

      retief2000 4 years ago

      Check your current events, Norway held an election 9 September 2013 in which the socialists were tossed out and Hong Kong hasn't been British since 1997. The East India Company hasn't had much to do with generating wealth in Asia for a long time.

      But isn't this something lefties do, dwell on everyone else's past.

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 4 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      As my post intended, the argument is why Liberals don't get it. Free market capitalism has produced more wealth than any other system in the world, yet socialist, communist, liberals can't admit that. They believe social engineering and fairness is what creates wealth and opportunity, yet none have ever proven this.

      You have to look at the history of the world...go back through the thousands of years and ask yourself the meaningful question...what changed in the last 200 years to bring people to a standard of living that is more than just sustenance and survival? Liberals and socialist try and come up with some inequality statement, but for every one statement of unfairness, are 200 examples of a better life through capitalism. It is a mute point to argue this, the educated reader will start to ask themselves some questions.

      Ask a liberal or socialist, why they believe capitalism is such an evil, and they point out an example of Wall Street and exploitation. Sure, this is a relevant fact, but why has anti-capitalist societies proven even worse and what can be done about it? The assumption is if we have smart people running things, then everyone else will do so much better. That is ok as long as you don't mind living in a shack or a very small flat, but what about the rest of the people who have talents and want to have more than they ever could accomplish in a socialism status? You know, having the opportunity to live a life that can only be dreamed about. Is it fair to deny that, or is the capitalistic system the best way for an individual to exercise their right to be free and make their own choices.

      What a socialist doesn't understand, is that to innovate, profit motive is huge! If you have ever heard of the saying, necessity is the father of invention, you will start to understand why capitalism trumps any other socially engineered program. Social engineering does not provide incentive for achievers, and that is the point. The Internet, communications, tablets, smartphones, medical technologies, aviation, etc. were all inventions driven by capitalism.

      The argument that central planning is going to solve the inequality of life is a method of lowering the standard of living. Achievers don't want to do anything more than they have to, and the wealthy are always going to be wealthy. Socialism and Communism rely on keeping the poor down, which is what it does achieve. Control and a feeling that it isn't your fault is what social engineering brings, because the socialist/communist wants you to rely on the government for your needs. Can anyone here say East Germany Vs. Western Germany after WWII? Want to talk about the exploitation of capitalism here...or a huge disparity in the standard of living?

      Liberals live with a utopian view that distribution of goods and services only occurs via a government institution, and some way or another we have to punish the rich. However...want to know the real truth? Lets look at Warren Buffett, a capitalist WHO claims to be a socialist. If he is upset he isn't paying enough taxes, WHY does he hire the most expert accountants to SAVE him as much taxes as he can. I don't see him paying a nickel more than he has to, so what gives? This is a question every liberal has to ask themselves, why does the Hollywood crowd have so many offshore accounts? Hmm, because they are liberal, why aren't they offering 90% of their salary as a joint contribution to solve the problems? Instead, they hide their money because they earned it...a capitalistic approach?

      Why these examples? Because it is PROOF that there is a level of hypocrisy with liberals, and socialist are no different. The politicians at the top, and the 10% that go with them will ALWAYS have money and control, while exploitation of the poor is their agenda. Mexico is a democracy, but it is LIBERAL to the max, and it shows. They don't care about creating wealth and free market capitalism, and if you THINK their isn't socialism going on down there, I guarantee you haven't spent much time in Mexico! Try monopolies and briberies, but as the government does, lets provide housing to the poor! Socialism and keeping people in bondage. Most people in Mexico speak about how GREAT Cuba is because the government cares, and the only reason they are in poverty is free trade with the United States? Seriously?

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 4 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      Very few differences, nonetheless, the argument is how well capitalism works. You can define something as communist, socialist, and although subtle differences, the fact remains it isn't capitalism that created more opportunities for the poor in the world than ever before. Socialism takes advantage of democracy and capitalism, but does not create wealth and opportunity.

      Still, you cannot answer the question, which tells me that you are ignoring the truth, and I am right. For every one story of success you think you can prove, I have ten of them from the capitalism side, so why are you so ignorant? Just a little intellectually vacant, is that the problem?

      You can't seem to answer any question, nor do your research. The history of the world has proven the facts, yet you can't admit it. Tells me the ignorance you possess, I can't say it any other way :) I enjoy hearing from you, although you are a simpleton, I enjoy your arguments, even if they aren't based on facts. :) Democracy and free market capitalism baby! The ONLY way to deliver goods and service the most efficient way, and produce WEALTH...yeah baby! :)

    • Josak profile image

      Josak 4 years ago from variable

      SO you won't answer the questions. How telling.

      North Korea was communist not socialist and now it's not even that so your rants there are just irrelevant :P

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 4 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      There ya go...lets define what is what. The truth is, the liberal agenda is also the socialist agenda, and you know it. You can't face facts, so leave it alone. Why can't you face the truth?

      How about a simple assignment for you. The reason I compare these countries, is because you can't look at data and believe it until you manipulate it to favor your cause. Therefore, I put a real world situation in front of you, questioning the truth, and you try to justify socialism as a GREAT way of living. Why don't you do this. Look a the history of the world...ok, take a look at the thousands of years that people barely survived, and what kind of governments they were ruled by. Not democracy, with a socialist agenda of no open markets, no ownership of land by the individual to do with it WHAT THEY WANT TO WITH IT. Get it?

      Now, lets look at the last 200 years and ask the question...what changed not in the United States, but in the world? Free market capitalism and democracy. Fake it if you want, but the truth is right in front of you and can't be made up.

      Why don't you and your family move to North Korea and tell me how great it is. Opportunity via freedom, democracy, and free market capitalism baby :)

    • Josak profile image

      Josak 4 years ago from variable

      OK the two questions are easy to answer.

      North Korea sucks because #1 it's communist #2 it's not even communist even they admitted such just recently when they amended their constitution to remove all allusions to communism.

      Hong Kong is wealthy because it was invested in heavily by the British when Britain was the most powerful empire in the world and profited off the massive opium trade run by the British into China (and the outgoing silk and tea).

      That was easy.

      Your turn: Why are the top ten quality of life nations in the world socialist or liberal?


      Why are the top ten fastest growing economies in the world 90% socialist.

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 4 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      See...there you go. You don't know what you are talking about, because you don't know how empirical data is used, and you don't know economics. You THINK you are smart by putting this great concept out, but you can't explain why socialism never works. How do we explain it?

      Answer the question, South Korea or North Korea. Why is Hong Kong the place EVERYONE in China wants to be, because it is capitalistic?

      Lets see if you are a grown up, or a kid wanting to play in the sandbox. Answer the question...

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 4 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      So....lets throw away all the evidence since the beginning of time?

      Obviously these comments are from people who can't seem to bring the truth of the argument. Thinking the government and socialism is going to make everything great has never been proven, never worked, and is a utopian view that is ludicrous.

      I challenge you to think about and answer this question. Why is North Korea a piece of crap, totalitarian, and social engineering, and the South Korean government capitalistic? Where would you rather live. That's right, put your money where your mouth is and get it figured out.

      Second...China? Why Hong Kong is prosperous, and the rest of China is poverty? Answer that one all you "wizards of smart", NO EXCUSES, I just proved the point. Sure, Capitalism has its flaws, but not anywhere on the face of the earth, has it prospered EVERYBODY more! Communism, Socialist, and Liberals can't argue that one :)

      Thanks for making my point. Back to the 1st grade for you !! :)

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 4 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Well, it's ridiculous on the face of it!

      Obviously, if money equals freedom and the good life, then it follows that only those with money can have either it.

      Not to mention the corruption that ensues from money as the arbiter of governing.

      "You want me to fix a trial?, write a law?, make this one get elected?, sway the congress your way?".....PAY UP. No pay, no freedom. No freedom, no life.

      Poor people all over the world are free to be poor.

      Where's their right to be free? In the bank.


    • CHRIS57 profile image

      CHRIS57 4 years ago from Northern Germany

      Isn´t there a little flaw in this pro capitalist debate?

      While on the administrative side any government influence is condemned, on the corporate side exactly this habit is not only tolerated but seen to be the source of economic success.

      How can it be that the administration of a company can treat the producers of corporate wealth and success in a totalitarian manner and at the same time any democratic legal action of a government is considered bad?

      We don´t have to argue about socialist or capitalist economies. That discussion is void. What is more important is to accept that a society, an economic entity is more coherent and successful, if all bits and pieces follow same or similar rules - from government down to corporations, departments in the corporations...

      Imho countries in Northern Europe, Scandinavia follow this basic rule best. And that is why they are successful.

      Looking at the US from the outside, economic progress is not coming from superior entrepreneurship or freedom to act as you want to. Economic growth of today rests on 2 pillars: Population growth and exploitation of natural resources. There are simply too few Apples around.

    • Josak profile image

      Josak 4 years ago from variable

      Oh profit incentive works the same in capitalism and socialism...

      In a capitalist system a person produces because 1) they want to make money 2) they want to be promoted 3) they don't want to be fired...

      In a socialist system exactly the same incentives exist except that a small group of people will be further motivated by ideological reasons.

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 4 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      Now Josak...quit trying to deceiver yourself. I can look a the history of these nations, and see how they got WASN'T socialism! :)

      Try a little research, and you will change your opinion, unless you are delusional! I looked up Denmark once with you, and discovered in 1980 or thereabout a non-socialist movement started and brought prosperity that the United States enjoyed in the 80's also.

      If you like it so much....why don't you take yourself and family there to live, and quit trying to deliver this nation a country of 3rd class living? Just asking. Put your money where your mouth is!

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 4 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Excellent article, Miks. You are so correct in your assessment of Obama"care" and many social, government programs. Our discordant welfare state is the result of many implemented social programs to eliminate poverty. President Obama and his minions is slowly turning America into a dependent, socialist state with big goverment deciding things for us.