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The election of change out with the establishment and in with the Constitution

Updated on September 1, 2015

This election there is a new atmosphere in the air with the American voter. From all the political polls it appears the establishment in Congress is headed for a change. Individuals who are running for President in the Republican Party are seeing a shift as to who is popular with the voters. In the past voters have taken to those who have political experience but not this time for it is the individuals who have no government experience. The top three individuals who are considered outsiders have no prior government background but this does not mean they cannot do the job of President. Some would be better than others and it will be up to the voters who decide the individual to be the Republican nominee.

The reference to the establishment in the preceding paragraph is not everyone who is now serving in Congress. The establishment is seen as those individuals who have been in Congress for a number of years and seem to be at a point of influencing what legislative proposals get the attention. It is hoped with the results of the next election there will be a group of individuals who will be considered the establishment and focus on the Constitution.

Being a politician these days and actually fighting for honoring the Constitution and making the right decisions for the country and their constituents. We have seen individuals especially in the Senate who have stood on their principles and fought the establishment as it is now and have been criticized. The popularity of Congress is at one of the lowest levels if not the lowest in terms of actually getting something done for the right reasons.

One of the clearest points playing out in this election cycle is the sentiment of the voters. The focus on the top three candidates at this point are all individuals who have had no government experience and is looking to cause a ripple effect by changing how Washington works. The issues and sometimes the solutions being presented to date are receiving attention by those who will decide who the next nominee will be especially for the GOP. Issues like immigration, border security, our national debt and our tax structure to name a few are issues that the establishment has failed to address. This is one of the reasons why the establishment and especially the party leaders in Congress is seeing low marks as far as getting the job done.

Many promises were made during the last election cycle and the leadership has failed to take the action that was promised to the voters. This is not to say that some action has not been taken to address some of the promises made but overall the leaders of both parties now serving have failed the American people and the country. It is time for a new establishment to take control of the political parties in Congress and reintroduce a government which will honor the Constitution. Drastic changes need to be made in how government operates including the regulations now being issued without an oversight by Congress to evaluate their impact both positive and negative. In this respect this Congress and past ones have failed in this important responsibility and the people are tired of the government they are getting. I feel voters have been awakened based on the popularity of the GOP candidates who have no political experience. Some though are also popular who have been bucking the present establishment.


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